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  1. soldiergirl84

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    They will, more than likely. It's probably better they manage a lower-league team first and get some experience.
  2. soldiergirl84

    What are you listening to?

    From my favourite band of all time. I now laugh when I hear it because a DJ on a local station talked about his most embarrassing moments as a DJ, and this song was in the background.
  3. soldiergirl84

    Which title win feels the most special?

    I wish I could have gone to a game last year, but I was in Wrigleyville when the Cubs won the pennant. It was MAD! I'm going to a game this season, and I hope to go to another Chelsea match soon. One day, I may even bring my godson to a game. Yes, those wilderness years Cub fans have endured, of being the laughingstocks of baseball. A huge weight was lifted off our collective shoulders, but hopefully they can get it together and make the playoffs.
  4. soldiergirl84

    Which title win feels the most special?

    This one has to be, since we were 10th last year, at the verge of relegation at one point, and won the league during not only Conte's first season at Chelsea, but in the Premier League period. Now we're on the verge of the double, which is amazing. What a difference a year makes, indeed.
  5. Me celebrating with my godson after church. His birthday also happens to be today, so happy birthday to my little man!
  6. soldiergirl84

    What are you listening to?

    This is just a sample of what I've listened to over the past week or so Variety is the spice of life for me, what can I say?
  7. Found this today. How appropriate.
  8. I recorded it so I watched it after I got home from work. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for them to score. I thought Conte was mad for subbing Hazard, but it ended up paying off. The last time I was this nervous about a game was about six months ago when the Cubs won the World Series. I loved seeing the celebrations and how exuberant they were. I also noticed they threw Conte in the air, they never even did that Jose. Tomorrow happens to be my godson's 7th birthday, who also supports Chelsea, so what a great birthday present for him! He's grown out of his Chelsea strip, so I'm going to let him wear one of mine so we can take another celebratory picture! Don't worry, I have another one on order (personalized with his surname and the number 14, in honor of his birthday). Now it's on to the FA Cup! Let's go for the double!
  9. It cracked me up as well, especially with the commentators' "carry out order" jokes. I also have always said that if you gave him a headset and clipboard, he'd fit right in at the sideline of an NFL game.
  10. That's why I turned off the notifications from BBC Sports and NBC Sports on my mobile. No spoilers.
  11. I'm not too worried. I've said it before, as long as they stay focused, they should be fine. Whilst Middlesborough's season is all but over, they are going to fight until their last proverbial breath. It should be a great match to watch. I'm going to record it and I don't want to know what happens until I get home (I have to work that day [emoji853])!
  12. As I said, it's just a matter of staying focused and not getting ahead of one's self. Six out of a possible twelve shouldn't be too difficult.
  13. It shouldn't be too hard to get the remaining points. Monday is Middlesborough, who is dead, and WBA, who couldn't beat Burnley, a team that's barely above the basement. Anything can happen, especially in the last few matches of the season, but I think it's in the bag as long as the lads stay focused and don't get ahead of themselves.
  14. soldiergirl84

    Chelsea vs Spurs (FA CUP) - 22nd April 2017

    He proved to be just what we needed.
  15. soldiergirl84

    Chelsea vs Spurs (FA CUP) - 22nd April 2017

    Let's get that double!!!!