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  1. You wouldn't fare too well if it was.
  2. Here's my 2 cents. There are a lot people that are wanting to sell everyone and replace them with the flavour of the month, we're not Manure ffs. Most important thing is keeping our top players, utilising our stand out loan players and bringing in maybe 3/4 top players to increase quality squad depth. Personally i would like to see Christensen back from loan, if Costa goes we should bring in Lukaku/morata/Aubemyang, we need to buy a Rwb to compete with Moses (dunno who), we need back up at LWB, perhaps baba or Kenedy if Conte thinks they are up to the task. If Sanchez become available he would be obvious, but this would be bitter sweet because i wouldn't want to see Willian or Pedro have to leave. If we can't get a marquee signing here that will improve our first team i would like to see Bertrand Traore return from loan, he can be used in the earlier cup / champions league games and come on as a sub in the league to keep Hazard, Pedro and Willian from burning out.
  3. Unless we go for someone like Vidal or Veratti i'm not sure whats the point in buying in this area. Im actually not a massive ruben fan, but i do like Chalobah, and with him, Kanté, Matic and Fàbregas we have plenty of options. Other areas need work first.
  4. Dunno about anyone else, but i like Chalobah, would have to be someone better than this guy to get me excited.
  5. Your argument makes no sense. Every young player has to progress from somewhere, most of the worlds top players would have played in a smaller team at the start of their career. Think of the countless successes we have had buying from smaller clubs. Hazard, Kanté, Lampard, Drogba to name a few.
  6. Not dribbling, but his hold up play is decent. An in form Costa is a player any team would want, the issue with him is not that a particular area of skill is not there, it's simply consistency. He can lose his head for long spells and play whole games when all he does is roll around on the floor and argue with the ref.
  7. Im not Costas biggest fan. But you are talking utter rubbish mate. Costa has a decent amount of assists this season down to his link up play being good (on his day). My issue with him is that he loses head frequently and when this happens he plays awful. But on his day he is a beast in most areas.
  8. Our total expenditure on Alonso, Kanté and Hazard is around equal to what Manure paid for Pogba.
  9. What a signing this guy has been, Many have under rated him, Imo one of our most important players, solid at the back and what he offers going forward is awesome for a player of his position. That left foot is a cracker, volleys, free kicks, crossing, the lot! Hats off to you Marcos!!
  10. What is your source to suggest this?
  11. 23 yrs old and 50 goals 14 assists in the last two seasons, yet according to some he is still not good enough for us. Those doubting him won't want to read this page of the thread back in a couple of years. Whether he comes to Chelsea or not this young man has star quality written all over him.
  12. Make this 5 and our goal difference equals Tottenhams. Wont be relevant, but top in every aspect would be nice.
  13. He's been hit and miss ever sinced he joined. Had a very good start to the season but he may have had 3 good games since Jan. Last season he was rubbish start to finish and in his first season here he started well but finished fairly poorly. The other thing, its not as if when he plays bad he just blends in with a 5 or 6 out of 10, he actually disrupts the rest of our team with his antics and diving.