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  1. Why, we have Batshuayi. He is a lot better than Llorente, and a lot younger.
  2. Wait..... What happened?? Can we have him, you can have Lukaku.
  3. I agree, a lot of people under estimate this guy, he has an eye for goal and can be a top forward given the chance. Short of getting one of our top targets i'd be happy with benteke or Llorente backing up michy. Us being forced into giving him a chance may just be a blessing in disguise.
  4. Would think cesc would see more game time if Aubemyang came. Need some creativity further back to make use of those runs. Luiz pinging passes up would work nicely too. Wouldn't mind a 3-5-2 with hazard as a secondary striker.
  5. Wont work. DL and him hate each other.
  6. I'll agree with you on this Don Antonio. Messi is still awesome, but he is on the wrong side of the hill and would be less use to us than Kane. Literally 0% chance of us getting him though, even with a ludicrous world record bid.
  7. Rumour has it that Arsenal are interested in Matic. Possible bargain chip for Alexis??
  8. To be fair i think Sanchez will still be good even as he gets older. Think of Ronaldo, he looks after himself and i would think he will be at least 35 before he really starts to lose his edge. I see Sanchez as more of a Ronaldo than a Rooney, who completely lost it by the time he was 30.
  9. Bit harsh. Im not his biggest fan, but he was pretty instrumental for us for the last few years.
  10. Like james, but we would have had to either change system or sell Fàbregas to accommodate him. So obviously wasn't in for him.
  11. If he comes i will be excited to see how he can prove himself. At the end of the day Sanchez came from a very similar situation at Barca. Super sub that couldnt quite break into a consistent starting role. Man u poaching Lukaku may be a blessing in disguise.
  12. No no, not eto'o level. Eto'o in his prime was one of the top strikers of his era. I do rate him though and think he would be a good option. Been thinking between him, Belotti and morata and who would work best, Auba's speed and finishing whilst running at speed would compliment us on the counter the best, Belotti is a beast in the air, has a keen finish from close range and can just about shrug off anyone trying to tackle him, so would be a great outlet, morata will prob link up best with our wide players, but prob wont score as much. Belotti would be the easiest transition, most similar to Costa, but with better ball control and less antics.
  13. Which they have done with Lacazette. Sanchez is on his way, but to who remains the question...
  14. This has an awful feeling of dejavu about it. If Mourinho gets him id say it would be a signing of about 80% spite and 20% actually needing him.
  15. Where's the box for any of the above??