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  1. Would love this to happen. But just cant see Wenger selling him to us. Would cause a riot at the Emirates.
  2. He has a habit of going through phases of playing full games of being more interested in rolling around on the floor and arguing with everyone. Frustrating because if he puts his head to playing football he is unstoppable. At the end of the day, if he wants to leave, fine, sell him to the highest bidder. If he wants to stay, great, but he needs to focus his efforts on what he's paid to do.
  3. If Madrid want to sell, I wouldnt let that stop us going for him. But i do agree, Real Madrid do my head in, as soon as any team start to get a good player they come sauntering in with their limitless budget and start messing with the players head. Fed up of the recurring Hazard and Courtois rumours. These players are happy here, on a long contract and are not for sale. Now f#ck off Real!!
  4. Def a bit out of order using Moses as a scapegoat. Been put in a new position and excelled. He does have some weaknesses but by no means needs to be replaced. He could do with some healthy competition for his position though. With regards to what I think/hope we will see in the summer. Back from loan; Christensen, Kenedy Bought; Bakayoko, lukaku, morata, another RWB Sold; Costa, Batshuayi, Matic Loaned; RLC, Zouma So our squad will be as follows GK - Courtois, Begović CB - Luiz, Cahill, Dave, Christensen, Ake WB - Alonso, Moses, New player, Kenedy CM - Kanté, Bakayoko, Fàbregas, Chalobah FWD - Hazard, Pedro, Willian CF - Lukaku, Morata Would preferably like another player of Hazards level on the opposite wing, perhaps Sanchez if he becomes available, but other than the small chance of this happening i cannot see another player that will be a significant enough upgrade on Pedro that will warrant the cost. Plus the beauty of this system is we can always switch to a 3-5-2 in the case of resting players / injury.
  5. I think Conte will sort that out. He clearly has talent and under the right guidance could be one of the best.
  6. Coleman, a great talent... Shame its been ended by that piece of garbage Neil Taylor. Disgusting challenge, disgusting reaction, disgusting player. Deserves a banned from all comps until the end of the season minimum. Edit: just saw the Bale challenge, if oshea has his foot planted and Bale made full connection that would have been a broken leg too!! The ref can hang his head in shame, that was a stone wall red and if Bale goes off for that Taylor may have played more sensibly. Disgraceful football, hate to see teams employ these tactics.
  7. Read somewhere that we were interested in Kingsley Coman for €60m. Not sure how much truth there is in this, but could be good.
  8. Id take him. Costa has been annoying me since that thing in Jan. Seems his heads not in it and he's reverted back to his rolling around and arguing days of last season. When costa is in good form he can be amazing, but this play acting stuff is just not what i want to see from a Chelsea player.
  9. Cant stand stoke. Their only tactic against the top teams is to kick lumps out of them.
  10. Dont think we had one of those since i been here. Melbourne. For 2 weeks now.
  11. Just emigrated to Aus. The 3pm kick offs are the hardest!! 2am... KTBFFH
  12. Nice to see Lamps on the panel. But is that a blue jacket over a black waist coat.
  13. Would love sanchez. But would be a shame to relegate Pedro to the bench. He has been fantastic so far this season. Although, an attacking trio of Hazard, sanchez and Costa would be beautiful.
  14. I can see why Pogba was so expensive when you look at those stats. Kanté is a master of the tackling and retaining possession, Fàbregas is a master of creativity, but how many guys out there can do both at such a level. Past Pogba, Verratti and perhaps Vidal i cant think of any. That sort of calibre of player is the player we need to improve, yes we can use Matic or Fàbregas to pair Kanté, but i feel that either one leaves us lacking in one area, whether that be creativity or solidarity.