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  1. Ledg

    Conte's judgement.

    Or the media knows Elemano and previous managers haven't always see and try to stir things up? Yesterday Kristof Terreur (Belgian journo) said Conte is a fan of Lukaku for a few years now, so maybe he's knows better? That's the media. Everybody runs with different stories. The point is, a handful of people knows who our primary targers are for the striker position. It maybe be Morata, it maybe be Lukak or it maybe be both imo cause I don't see going into next season just with Morata/Michy or Lukaku/Michy
  2. PFA Awards live on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/professionalfootballersassociation/videos/409205719456207/ for anyone interested.
  3. Isn't it ironic the linesman who helped Moss with the pen decision is the one who didn't saw the offside in the first place? Ffs..
  4. Me too but Kennedy will start only if he's in Conte's plans for the rest of the season. If he plays tomorrow we can loan him out again. Not sure if that's the case if he's only on the bench but don't get any minutes.
  5. Probably Jose. They are linked with Lindelof but we know he likes experience in the back.
  6. They are delusional c**ts aren't they? I saw the thread in the fightingcook. On one page there a lot of pictures of Hazard laying on the pitch after horrendous tackles. It all ended with the "c**t". Why is he a c**t exactly? Because of the equalizer last May? These chokers f**ked themselves after the draw with West Brom, not against us. Even if they beat us (thank God that didn't happen) Leiceister would've easily clinch the title against Everton next week. And the pressure is on us? Why? Because these winning streaks are bound to happen and they beat Watford and The Saints 4-1? A very bad team and a side which played 3 games in 6 days? If anything, the pressure is on them and it's all on their stupid manager, according to which everybody's wanting Spuds to win this game. Good luck with that, Poch. You and your team full of chokers. COYB!
  7. Ledg

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    The first season and a half I was thinking "Torres can't be that sh*t. This must be a curse from the scourses." Then I realize he is sh*t but yesterday the 2-on-1 situation remind me of the same thoughts again and I was screaming at the TV "Common, Torres! Finisht It! Break that stupid curse!" and then.. he decided to pass. So dissappointed.. But anyway, it was a good decision from him after all. And the goal describes it best - It was a walk in the park!
  8. Ledg


    I've watched it live but still can't find. I don't mean to brag but Gigi read my tweet on the show It was about Matic's favorite music and he told her is serbian music. Then I tweet this: And he was like to Eden: "You see, man? It's famous."