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  1. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Lets hope he signs now , would look rather daft after publicly saying he wants to stay and then does not. We need players like Terry around they are vital for their experience. Now just bring Drogs back as the new team "motivator" and its a good start to the summer
  2. I'll be honest if there wasn't a CL place up for grabs I wouldn't careless if Liverpool won the Europa. The fact that there is worries me. They win and they are a more attractive club to join in the summer than us. I just hope players see through our poor season. Let's hope Sevilla bring their A game in the final!
  3. Matic

    I think he deserves another chance. Maybe as a squad player next season , Sell Mikel and keep Matic (if he wants to stay). Hopefully he will have something to prove...