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  1. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Lets hope he signs now , would look rather daft after publicly saying he wants to stay and then does not. We need players like Terry around they are vital for their experience. Now just bring Drogs back as the new team "motivator" and its a good start to the summer
  2. I'll be honest if there wasn't a CL place up for grabs I wouldn't careless if Liverpool won the Europa. The fact that there is worries me. They win and they are a more attractive club to join in the summer than us. I just hope players see through our poor season. Let's hope Sevilla bring their A game in the final!
  3. Matic

    I think he deserves another chance. Maybe as a squad player next season , Sell Mikel and keep Matic (if he wants to stay). Hopefully he will have something to prove...
  4. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    New lukaku had it in him :( , might be Drogba mk 2 in the end.
  5. Good thread which has got me to post for once. I think one of the main issue is the players , As you said in your first post we could relate to the likes of JT , Lampard etc as we knew they would fight 100% for the club and we could count on them to get us through the touch patches. Having them around and others from that era made you proud as a Chelsea fan and made you look forward to games knowing we always had a chance. When you have players , like Fabregas , Oscar , Pedro etc it makes us all pine for players like Essien , Drogba , Cech etc. I am not saying they are bad players they are just not what i call Chelsea players. We now seem to enter big games with the underdog status which is what i would like to think is something Roman and the board is unhappy with. The main issue is we haven't progressed maybe it was the conflict in style choices from Roman wanting attacking football and not getting the right mix with the players and managers. I have been reading Drogba's new book and you can see from his words the unity and belief that era of players had and how they wanted to win everything in a Chelsea shirt , the fact that Lampard was one of the sole reasons Drogba stayed says alot. I am extremely happy that it was in my lifetime we saw this group of players. Nowadays i have lower expectations but still hope for us to do well. Missing out on the CL won't stop me watching games or not caring as much but i do feel we have been spoilt over the last few years so we kind of now expect CL football and to be challenging for the PL every year. All i want is a team that trys and i will be happy its when you can tell they don't care when it gets to me.