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  1. Maybe it's us who don't turn up in these type of games No doubt they've raised their game, maybe improved under Moyes as well, but indeed we've been poor + tired + poor starting selection
  2. I just don't want to lose, f**kign scoreee
  3. 6 yellows for these spammers, disgusting
  4. This is a game straight out of 13-14
  5. He's missed quite a few one on ones...
  6. Not even creating any proper chances
  7. We'll slip to 4th place battle with Dippers and Arse if we lose
  8. Can't see us winning unless they get a second yellow
  9. What happened there? Did Cahill call for the ball as he was gonna throw it and got put off?
  10. True, though when he's fresh he can take them on, still Willian or Bats has got to be the next sub
  11. Hazard's been off, losing the ball continuously, maybe time for Willian