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  1. Should have won, they created next to nothing and capitalised on our only mistake. Bit miffed but very solid performance, if we repeat this in Spain then we have a good chance of winning.
  2. Messi had the whole goal to aim at as well as the pass to Suarez I think, Tibo tried to cover the potential tap in. Not much else he could do
  3. Rudiger is a bit of a hot head, won't be surprised if he is baited into a second yellow
  4. He was an inch away to be fair, but yeah he could've stayed and defended against Iniesta. When so many mistakes come at once including one from Azpi you have to give it up
  5. That is why we needed an outlet, so we don't need to do those kind of ground balls
  6. Ouch, would've been worth it if it bounced kindly for another goal
  7. Fantastic defensive wall in front of Suarez there
  8. Reminds me of the goal against Everton in 14/15 except much cleaner without the deflections
  9. 3rd time lucky like I said
  10. So the ref decides to just stand in front of the player who has the ball
  11. The wingers never cut in and dribble through the center
  12. This ref man, gives them benefit of doubt first before anything