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  1. A few teams tried to expose the area where Azpi and Moses challenge in the air, the 4-0 United game would've been different if Zlatan hit the target. Unfortunately due to Cahill's red card we are going to have to go back to that, and let's be honest Azpi isn't a great WB, you win a lot and lose a bit with him in the team as CB. Out of our current fit team: Morata Musonda Willian David Luiz Kante Alonso Christensen Rudiger Azpi Moses Courtois
  2. Rudi Chris Azpi Alonso and whoever's fit on the right, Moses hopefully
  3. Conte's master plan, you gonna buy me some players now bitch
  4. It's going to have to be David Luiz now
  5. Unmarked in the box again f**k me, but this can be down to Cahill being off