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  1. Thank you, that's the problem we lost to burnley at home.
  2. United will finish above us this season for sure.
  3. I know it's early days but united are favorites for me to win the league. they
  4. Great pogba scores who should have been off
  5. f**k off united jammy bar stewards
  6. Was thinking the exact same thing
  7. Can't see anything but a united win today. hope I'm wrong
  8. The team I would go with is Teboo Azbi Luiz Rudiger Moses Kante Christensen Alonso Willian Morata Pedro Keep it tight at the back and in midfield, Christensen has played before in Midfield and so has Luiz, but I would keep Luiz at the back just for experience. there is talk Bakayoko might make the bench
  9. They may they may not. But they will be up there this season, for sure, it's his second season and he has strengthened well.
  10. I would rather city than united if it got to that.
  11. Yep a win will be pretty amazing given out team. its the boards fault for this you don't sell and loan players out without making sure you have replacements on hand. crazy start to the season
  12. Exactly lukaku, matic and mata were all our players crazy how they ended at united
  13. Great closing down by matic to start the attack. dont care what people say but we have strengthened united
  14. I know it's negative but I can't see anything but a loss and possibly a heavy one. we just don't have the personnel at the moment. Crazy we let matic go when we knew we only had fabregas and Kante available for the start. With bakayoko still recovering.