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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I might be in the minority here but I think conte should stay for another season. I do feel he can turn it around.
  2. On the back of 2 wins, I would go with courtois azbi cahill rudi moses Baka Kante Emerson willy giroud hazard subs: caballero, christensen, morata, Pedro, Zappacosta,Fabregas, Barkley
  3. So city have been crowned champions they fully deserved it. just looking back at our season we screwed up too many times, and it’s our own fault we won’t finish top4. Just looking at games were we dropped stupid points at home alone. -Burnley home (-3p) - Bournemouth (-3p) - spurs (-3p) - west ham -(2p) if if we had taken maximum points from these 4 games we would be currently 2nd or 3rd depending on goal difference. this is not even considering our crazy away defeats to watford, palace etc Really has been a piss poor showing this year
  4. We won wow and from 2 down
  5. Conte wasn’t the one missing those chances
  6. Ridiculous as usual all the chances in the world to kill it and we don’t. I said this would happen and it’s the same story we can’t build on leads anymore. We are in trouble and we will likely end up 6th
  7. And this is not contes fault the players can’t score for sh*t
  8. This is it u don’t take ur chances this is what happens
  9. Typical and he had to score
  10. Moses useless as usual with his end product
  11. Willy has to score that! Hope wr don’t regret that
  12. Yep that does worry me. i wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being a draw or a defeat.
  13. Azbi kissing the badge and pointing to the black band for Wilkins. true blue