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  1. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Well it’s Barcelona, a top top side. not gonna be easy we will have to play out of our skins to get anything. But you never know. i really don’t know how Liverpool/united and city keep getting an easy ride.
  2. We need to reinforce in summer to challenge again we can’t repeat last summers transfer window. to challenge for league and be in the ucl u need a big and strong squad
  3. I didn’t think we were ever gonna catch city to be fair. we cocked up to many times before yesterday’s result.
  4. Out of nothing. they have been lucky. Showed nothing at all and manage to get a goal. incredible really.
  5. I want city to win this i despise United
  6. Jammy United get a goal from nothing
  7. Well at least Liverpool drop points and get a draw
  8. Penalty for Everton ! hope they score
  9. It was the first 10mins that killed us. but still we have no excuses, west ham played like there life depended on it. i was worried before the game. As they were lucky not to get a draw against city away. And I said, morata has to put his chances away.
  10. We seem to have a habit for such results against these struggling sides. -Burnley 3-2 -palace 2-1 -West ham 1-0
  11. As I said we won’t win this there we go a defeat 1-0. you could just see it I knew after there city performance, that they would put in a shift. title has gone now
  12. That’s another miss its just not happening