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  1. Dunno what to make of that 1st half. roma definitely had chances.
  2. Roma are not out of this yet.
  3. Come on let’s not sit back ffs
  4. Need to keep the ball roma are closing us down
  5. Wish we would stop playing at the back
  6. Luiz doing nicely in midfield think this is the way to go without Kante
  7. Not really a Good start yet
  8. Good line up but I would have liked to see rudiger instead of Cahill
  9. Won’t get anything from this. embaressing to lose to palace
  10. Haven’t seen the 1st half but I had a bad feeling about this game. dont think we will win this at all I was thinking before the game that palace are bound to win and score soon. And it seems like today is there day. That runs hasn’t to end