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  1. That goal changes everything
  2. Got to put our chances away otherwise Barca will punish us. Wouldn’t mind seeing morata on for Pedro and hazard moving to the left
  3. My sentiments exactly. rakatic is lucky to be still on
  4. Not a bad half 2 chances hit the posts FFS. luck isn’t with us it seems
  5. Interesting didn’t expect a false 9. i hope it works out it’s not gonna be easy at all
  6. Willian

    I think willian on his day can be a real handful. I just wish he would take on more defenders and shoot more just like against hull city and Brighton. The down side to him is he doesn’t score as much goals as he should his goals in the league are as follows 2013-14 25app 4 goals 2014-15 36app 2 goals 2015-16 35app 5goals 2016-17 34app 8goals 2017-18 26app 4goals so far
  7. Good win. 2nd half we looked sloppy in parts but we seemed to half taken our foot off the throttle. thought giroud had a good game 2 assists and a goal. motm willian
  8. It was a penalty but the play before that was offside