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  1. Yep
  2. Would love to see this happen as he will be a upgrade and will give us more pace going forward on the left. still skeptical about the truth in this.
  3. looks like this is virtually a done deal.
  4. Would be hopeful we get the following Sandro, bakoyoko, lukaku, Willy, mahrez, bonucci would give us a strong squad to compete domestically and go far in the champions league. courtois/ willy Azbi/bonucci - luiz- Cahill/ake Moses- kante/matic- bakoyoko/fabregas-Alonso/Sandro pedro/mehrez- lukaku/batman - Willian/ hazard
  5. Would love this to happen. Will give us great depth on the left side.. plus he is definitely an upgrade on alonso( not saying he is bad)
  6. Says also interest in bonnuci but could be too much at 50million for a 30 year old
  7. Matt law reporting that it will be 200million spent this summer with. - lukaku -bakoyoko - caballero -sandro - mehrez/ Barkley all on the radar
  8. Why not. Decent keeper and has played at a tittle challenging team before sonhas the experience. to be honest I was never impressed with begovic at Chelsea. He seemed very very susppect.
  9. A player we should definitely be getting. dont understand why people would be against this?! we need to strengthen if we are to defend our title and go far in Europe.
  10. Moses should have just passed to fabregas instead of diving god. still think we need to reinforce in the summer. I dunno if the team felt too relaxed or calm ? Thinking we would hammer them.
  11. Dunno we just seemed too causal first half. and Moses f**ked us with that dive. With 10 men u can't expect anything still would take the premiership over the Fa cup. But it losing a final is a bitch
  12. Well we have ourselves to blame chasing with 10 min is never easy. and the first half was diabolical
  13. Just knew it said looks like it was bad day today