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  1. Sourness on Pogba "90 million, Utd have had their pants taken down" Jamie Redknapp pissing himself laughing Classic
  2. What an amazing night Friday was. We have to savour every moment. Look at Liverpool(27 years)and Arsenal(13 years). You just never know how long you may have to wait for these feelings again.
  3. Someone slap me,I genuinely feel pity for Arsenal.First time that's ever happened!!
  4. No one can replace him but the next best thing to him is Lukaku. Big,strong and guarantees 20 goals a season. He would walk over hot coals to come back too.
  5. You're right. We should offer every penny of the Oscar money. He looks so pissed off he might be tempted. On a side note, I've never seen poor old Claude so down. I actually like him, seems ok for a gooner!
  6. Would have taken it at the start. 2 points dropped by Gunners.
  7. That was a very impressive first half from the Cherries. Stroked it around beautifully. Nathan Ake looking better and better.
  8. Slightly soft but hey ho. 2-0
  9. Agreed. Superb finish.Bournemouth play some lovely stuff at times.
  10. Yeah,could be a good idea to play Pedro and William.Both bang in form. Bring Haz on after 60 mins by which time the Spurs midfielders will be most likely all on yellows.They can't kick s**t out of him then and he can waltz past them at ease. Keep a lid on Dele and Kane(both playing very well to be fair)and we could nick this.
  11. We should offer every penny of the fee for Sanchez.He doesn't look a happy bunny at the moment. Best case scenario we land him,worst case scenario we unsettle him and ruffle a few feathers at The Emirates.