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  1. What a great night mate. And Thanks to this brilliant site.
  2. Yes StuBrown got me a couple of tickets, top man! We're meeting a few mates around Baker Street before heading to Wembley. Not sure what pubs though yet. I'll pm you both my number.
  3. And keep it visible on here in case I manage to wind up in the same place!
  4. Looking forward to this, our of my rare visits to the bridge these days, and I get to take my two boys! Come on Chelsea put on a performance for us. Thanks to StuBrown1 for the tickets, thanks as well to everyone else on here that offered to help. C'MON CHELSEA!!!!!
  5. Hello mate, I want to try and get tickets for the next round of the cup, do you have any memberships I can borrow again?

    Thanks very much.

    1. alanet4


      i will try nearer the date

    2. Barn


      Cheers mate

  6. Hello mate,

    I am just wondering if you would have a membership I could borrow to have an extra ticket for the Swansea home game (25th Feb).

    Cheers !

    1. alanet4


      Hi if your not sorted yet my mate had 4 tickets together M H lower,2 adult 2 18 or under

    2. Barn


      Hey mate, just seen your message thanks very much.  Are they still available and what's the cost please?

      Cheers appreciate the message.

  7. Would love to see Dermot and his merry band do well for Crawley, I was genuinely excited by that group of youngsters at the time. I was less cynical then!
  8. I like the idea as well that City want to prove themselves to us with a view to building a stringer relationship, our Vitesse in England?
  9. I was at the game last night and Nate hardly put a foot wrong, he was very conservative in his play but that's a feature that is encouraged in that position (annoyingly). He's good enough right now to replace Matic but if that doesn't start happening soon his career will stagnate and we'll have ruined another potentially outstanding career. Ruben look the most exciting player on the pitch, he just needs to want to do something more often.
  10. I'll be over the moon if he came back, a bit older and wiser as well. That's our next captain sorted!
  11. Afternoon Mate, Just a message to say Ive donated to the Aimi ride out, forgot to put my name on though ha ha. good luck with it.


  12. Fukin bats!!!!!
  13. Fancy asking Nibs how a McEachran played, didn't you know he's daddy Mc!
  14. Sign a left back, move Dave over and make do with JT, Cahill, Kurt and Branna for this year.
  15. My turn to do a little bit of fundraising, below is the email that I'm sending out to the masses, if anyone wants to donate it would be very much appreciated, by me but also by Mod, his family, the charity and anyone else helped by the work they do. Thanks in advance x We’re at it again, Team Gonnawinfkall (and some friends) are getting back on their bikes (minus Leigh this year as real life, exams, family and work commitments have ruled him out). The challenge starting on 2nd September – 2 days of hard cycling. Day 1 approx. 80 miles around the Isle of Wight. Day 2, a tough 50 mile off-road challenge in the New Forest. As some of you will already know one of Mark B’s friends lost his daughter on February 9th this year shortly before her 3rd birthday to a kidney disease (ARPKD) that she’d suffered with for all of her short life, it was a no brainer then that our charity of choice for this year would be the charity that supports patients and families affected by Polycystic Kidney Disease – PKD. The website linked below tells the story of Aimi the little girl mentioned above, it’s Aimi’s legacy that is driving the fundraising this year so if you can donate anything at all it would be greatly appreciated, not only by those of us doing the challenge but more importantly by Aimi’s family and by anyone else that ever needs the PKD charity. To donate please follow this link: