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  1. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    I think it was Azpi that put it on a plate for Morata early on vs Spurs as well, a header you'd have expected him to bury.
  2. Keep an eye on Gillingham's results.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    Same tune but "he comes from sunny Spain, he's better than Harry Kane" instead.
  4. Chopper article - telegraph anyone ?

    If you register you can get one premium article for free each week, unless you've done that already this week.
  5. Any game recommendation?

    That was the case on last year's FIFA for some players. Not quite sure why something so simple is wrong.
  6. Any game recommendation?

    Really into Ghost Recon Wildlands now, would thoroughly recommend it to any fans of open-world shooters.
  7. Season Review DVDs

    I'll take them - messaged you.
  8. Any game recommendation?

    Don't think that's a bad thing, 17 was my favourite for a long time, gameplay wise.
  9. Following our ex`s...

    I only watched the highlights on MOTD but Chalobah was meant to have been very impressive against Southampton - a good start to the season for him. Hope he keeps doing well. WhoScored.com‏Verified account @WhoScored 3m3 minutes ago More Nathaniel Chalobah: Won possession in the middle 3rd more times vs Saints (10) than any other player has managed in a PL match this season
  10. Alvaro Morata

    Offensive or not (I personally think it is), there's no reason for it. The Willian song is brilliant because it actually means something, this is just pointless. It's similar to how some people chant "WE HATE TOTTENHAM" during the liquidator at the Bridge, can't stand that. Nothing wrong with singing about rivals, but not in every song and definitely not during the liquidator.
  11. Any game recommendation?

    Haven't had time to play anything properly in a long time, but just starting to get into Ghost Recon Wildlands (have owned it for ages) - seems like a really good game, similar to Far Cry which I'm a fan of. I'll get the new FIFA and COD when they come out. Looking forward to Far Cry 5 in February and Red Dead Redemption next year too.
  12. Media trying to destabilise Chelsea?

    What on earth was patriotic about Chelsea winning the league? The media did the same to Leicester in 16/17, Chelsea in 15/16 and United in 13/14. Were they all patriotic wins?
  13. Media trying to destabilise Chelsea?

    When anyone experiences success in England, the media will leap on any failures, perceived or real, not just Chelsea.
  14. Your Squad & Formation 2017-18

    I know they are Spurs players but I think you are underselling them by saying they "look promising". Both are quality players and I'd take either of them at Chelsea. Something that I saw pointed out was that West Ham's 18 year old Reece Oxford has been sent on loan to Borussia Monchengladbach, a club arguably better than West Ham. I think that says a lot about the different opportunities afforded to youth in England and Germany.
  15. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    I think we have the best chance of any team from England, but the Spanish teams/Bayern/Juve and even the likes of Monaco/Dortmund are well ahead of teams from England.