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  1. He seems to be behind Pedro in the pecking order already and is on the bench more often than not. Sanchez would take Pedro's spot probably.
  2. Where he played would probably depend on whether we kept Costa. If we do, then he'd probably play on the right of a front three with Costa and Hazard. If Costa went, he might play up top depending on whether we signed another striker. Zero chance he'd be benched though.
  3. Would love this to happen. It would be a signing of great intent that we're still going to strengthen despite walking the league. Especially given the disappointing transfer window after the last time we won it. Plus to compete in the Champions League we need signings like this.
  4. He played LWB in the FA Cup against Peterborough, and I think against Brentford as well. Did well. Looks like a 3-5-2.
  5. Far Cry 3 is now backwards compatible on Xbox One. It's the one I've been hoping for for ages.
  6. If they go back to WW2 it has the potential to be amazing. They could still f**k it up but I hope not.
  7. I can get it for £35 because I have EA Access but I think I'll wait until they release the first one individually rather than get the Premium Pass for all 4, as I may not even be playing it when they release the next three.
  8. Has anyone got/going to get the Battlefield DLC?
  9. Not sure how they can prove that Mings' 'stamp' was deliberate.
  10. Dom Solanke‏Verified account @DomSolanke Follow More Don't believe everything you read..
  11. Shadow of Mordor sequel, Shadow of War has been announced. August 25th release. Gameplay reveal March 8th.
  12. Why would you spend £50m on a third choice striker?
  13. Yeah I have. The animations are similar to The Division but I think it's a completely different - and better - game. Looking forward to seeing the reviews for it and will probably pick it up shortly before it comes out.
  14. Under 18s just beat Brighton, who have recently beat Spurs and Arsenal, 13-0.
  15. Luck/bullsh*t, it's still the law. I know it was desperately lucky for Arsenal but it was still a legitimate goal. Having a raised hand isn't an unnatural position at all, it's unnatural to keep them by your sides when you need to maintain balance. Especially seeing as there was no way of knowing the ball would come up to hit it as well.