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  1. Any science fiction lovers here? Children of Men 2001 Space Odyssey Triangle.
  2. House of Cards season 5 is a let down but worse is Bloodline. Zero on Rotten Tomatoes.
  3. Me! Me! Me! LOL The book was so good but the show made it even better.
  4. Whenever I feel like I'm ready for the end of the world.
  5. He would not fit on Conte's vision. The man wants players who are willing to make sacrifices.
  6. And this to me is what a brat would do. Real Madrid is bigger than just one player. Such a diva.
  7. I think he already stated he wanted to be in Real Madrid or another big club. I don't think it's Liverpool.
  8. He wanted a lead role. That's why he left Barcelona because he will not get it with Messi still there.
  9. he was directly quoted so it's alright. Their transfer rumours tho. Anyway, I'm all in with Sanchez. Guys is gritty and smart.
  10. To Daily Star
  11. LOL. Best analogy.
  12. He turned down China before to continue playing for Villa. That's one trait you would want from a young player.
  13. I don't want to believe this but I also do not like that nothing's happening for us in transfer market.
  14. It's about to go down. Fingers crossed
  15. Just found out he is also Costa's agent. Oh, boy!