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  1. When was the last time Arsenal did not reach Champions League?
  2. Harry Kane is really a hurricane. I wonder what the league is like if he didn't' miss games.
  3. I think the injury wasn't that serious. He got time to recover.
  4. Round robin. Eden replaces Costa, Eden score.s Pedro replaces Eden, Pedro scores.
  5. Harry Kane, what a talent. Hopefully he will continue playing that way for England.
  6. He was replaced by Iwobi on 86th minute so maybe, he's really injured.
  7. Great substitution there. Hazard and Costa will be fresh against Arsenal.
  8. I can accept Costa is leaving but please, don't go to China.
  9. Give Clucas a special award. If he's a superhero, he is Spoiler. haha
  10. No question. He's the best in PL.. not that overhyped De Gea.
  11. Wow. I didn't expect it will be confirmed on this game. I guess it's really goodbye.
  12. Hazard just fixed Costa. Could this be an indication who's more expendable between the two?