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  1. I'm sh*t scared for Giroud. I think his injury is serious.
  2. Baby steps. On the Job training. LOL
  3. Oh boy! Is that Giroud that's down?
  4. He's also taking the hit. You know he badly wants this win.
  5. His story is fictional. LOL
  6. GOAL!!!! Damn. Feels like it's been an eternity. Whew!
  7. That was rushed play. Moses looks scared of physicality.
  8. I'm starting to think City's complaint about them is legit.
  9. I can feel Thibaut's frustration with our defence. Tsk
  10. Man, these refs are blind.
  11. We need this win more than ever.
  12. The spirit is not there anymore. That's what happens you're losing games.
  13. Sturridge is Mr. Glass.
  14. LOL. Lower your expectations so you won't get hurt.
  15. Almost a non-factor. Non existent