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  1. London is Fashion capital right?
  2. I usually cheer for a goal fest in a match but never if its because of lazy defending.
  3. A win is what will satisfy me here. Jesus, that's three goals in 30 minutes. Two in six minutes.
  4. 3 goals in a match. our defence has been really awful
  5. Blues said in the press that they should be wary of Dzeko . . and this happened.
  6. What the hell! Just like that. We've been conceding goals lately.
  7. We should find him more. That's how he is effective.
  8. There's too much space for Roma to operate.
  9. LOL at the Rome coach. Commentators were never on our side. They're making us the villains
  10. This second half better be like our first ten minutes. Go Blues!
  11. Conte must be getting tired that he needs intense locker room talk for them to respond.
  12. First one = True. Wish the midfielders will prioritise these two. 2nd = They'll make us pay if we continue to be complacent. Damn!
  13. f**k. There's Roma's perseverance and our laziness paying off.
  14. Hazard is the only player here who's showing that he wants more