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  1. That was the referee's fault. Poor Coleman.
  2. And then just today, they're fined for misconduct in game vs Liverpool.
  3. He's still older than the two reserve goalkeepers' age combined.
  4. Whoever wins between Real Madrid and Bayern
  5. We are the Corleones, they're the Bloods and Crips
  6. That's a possibility.
  7. That's where Conte is good at. He allegedly had fall out with Costa but the wins continue.
  8. Lukaku is tenacious. I think he and Costa are fire and ice. But I don't see them playing together.
  9. He's right though. Many players lack discipline. There's just so many distraction (social media)
  10. I don't think so. Just plain praise for supporters.
  11. I think the Courtois talks are real but as for Hazard, that's just BS
  12. He had good year with Juventus and then made him a second option in Bernabeu.
  13. LOL. Just because Neymar reveals interest on PL, suddenly were are interested.
  14. LOL Anything to get the clicks. Like this one.