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  1. Could be but we also have our shortcomings. Especially on that Lukaku goal.
  2. We're not even a shade of what we were last year.
  3. On to the next one. I think eliminating Barca is the only thing that can save this season.
  4. We're disconnecting from the game plan.
  5. Someone here just mentioned Lingard. Tsk
  6. Shout out to Thibaut. He's been playing well.
  7. Willian is giving his all. Just like every game he's in.
  8. Okay. moses is being called out again. but last time this happened, he scored. Hoping for the same case today.
  9. Matic. Our loss is United's gain. One of those moves by Chelsea I couldn't understand.
  10. Just as other cases, we are relaxing. Feels like they're resting.
  11. That was really poor defending. We were like frozen
  12. Willian is finding his form at the right time. But it would be better if Morata keeps his head in the games, too.
  13. Willian has been terrific lately. He's on a mission.