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  1. Jose Mourinho: Chelsea already Premier League champions - Man Utd boss
  2. This is the last trophy Arsenal can get. LOL! Would definitely suck for them to lose it to a lower league club.
  3. I see no sense of urgency from Arsenal. Let's go Sutton!
  4. Swansea have improved but I don't see us slipping here. Score prediction: 3-0
  5. Seriously? LOL. Guys, we need to get handcuffed.
  6. You can feel their frustration getting out of the screen. That late reaction really gets me cracking up.
  7. For sure. He'll bring up that schedule sh*t.
  8. Tottenham also got a bit lucky. But to be fair, they're really playing with great spirit.
  9. It's called Emirates FA Cup. There must be something.
  10. It is always genuine when it's from Ronaldinho. No pretentions from this guy.
  11. I smell conspiracy. LOL! Lucky bar stewards
  12. Mourinho probably still feeling in his taste buds the 4-0 beating we gave them. But they're different now. They have improved a lot. This will be a good game.