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  1. Re streams - I have gone back to using Vipbox via Chrome browser and it's working fine but no good on Firefoc
  2. Watching Sir Bobby Charltons last game at Chelsea

    Saw him play a few times but not that game. Met him about 4 years ago at the Open golf and he stopped to let me take a picture with him for my friend. was very friendly and a little shorter than he seemed on the pitch. I remember him being on a quiz program called Double Your Money and he answered questions on pop music. he got through to final where you were meant to go in a sound proof box (very dramatic) - but because of the trauma he had suffered in Munich air disaster he was allowed not to go in the box. He answered all the question and won the top prize ............£1000 ooooh. I will never forget his goal against Mexico in '66 that got our world cup off and running - great player.
  3. Not much is being made of the Alli stamp on Luiz. If you are running and expect to land your foot on grass but land on something solid like a stone or a human leg you would turn round to see what it was - weather it is wembley or tooting bec common (but thats more likely to be dog turd there). Alli just continues to walk away like the experienced thief does from the scene of the crime. It will not get the same coverage as Costa crimes which we have to live with. And I take back all my comments and thoughts about Matic as he caused an unexpected hug from my 22 year old son... very nice. As for Jenas - it seems you shouldn't count really good goals like Matic, well Kanes header was supposedly brilliant and so was the pass from Erickson so they dont count, the free kick from Willian was a bit special and the penalty was soft so rub them out as well. That just leaves the goal from Hazard which was just fairly ordinary so it was just a 1-0 win then.
  4. Great weekend -took my son to Bridge for my birthday treat. had to buy the hospitalty package (don't tell the wife). My last home game was 2006 so if you divide the cost by 11 its not so bad. Bumped into Chopper - said hello like I knew him which impressed my son. Colin Pates, John Bumstead and Paul Canoville did the hosting thing which was ok. Had a chat with Colin Pates after the game and he said best player he played with was Pat Nevin (no surpise) and best opponent was Johan Cruyff in a friendly. Plenty to drink and great result, as was the Liverpool game. We were not so impressed with Chalobah - he was quite wasteful early on. Loftus-Cheeks good in parts but he does look lazy sometimes. Ake was tidy and Batshuayi good with the ball at his feet but not so good as target man. Nice to see JT strolling around and good cameo from Ivanovic. We were in West Stand and surrounded by people who seemed quite disinterested. A group nearby came back 10 minutes late after half time and then left at least 10 minutes before the end. When we scored we did the normal leap in the air but the people behind just sat rooted. Went to a pub after the game and such a good atmosphere - made a change for us to be in a boozer with just Chelsea fans (we live in Penrith, Cumbria - originally from Battersea). Good curry in Earls Court and slept on the train coming back.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The bloke has not got a clue - we all know Ivanovic is awful why cannot managers see this ? From back to front it was terrible - only Costa seems interested .
  6. Unholy Confessions

    You'll never walk alone is from the musical Carousel - gerry & pacemakers had a hit with it in the early sixties - many different fans would sing it but because of the "Liverpool sound" thing of the sixties (Beatles, Searchers, Pacemakers etc) the scousers treated as their own song, The first semi-final I went to in 1965 we were down 2-0 and about to lose and the whole ground was sing it (me included) - very moving and did not really think it was totally Liverpool song until later. Because other teams had their own anthems - Liverpool, West Ham (bubbles), Newcastle(Blaydon races), Spurs (Glory glory hallelujah ) - Chelsea via the program had contests to see if we could adopt own anthem - can only remember "Strolling" being tried and failing miserably. Apologies for the history lesson.
  7. Branislav Ivanovic - Your Views?

    I think it is Mourinho's stubborn streak tht has kept Ivanovic in the team for so long - by dropping him it would be saying the media and the fans are picking the team and not Jose and he can't have that.
  8. Last Movie You Watched

    Our local cinema in Penrith shows alternative films on Sunday afternoon - seen some good ones in last 12 months . The Guard with Brendan Gleeson as the local cop on west coast of Ireland - pretty funny The Hunt - Danish film about nursery school teacher wrongly accused of abusing pupil - very haunting What Richard Did - slow moving Irish film about well off lads about to go off to Uni when all goes bad in big way at party The Raid - Indonesian martial arts - not usually my thing but very well done - pretty brutal. Just ordered Cool Hand Luke and The Natural from amazon
  9. Last Movie You Watched

    Took the missus to see The Guard last week - excellent - Brendan Gleeson on top form