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  2. “I don’t think about the gap, just the evolution of the team. The dominance, quality and beauty of our football, we are not a team that defends and waits for opponent’s mistake.
  3. what disgusting penalty given
  4. Mark Hughes accused Diego Costa of employing “dark arts” that detracted from his ability as a centre-forward. The Stoke manager laughed off suggestions that his team had deliberately targeted the Chelsea centre-forward during their 2-1 win in the Potteries, a game in which Costa spent much of the first half arguing with officials, tangling with Stoke defenders and running the risk of being shown a second yellow card. “We didn’t target Costa, he targeted our players if anything,” said Hughes. “I played in that position for many years and you have to react better than that. He is an outstanding striker, you can still have that edge, you can still look after yourself but that kind of behaviour, going over too easily and staying down when he wasn’t hurt, doesn’t help. “He draws fouls and tries to make the most of contact when they are not fouls. He is adept at the dark arts and everyone in football recognises that.”
  5. Jose Mourinho punches the air and sprints down the tunnel. Nothing gets him going like a sh*thouse goal.
  6. what a presentation-demonstration of a beautiful attacking football that manure fans are demanding
  7. f**k OFF STOKE c**tS!!! MASSIVE WIN! C'MON YOU BLUES!!!!!
  8. ref from manchester is running the show
  9. remember how stoke rolled over at spuds? f**king bar stewards again playing as if it is going for their lives