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  1. Yesterday was the first time I saw Christiansen sh*tscared out of his pants. He was so calm and composed in all of his previous games.
  2. Sorry but I can't defend Christiansen with used phrase "he'll learn from his mistakes", he's young. He did the same mistake in the first half but obviously hasn't learnt from it. If that was Gazz or Sideshow Bob they would have been crusified. We had a near perfect gameplan, Uefalona was on their f**king knees and then, well it all went down the toillet. f**k I'm gutted.
  4. with this twat of a ref, not so sure
  5. did anyone expected anything else!? "Cuneyt Cakir will referee the Champions League round-of-16 first leg tie between Chelsea and Barcelona on Tuesday. Cakir, 41, officiated when Chelsea held Barca to a 2-2 draw in a Champions League semifinal second leg at Camp Nou in 2012 and progressed to the final. The Turkish official sent off John Terry in the 37th minute of that game for a foul on Alexis Sanchez but Chelsea fought back from two goals down to draw and reach the final 3-2 on aggregate Cakir was also in charge when Barcelona won the 2015 final against Juventus in Berlin."
  6. that's for you you f**king diving c**ts
  7. it's horrific how refs give spuds penalties, f**king divers
  8. f**k another dive from f**kface deliali and a penalty for f**k kane
  9. Diego just showed Morata how to finish 1 on 1
  10. today I've watched Eibar vs Uefalona. they were struggling even after ref decided to give Eibar the 2nd yellow for this 'incident' of hand kicking the ball. first this low-life busquets does what he does best. diop was booked and not happy with the decission orellana handkick the ball in the air and gets the red card. Eibar were closing in so then the ref deceides to step in.
  11. first booking for us, of course