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  1. Jose Mourinho has been accused of defrauding tax authorities by Spanish prosecutors for a sum of £2.9million (€3.3m) during his time at Real Madrid.
  2. djilobodji.jpg
  3. Luis Enrique emerges as candidate if Chelsea are forced to lose Antonio Conte
  4. I always thought it was Hazard to blame who was shagging Eva. Well I guess I was wrong.
  5. We know he's a loose cannon and unpredictable being. sh*t just hit the fen.
  6. I think that we underestimate players' power again and this may turn to another split dressing room season. And Conte's demise. What was he thinking?
  7. Conte: Please stay in shape over the summer unlike in 2015; Costa: WHATEVER I DO WHAT I WANT; Conte: f**k off
  8. f**k THIS INT. FOOTBALL AND f**k f**kING USELESS FRIENDLIES Instead of relaxing and enjoing well deserved holidays he's been put on f**king crutches. f**k this sh*t!
  9. This thread is embarrassing
  10. I don't know but I've got a strange feeling that Conte won't get reinforcements he's after as opposed to our rivals.Or we'll end up paying insane money on Lukaku and become a new laughing stock.
  11. Here's Alba again. This is even more ridiculous than previos week. Enjoy