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  1. mojo

    Next Chelsea Manager

    when you realize that last year's nightamre actually never ended f**k off
  2. mojo

    Next Chelsea Manager

    watch us ending sign some schmack and watch Sarri to manure scum next year
  3. more like ramos if salah is out of the world cup
  4. gerard moment oh LOL
  5. dirty ramos represent
  6. prepared for britain media wonkfest?
  7. tthat could have been red for grealish
  8. villa too many mistakes and so slow
  9. that's how you execute one on one situation in the final.f**king coldblooded.. a stomp from fullam not booked by the f**king taylor. clear red not given, f**k.
  10. mojo

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?