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  1. I think it's unfair to compare them. Falcao's knees are almost non-existent, while Mbappe is oozing with technical skill and speed.
  2. Costa must have read this thread at half time.
  3. Diego Costa has lost it. Hate to say it.
  4. David Luiz. Solid today.
  5. Courtois should thank the laws of physics after this game.
  6. David Luiz for MOM is a good choice, I was thinking the same.
  7. That report sounds false....very unrealistic valuation
  8. Lukaku or Belotti Mbappe or Sanchez Bakayoko or Nainggolan Mendy De Vrij..bonus if it's someone like Bonucci or Chillieni
  9. Smells like a new hit job from the media to disrupt our season. Wow.
  10. Apparently Mourinho said this to Conte - "Don't do that at 4-0. 1-0 ok, but 4-0 is humiliation."
  11. From NBC - "This is Manchester United's biggest away defeat in 17 years."
  12. Hopefully Jose didn't go off on Conte. That didn't look good.