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  1. Why did Courtois take a PK? Jesus, this may be a long season..
  2. Wow, that was terrible.
  3. This referee sucks.
  4. Terrible referee decision
  5. We've looked meh in this game I think. Still holding a 1-0 lead at least.
  6. Renato sanches

    I actually think this is a great move for us. Young, promising player that can fill in a blank this season with a potential option to buy. Not bad.
  7. FA Cup is always a toss up.
  8. I'm not too fussed about it. The players looked out of it. Conte did his best, and it showed towards the end. We'll be just fine with a new addition or two. Conte will get the monkey off his back eventually.
  9. Conte is cursed in cup finals.
  10. Well, at least we put up a fight at the end.
  11. LOL...terrible. John Terry wouldn't have let that happen.
  12. Costa you cheeky c**t
  13. What is about Conte and cup finals?
  14. Moses, you are an idiot. This isn't Italy.