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  1. Ill be more gutted to see him managing another premier league club and winning the title ahead of us.
  2. If the players arent good enough why are you not dropping them Jose? If you cant trust them dont play them. Bored of waiting for youth or squad players to get a game. If he doesnt drop those underpeforming now then hes telling them their under no pressure to play well and theyre only playing for pride, which clearly half the team arent concerned about.
  3. People saying he needs to adapt but it's not like he's been bullied out of games due to the physicality, struggled with the pace or generally been quiet, he's just looked looked unable to do the basics, couldn't control the ball poor passing ect. I said I didn't like the signing and I will still give him a lot more time as its very soon to be judging him or calling him a flop but when you look at salah in the Italian league it's not a great indicator.
  4. Oscar has been pretty good since he really nailed his starting position v Bolton, has had a couple of off days more recently, although he still hasn't really had too much of a rest in the past few years so perhaps bit much to except him to constantly perform. Offers a lot to the team both in attacking and defening terms. You see how much he brings to the teams in the arsena gamel, you can also see the talent he holds going forward, free kick vs palace that great goal v qpr. His stats are good enough and judging him by Hazards standards might be a bit harsh. Although he is a different player he is certainly above the likes of nasri, navas and Milner at city so I'm not sure what people want from our team. Saying that a teams number 10 should be able to save them on an off day is not a good reason to say he's not performing well enough; 1) I wouldn't say he's a typical number 10 anyway so the standards must be different. 2) He DOES have the ability to change a game, score a great goal set up someone or block shots heading for the bottom corner. He should do it a bit more though. 3) We don't rely on him to save us, really. We have a different dynamic to other teams, city rely on Toures shots from outside the box to save them at times, we might rely on Cesc playing a killer ball through, they have their number 10 silva coming up with pieces of magic we have our winger hazard. He probably won't get to world class level but people are dreaming if they think we will/should have a world class player in every single position.
  5. Anyone else see the MNF team of the year, they left 2 places up to a twitter poll to decide, both being Chelsea v Southampton, Fonte V Cahill and Schneiderlin V Fab, both Southampton players getting in. Arsenal fans claimed they hijacked the poll so Fabregas wouldn't make they team, how sad can you get? They'll probably claim it as a trophy.
  6. He's been miserable in the pre match pressers for a good reason I believe, what are the players gonna think if he is all laughing and joking acting like the league is won, they will feel the same. Also he must not of liked the constant talk of invinceables and saying that we would walk to the title. Any post match interviews and on the touch line he is completely different, mainly when we've won.
  7. Such an over reaction, it's a team game and he works well in the team. Everyone knows his output should be better but Schurrle is far less consistent. He can be direct and add more attacking threat but he can also be selfish, get in the same positions as the striker and can't take players on like Willian can. Willian on the right can cover for Ivan very well who loves to get forward that area would be so exposed and easy to target with Schurrle there, I like Schurrle dispute what I've said it's just Willain gets a hard time I feel.
  8. He doesn't need it, but as a fan I'd like to see him given a bit more recognition. I suppose when the expectations are so high it's less impressive when you do well.
  9. Very true but he should be able to win both.
  10. Not sure what Jose would have to do to win a manager of the month this year.
  11. Agree, but I just never bought the story that Jose was devastated and cried when he heard the news. I like the story in the article but not only that it seems to make more logical sense, rather than the hearsay that was previously reported. (Admittedly this story has no hard evidence but seems to stand up more than one persons account without anything to back it up)
  12. Never believed that rubbish that Jose cried when he wasn't made the next united manager
  13. Quite a few places linking us to Reus now, saying he is a 'priority signing'...I hope he is because if everyone stays fit we have an almost perfect team and other than JT and Ivan we have a team for a good few years.
  14. Different type players but yes, 100%, but we should do everything we can to have both
  15. Not sure this is true but either way its disappointing that he isn't getting game time.