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  1. Ill be more gutted to see him managing another premier league club and winning the title ahead of us.
  2. If the players arent good enough why are you not dropping them Jose? If you cant trust them dont play them. Bored of waiting for youth or squad players to get a game. If he doesnt drop those underpeforming now then hes telling them their under no pressure to play well and theyre only playing for pride, which clearly half the team arent concerned about.
  3. Bertrand has been better than Baines this season, no question even though baines is better It's a squad that should be based on form not on which club you play for or anything else, it's a joke I can't wait for Hodgson to go, loyal to random players for no reason. Shaw has been sh*t and Bertrand has been better this season than shaw was in the last. Also can't understand welbecks inclusion over Austin.
  4. People saying he needs to adapt but it's not like he's been bullied out of games due to the physicality, struggled with the pace or generally been quiet, he's just looked looked unable to do the basics, couldn't control the ball poor passing ect. I said I didn't like the signing and I will still give him a lot more time as its very soon to be judging him or calling him a flop but when you look at salah in the Italian league it's not a great indicator.
  5. I think you have to give arsenal some credit for the way they set up yesterday although city were terrible. But for me it just shows they should of been playing like that years ago, everyone knew they should have adapted their game against the bigger sides but arsne refused to do so until now dispite constant thrashings. How a 'top' manager can be that naive/stubborn for so long is beyond me.
  6. Despite spending 150m and having less games to play Man U have the exact same amount of points as they did at same stage last year but have scored fewer goals. Moyesh.
  7. Agree with this. Prisons are a place for reform, for people to serve a sentence and hopefully be accepted back into mainstream society. If he's not allowed back into the profession it sends the message that convicted criminals should be thrown in a pit and left to their own devices. His punishment was meant to be his jail time but it has been extending due to the struggle he's faced since coming out.
  8. Oscar has been pretty good since he really nailed his starting position v Bolton, has had a couple of off days more recently, although he still hasn't really had too much of a rest in the past few years so perhaps bit much to except him to constantly perform. Offers a lot to the team both in attacking and defening terms. You see how much he brings to the teams in the arsena gamel, you can also see the talent he holds going forward, free kick vs palace that great goal v qpr. His stats are good enough and judging him by Hazards standards might be a bit harsh. Although he is a different player he is certainly above the likes of nasri, navas and Milner at city so I'm not sure what people want from our team. Saying that a teams number 10 should be able to save them on an off day is not a good reason to say he's not performing well enough; 1) I wouldn't say he's a typical number 10 anyway so the standards must be different. 2) He DOES have the ability to change a game, score a great goal set up someone or block shots heading for the bottom corner. He should do it a bit more though. 3) We don't rely on him to save us, really. We have a different dynamic to other teams, city rely on Toures shots from outside the box to save them at times, we might rely on Cesc playing a killer ball through, they have their number 10 silva coming up with pieces of magic we have our winger hazard. He probably won't get to world class level but people are dreaming if they think we will/should have a world class player in every single position.
  9. Sky sports news showing clips of Gerrard and talking about his career, as you'd expect, but as well as showing his champions league win ect they're also showing fans burning his shirt and the famous slippy G moment. Pretty funny really.
  10. Anyone else see the MNF team of the year, they left 2 places up to a twitter poll to decide, both being Chelsea v Southampton, Fonte V Cahill and Schneiderlin V Fab, both Southampton players getting in. Arsenal fans claimed they hijacked the poll so Fabregas wouldn't make they team, how sad can you get? They'll probably claim it as a trophy.
  11. I think that is completly on the player to be honest. I think it's disgusting when players are on loan, get the move they're after then look like they're not bothered. Saying that im still not 100% on Martinez did a fantastic job last year had to spend the majority of his money to get basically the same team as last year. Is a very tough job at Everton they have high aspirations without any real justification for them. A lot of players haven't been the same as last year to be honest and add in their injuries and their European games and it was always gonna be tough. Ill reserve judgement until the end of the season.
  12. When was the last time arsenal showed up for a big prem game? It's embarrassing really.
  13. Yep this is a lampard 1-0 all day
  14. Can't see Milner being upfront surely he's way down the list behind silva, nasri, toure, lampard, zabletta, hart?
  15. He's older than I am and I'd know better than to get involved in something stupid like that if I were in the situation. Pisses me off when people use the age excuse if they're over 18 and do something off the pitch there are no excuses.