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  1. TrueBlueSeaFC87

    2018/19 squad

    That literally could be the only way I would be okay losing Courtois, Willian & Hazard
  2. TrueBlueSeaFC87

    Hazard - The inevitable bids and who to replace him with?

    Give me Dybala + Isco / Asensio / Eriksen / Pulsic / Rashford to replace Hazard / Willian
  3. TrueBlueSeaFC87

    WC 2018

    I'm not sure if you are joking but Robben and Higuain are not French. You might have been thinking Ribery and Benzema.
  4. Here is what I'd line up with: GK: Tibo DF: Azpilicueta (C) DF: Christensen DF: Rudiger LWB: Alonso DM: Kante DM: Luiz (if fit) / Fabregas RWB: Moses / Emerson FW: Hazard FW: Willian ST: Giroud
  5. TrueBlueSeaFC87

    Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    That is a f**king outrageous tackle.
  6. TrueBlueSeaFC87

    Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    Yeah...because we've done a great job at that over the last several years. Wanting Alex Sandro....getting Zappacosta and Emerson.
  7. TrueBlueSeaFC87

    Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    Can someone please tell me why we are so worried about Champions League football when we have a difficult time getting very far into that tournament? Aren't we supposed to be winning trophies? Right now we have a better chance to win the Europa League and the CL.
  8. Anyone have a good stream?
  9. The look on Hazard's face was that of "f**k this I'm going to Real"
  10. TrueBlueSeaFC87

    Most hated opposition

    #1 Manure United #2 Tottenham Hotmess #3 Arseanal #4 PSG #5 Loserpool #6 City
  11. Wow Bats, way to snub Pedroino!
  12. Makes you wonder if Conte is picking this squad on purpose to show the board that we aren't very good and that they should have bought the players he wanted over the summer.
  13. singing* Spurs can f**k right off, oh Spurs can f**k right off, We go in to Wembley and play our game, and the Spurs can f**k right off!
  14. TrueBlueSeaFC87

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Morata got a goal and an assist with us down a man....Lukaku can f**k off!