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  1. It should be in this sub-forum though...
  2. United can f**k off and Juventus can sell us Sandro. Otherwise Matic stays!
  3. Scored a great header goal from a set piece for the USMNT today against Nicaragua!
  4. I won't lie. If we cannot get Morata or Belloti...I'd want him at striker next year. I think he has earned his chance based on his cameo appearances. Costa has been a good servant but his head is ALWAYS somewhere else. Michy is like the youngest child, always doing his best to impress, but never getting the recognition.
  5. Even if he agrees to stay the whole season he will only show up and perform at his best 60% of the season like usual. We have CL football which means more matches for him to go completely invisible at. IMHO he has burned his bridge with our club and we need to find a replacement ASAP.
  6. Can we please close this thread already?
  7. Rom knows it, we all know it, we all know what he brings.... ...yet some of us are still disappointed. Seriously, have you been blinded by Diego's scoring record that you cannot see he plays sh!te for us for like 60% of the season?
  8. Batman has absolutely earned the right to start in this one. I think we will see something like this. GK: Begovic CB: Ake CB: Terry (c) CB: Cahill RWB: Moses CDM: Matic CDM: Loftus-Cheek LWB: Alonso AM: Willian AM: Pedro ST: Batshuayi Rest: Tibo, Dave, Luiz, Kante, Hazard
  9. PSG f****d up by trying to play them offside on that final goal. Barcelona are a bunch of lucky, cheating, ref paying slim bags. I cannot believe I liked them at one point.
  10. Out: Willian Matic Terry (Retire) Costa (Possibly) In: Alexis Sanchez Marco Verratti Raphaël Varane Antoine Griezemann / Romelu Lukkaku (If Costa leaves)
  11. I hate losing to the Tater Tots more than anything. However, it was eventually going to happen and it's better to now focus on the title race. On a side note, for the past several years I have not liked Cahill. He is a really, really poor man's Terry and just doesn't do anything for us. I think Zouma should get a run at Cahill's spot for the next couple of games.
  12. Everytime somebody passes back to Cahill I hold my breath. Cannot wait until Terry and Zouma come back. We'll have a correct defense. On a side note, Alonso has looked pretty solid today.
  13. --------------------Tibo----------------- Ivan-------Luiz------Terry-------"Dave" ---------Fabs-------Kante--------Matic-------- Willian-------------Costa--------Hazard Subs: Begovic, Cahill, Alonso, Oscar, Moses, RLC, Batman
  14. Thank you Jose for all that you have done, but it was time to move on. This club is bigger than one man, special or not. The fact that we are so close to relegation and not showing much signs of improving, shows that we needed to change things up. I personally think that the change should have been made earlier this season while we still had the potential for Top 4, but now we are just trying to stop the bleeding. I am really hoping Diego Simeone comes in next season. I love his energy and I think he would be a good fit for this club.
  15. Bale AND Varane for Hazard all day. I love Hazard, but clearly he isn't on the same level as Ronaldo or Messi.