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  1. think this is a good chance to use willian and Pedro a bit more. Athletico could only manage a draw here, and it will definitely be a lot thougher than at the Bridge not just because we are away but also because now they have played a few games at this level they won't be as nervous. all that said we should be able to get a result. Once we get through the Liverpool game the fixture list is relatively kind for a while and I am hopeful we can be at least in second by New year's day
  2. We can win this. Having Kante back is a huge help as is having drinkwater as a sub for last 20. I think Moses injury has probably illustrated how under rated he is by many as a wing back and I hope he can contribute a lot from next weekend on. Luiz is back in squad, but Contes best defense when everyone fresh may not include him any more. As someone said I Cahill and Luiz being fresh county’s in their favor.
  3. Emanalo The Problem

    Success has many parents and failure is an orphan.
  4. Yes indeed. My iPad translated matic to magic. That’s exactly the point. Fab was on the bench in our best spell. I watched Monaco a lot last season and had reservations about Bakyoko lack of pace. Never mind that, he and fabregas struggle even more than matic and fabregas. Kante and Bakyoko might work, drinkwater and Kante or bakyoko might work but playing Fab from the start every game is a downgrade on last season and will leave Fab rooted in the last 1/3 or this season. Ah well I completely trust Conte to make the most of things.
  5. Our best spell last season had magic and Kante in midfield. I like Fab and love his assists and he never stops trying but... just doesn’t provide enough in two man midfield. For their second goal Cahill was so out of position as a result of having to run diagonally to the wrong side and being stranded outside the penalty area and noone covered. Must do better.
  6. Our midfield is crap this season. That’s why we playing so much long ball.
  7. Our defense was unbelievably bad for the second Watford goal
  8. At last. Batshuayi’s best ever performance. Phew
  9. As good as mourinho was 2006 I prefer Conte. I think we have the eworlds best manager
  10. I don’t think Fab is up to 3 games in a week. So I’d hook him for Pedro. It’s better with 3 in the middle but have to allow for fatigue.
  11. As good as our performance was, and it was sensational, I don’t think AM are as good as a couple of years ago. They have lost more talented players than they have gained and the average age is going up. To say that is not to reduce the impact of beating them anfd they remain an excellent team. Now or if only we can overcome the unfairness of the schedule and put in another top performance against citeh....what a week.
  12. Baka was great but he did make a number of bad passes and gave the ball away a bit. Overall an excellent result. It was a high quality game. As expected we had a bit more in attack, but both teams played with skill, stamina and purpose. We just had a bit more.
  13. Great game great result so much fun
  14. I expect this will be a cagey game. Athleticism are strong defensively and work hard. They will keep their shape. Despite Griezman we have more attacking firepower with Morata and hazard. They will try to exploit Alonso’s lack of pace. We will likely concede a lot of possession and maybe expose Philippe Luis down our right. I see no reason why we can’t get a draw and we could score if hazard and morta hit it off. By far our best route to goal so far this season is Dave through to Alberto. That can happen again.