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  1. Morata is a pussy and Luiz makes a number of sloppy mistakes. Today we were lucky but maybe next time unlucky. All that said I like watching the team and the points are on the board. Kantes best game of the season.
  2. Le Bouef was my pick here.
  3. This was a very boring game with very sterile possession from Chelsea. Reminded me of watching Spain v Russia at World Cup. Kovacic, Jorginho and Kante is like playing 3 makeleles at once. None of them want to go into the opposition pen area. None of them shoot from outside etc. for this sort of game I’d prefer Berkeley as a starter. Ialso Morata is useless in these games. We needed power today, not speed or tricks but brute force. Girould would have been more effective in this game.
  4. I think most of this is spot on except that Rudigier is between good and top and might become top. He as pace and a good passing range. Maybe ampadu can also be in the mix. Last season he looked capable.
  5. Newcastle looked pretty average against Cardiff but that was away. I don't care about history, we can beat them. I think Sarri may well start the same team. Clearly Kovacic and Hazard will come into the first 11 over time. I think Sarri wants the distribution that Luiz brings, in Conte's winning season Luiz's long range passing to switch play was important. Two years on you could argue its now outweighed by defensive weakness. Is Cahill injured?
  6. Morata good goal,but he was still dispossesed far too easily in h2. As things stand it could be Kante and Barkley competing for one spot. Love Kante of course but he doesn’t have many real attacking qualities
  7. ozboy

    Alvaro Morata

    For probably bs reasons I am hopeful that if the team starts playing well Morata will improve and add goals. Rightly or more likely wrongly I have him pegged as a fair weather sailor
  8. I look forward to this game.
  9. Thought Morata looked willing, was only offside once and that was marginal, and didn’t lie on the grounf[d moaning for half the ground. That will do for now. Jorginho was good but a bit risky in possession in defence. Kante is now competing with Berkeley and kovacic for a place. Luiz distrivbution is an asset, Alonso is good in attack, but in a back 4 they both get beaten for pace and better teams than Huddersfield will exploit them. ‘All in all worth staying up for.
  10. Think Morata has been good.
  11. It’s funny In this system it’s Kante who’s place will Ginder pressure.
  12. A bit of luck goes a long way.
  13. Was just about to say Dave and Kante have no clue what they are doing in this system and then 1.0. Jorginho makes dangererous give always. Morata looks ok.
  14. Alonso has his good and bad points. I think we should definitely not overuse hazard early in season. Lad needs a good rest after working his guts out at WC. Im surprised we don’t play Dave in the Centreof defence and also surprised Cahill isn’t in the frame, but there you go.