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  1. I thought lukakus shooting was excellent against citeh, powerful and accurate. He is a good player, exactly how good we'll soon find out. I respect that he is ambitious. So far he has proved himself at every level. Anyway it's time we moved on from him.
  2. I still think if we wanted we could lease Sanches. I.e. buy him but give Bayern a buyback option. Alternatively take him on loan. Reading between the lines of Bayerns statements that seems to be the message. We still need more depth in central midfield.
  3. I'd take the ox as an alternative to Moses. I think he could also play in central midfield at a pinch. Lots of energy.
  4. Soccernet seem clear and firm he is going to citeh. We do need a bunch more players if we want to compete in Europe including decent wing backs. We clearly have to replace costa and with chalobah going either we need to keep matic or get in another strong midfield player. So more action in store me thinks but not for Chelsea and Danilo.
  5. His injury record means we'd have to have strong backup. He's only a half a season striker.
  6. About our only option at this stage. I'm sure there are others but not from right field. Sanchez is not an out and out striker, if agueros the answer it's the wrong question.
  7. I doubt if it's morata not considering us.
  8. Off to AC Milan apparently
  9. ....
  10. Aubameyang and Morata would be a top front three with hazard. Great alternative to Sanchez. Give us that variety in attack and depth which top teams need. Manu in fergie's heyday rotated constantly. So should we.
  11. Lots of defenders and midfielders but no attackers for us. I'd have liked to have James, he's better than Pedro and Willian by some distance in my view. Anyhow, still early enough in the season and the club management have some money and they aren't blind. Sanchez even better, although not as central striker. ManU only have one more good season in them under Mourinho anyway. Last season they bought all these players and where did it get them? So Danilo schmilo we shall see.
  12. We may be slow buying but we've done a good job shipping the youngsters out, Aina RLC Chalobah. Shows ambition in who we want. Getting them maybe more difficult.
  13. I'm sure Bayern are talking to real but I think James & morata might be a good package
  14. To my eyes Lukaku doesn't have artfulness of Costa and is more selfish and doesn't work as hard off the ball. But he's got more energy on the ball, more power, and probably a better shooter. He will do less general play but can arguably be just as or more effective at least for a couple of seasons.
  15. I find Twomey the best informed and most reliable of the espn Chelsea writers.