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  1. I agree. We seem to need a couple of players at one level higher than Willian/Pedro/matic/moses/fab.
  2. Seems like Costa is staying which in my view is good news, but we need more.
  3. We never showed up, particularly in defence. Season had ended for us before the game began. If mertersacker had played all season L'arse would have been in top 4.
  4. This guy was a standout at the last euros but hardly played for Bayern this season. I think he's the kind of midfielder that would fit in at Chelsea. Read that juve were chasing him.
  5. Moses was excellent this season both defensively and offensively except for his crossing and shooting. He has had hamstring problems in seasons past. Chelsea did a great job this season preventing too many soft tissue injuries but with more games it will be tougher next season. Alonso was a revelation. Quite a few naysayers when he first arrived but save for the odd defensive misjudgment he's been a total succcess. An outlet for courtois, free kick specialist, pacy enough down the left and intelligent with the ball. Maybe a bit less dynamic than moses and less inclined to cut in. Azpi is far better in the back 3 than wb. Moses has pace is happy to cut infield or stay wide and offers a great outlet for the fast break. We really don't have any natural alternatives to either moses or Alonso. So I think we need one upgrade and one backup. Who's the best choice? The juve lb looks good, one of the Monaco boys?
  6. There are a few to choose from, but I agree. This pretty much tops the pops.
  7. We need players as good as hazard at Chelsea. Neither Willian nor Pedro are. Sanchez just about is. He'd be an upgrade on the right side so I'd take him. Saying that I think Willian and Pedro been great this year. Sanchez works as hard as Willian and has more goals in him.
  8. Watched him again tonight v Rennes. He was captain but I prefer matic by some distance.
  9. None of them are outside shooters of note. One of the criteria that might get someone into the team ahead of matic/fab on a regular basis is ability to score a few goals.
  10. Is this guy any good? I've watched a few teams across Europe this year but Bilbao isn't one of them
  11. Personally thought zouma and Terry very average, Kenedy didn't do a lot wrong but neither did he shine. Chalobah is nowhere near matic right now in my opinion, I see others differ. Batman I see as doing ok in the holdup role but probably not strong enough to do the sole striker job. Ake could start in place of either cahill or Luiz. We showboated tonight and if we had been more solid at back could have killed them. Willian was very impressive, reminds me of what a top player he is.
  12. Batman has played quite well last couple of times. Think he could make a good replacement for Pedro Courtois Moses Dave ake Cahill Alonso Chalobah fab Batman hazard Costa
  13. Best win since 05 for me. Now we just need a a champions league run to match those of prior seasons. Well done to the club the manager the starting 11 the squad and the supporters. All played their part. Great to win with two games to spare and without kante on the pitch.
  14. Thought matic was great tonight same for Alonso and costa worked very hard as did Pedro. Others have already done the rap for fab. Glad to see the shout out for abramovitch. No club could ask for a better owner. 5 premierships in 11 seasons. Soon be time to think about how to strengthen for next season.
  15. I actually think this is close to the last chance for the current juve team. It's getting old at the back.