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  1. ozboy

    Next Chelsea Manager

    God that’s a terrible scenario. Higuain? Might have been ok 10 years ago. Maybe Rugani is top quality but not Where we need it most. Mahrez would have been excellent for Chelsea and cheap last year. Ah well all good things must come to an end. We most need a central midfielder who can really add something to the team and a striker with a future but who still has the necessary today. Really it’s been a bad couple of years and traceable to the events that lead up to emelano departing.
  2. ozboy

    Next Chelsea Manager

    certainly no news. I hope a lot is going on behind the scenes. With the benefit of hindsight I should have paid more attention to the message in Emelano leaving.
  3. ozboy

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I’m a fan of conte staying but I think Chelsea needs a director of football he can work with and a budget around 200m to stay at the level of a European top 10 club.
  4. ozboy

    2018/19 squad

    I hear you.
  5. ozboy

    2018/19 squad

    Jorginho has only scored two goals in the last 5 seasons. Doesn’t meet my criterion.
  6. ozboy

    2018/19 squad

    Need a better spine , 4 players. A striker that is up to the job, a goal scoring wide player eg Mahrez or martial or Bailey, a central midfielder like lampard, run, tackle and scores, and a reliable central defender with good distribution (like Luiz was for one season)
  7. ozboy

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The transfers this season were very unsuccessful. Whether that is all the players or partly lack of trust from conte It’s hard to say. Only Rudigier has been a success in my view, and maybe Palmeri and Giroud at the end Any my manager would have struggled this season with Morata lack of consistent form. The stats told the story before the season started. Only Hazard is a regular goal scorer. Pedro was once but is past it. The midfield have a hopeless goal scoring record. Fab, bakyoko, Kante, lucky to get 4goals a season between them. Willian doesn’t score many and neither does Moses. Headed goals from the defenders have fallen off. Rebuilding this team starts with getting a more dominant central midfield and a younger striker than Giroud actually up to the job. Chritenson hasn’t actually proved he can replace Cahill let a;one some Chelsea’s great central defenders at their best. Conte could have done more this seasons do he’s at fault for that but I’d keep him. He was handed a team in decline. Drinkwater/Barkley not even available.
  8. ozboy

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Personally find this season the most distressing of all the abramovitch years. Conte is a good manager, tactically innovative and can bring out the best in players. This season was a much bigger setback to the medium term prospects than the last Mourinho season
  9. I’ve been avoiding talking about Chelsea recently for obvious reasons. Just come on here to say Alonso had one of the worst performances ive seen in years from a Chelsea player. Stamps, lazy for both goals. Very ordinary.
  10. Watching that again just reminds me of the sense of injustice but also what a great chelsea team that was. I recall that game so well. However we went on to win the champions league with a far weaker team and were incredibly lucky to do so. So it sort of evens itself out. Chelsea and Barcelona had some fantastic games over the years. I don't think either team is a shadow of their best team but Barcelona is a lot closer to it than us. We just don't have the goal scoring threat anything like Anelka and Drogba and we certainly don't have Lampard, Essien and Ballack in the midfield. Cant even remember if Ballack played in that game or if Essien was at right back. Thanks for posting the video though it brought same good memories despite the loss. Not looking forward to this game, don't feel we have enough character in the team right now. We lack a general as much as the talent itself.
  11. The more I think about this the more, regrettably I don't think it matters who we start. We are going to be cannon fodder. If we can't beat Roma we ain't gunna beat Barcelona.
  12. I like that lineup but if Alonso is fit he will start. Moses is a better defender than Zappa even if he is a bit slower. ‘Also I cant see Luiz playing midfield. I’d play Danny drinkwater. ‘ Bazed On our form this season it’s gunna be tough.
  13. Couldn’t tell much from this game but good for confidence to have a win and Willian was as we all saw excellent. Palmer I also looked lacy down the left. Drinkwater should stop trying too hard and just relax If we play three central midfielders against Barca who will be the third?
  14. Nice to be able to post again. I like to stay away foehn we lose. Kante has gone off his game, and Moses;s header the worst mistake I’ve ever seen him make. On the other hand Gironde did the job asked and will improve further as he plays more and he and Morata will compete well. Zappa also doing better than expected on the left We need more a grade talent to support hazard, that’s been evident for years. I think what we need is a strong leader in the middle of the park. The “character” reference point.
  15. ozboy

    Riyad Mahrez

    I am reading that Mahrez isn’t happening.