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  1. Palace have had much better results since allardyce arrived but assuming everyone is fit we should be too strong at home. The international break should have been helpful to hazard, Moses and Alonso, even Luiz. Usual team I'd start with matic and bring fab on relatively early.
  2. Magtc doesn't do much in the air. Like mikel in that way.
  3. He is big powerful physical and seems to be ok on the ball, not afraid to shoot. But from what I've seen a bit slow.
  4. I've watched Roma several times this season and he's looked good. Makes some mistakes but brings speed, power and shooting to central midfield.
  5. Naingolan or however you spell it has looked good for Roma this season and scores those midfield goals that would really help us against the lack the bus teams.
  6. Ps I don't think costa is poor. He's been the same all season. He is strong at the front and makes the space for the others. His touch has always been a mixture of the surprisingly good and the terrible. Marked very closely tonight.
  7. Good strong game against a tough team.
  8. Hard to be critical of anyone after such a great performance, but I thought matic might have done a better job in midfield than fab. More drive in the midfield. If fab could shoot more and better it might be different.
  9. Fab has been less than fab this half. Very average.
  10. Dave is a much better defender than moses, but Moses is a far better attacker. I think dave is perfect in a back 3 and is unconvincing going forward, never penetrates much. Moses does although I'll agree his final ball can be average and he doesn't score many goals. For this game I think once again the only questions are whether to play fab and which of Willian or Pedro to use. I also worry about hazards "training" knock.
  11. I do think a scoring central midfielder would be a huge asset. Neither kante nor magic score many goals and it's a weakness in the team.
  12. Azpi has been excellent as right side of back 3. Very reliable, and that's vital for a defender. Zouma is both faster and better on the ball than you would think for a big guy, but he is nowhere near azpi in terms of reliability.
  13. We are fading a touch but not as much as last time we won. I look for costa and hazard to keep delivering.
  14. As everyone said a closer game than it should have been considering how much better we were. Definitely harder to score goals when teams sit right back. A better outside shooter would help. It would create space.
  15. I think the run in will be tough with a small squad. Luiz clearly not fully fit and maybe a bit mentally tired up front. Only 13 real potential starters in squad plus maybe ake or zouma Scoring goals will be the key so I hope costa and the others are up for it.