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  1. Watching that again just reminds me of the sense of injustice but also what a great chelsea team that was. I recall that game so well. However we went on to win the champions league with a far weaker team and were incredibly lucky to do so. So it sort of evens itself out. Chelsea and Barcelona had some fantastic games over the years. I don't think either team is a shadow of their best team but Barcelona is a lot closer to it than us. We just don't have the goal scoring threat anything like Anelka and Drogba and we certainly don't have Lampard, Essien and Ballack in the midfield. Cant even remember if Ballack played in that game or if Essien was at right back. Thanks for posting the video though it brought same good memories despite the loss. Not looking forward to this game, don't feel we have enough character in the team right now. We lack a general as much as the talent itself.
  2. The more I think about this the more, regrettably I don't think it matters who we start. We are going to be cannon fodder. If we can't beat Roma we ain't gunna beat Barcelona.
  3. I like that lineup but if Alonso is fit he will start. Moses is a better defender than Zappa even if he is a bit slower. ‘Also I cant see Luiz playing midfield. I’d play Danny drinkwater. ‘ Bazed On our form this season it’s gunna be tough.
  4. Couldn’t tell much from this game but good for confidence to have a win and Willian was as we all saw excellent. Palmer I also looked lacy down the left. Drinkwater should stop trying too hard and just relax If we play three central midfielders against Barca who will be the third?
  5. Nice to be able to post again. I like to stay away foehn we lose. Kante has gone off his game, and Moses;s header the worst mistake I’ve ever seen him make. On the other hand Gironde did the job asked and will improve further as he plays more and he and Morata will compete well. Zappa also doing better than expected on the left We need more a grade talent to support hazard, that’s been evident for years. I think what we need is a strong leader in the middle of the park. The “character” reference point.
  6. Riyad Mahrez

    I am reading that Mahrez isn’t happening.
  7. January Window 17/18

    In addition musonda and bats and Kennedy get good opportunities. Has chalobah been sitting the world on fire? Most of the other names we’ve let go haven’t really emerged as starters at top sides. RLC might and Traore doing ok last time I looked, but only ok.
  8. January Window 17/18

    I agree with that. Palmieri is the one who could potentially be a star and r]the other two give us strength in depth in two key areas. The criticism is that none of them are likely to be regular starters, but for a January window you couldn’t ask for much more. I’d like us to sign another attacking world beater, a clear upgrade on Willian or Pedro such as Mahrez but on balance we have strengthened the the squad at low risk and low cost. In our team not even sure that Sanchez would be a better choice than Giroud
  9. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    I’m very pleased by this deal. Strengthens us in the short term and weakens a rival. If bats does well in Germany then we have more options.
  10. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Giroud would make the bench of most teams in the world today. He does better for L’Arse than lacazzetta. For the price and even considering his age it’s a bargain. Very experienced in the premier league, in the champions league and at international level. Marina has done well. Now if only we’d picked up Mahrez as well ....
  11. Riyad Mahrez

    I wish we’d bought Mahrez. Feel sorry for Leicester’s bit though. Their team has bent dismantled. He would have been so easy to buy in the last transfer window.
  12. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    We won’t be watching carrol or crouch. As a second striker both Giroud and Dzeko are very high quality.
  13. Very difficult to take much away in a game against such soft opposition. However looking at it harshly: 1. We still find it difficult to play out from the back when pressed. Kante was clearly taking it easy and Drinkwater wasn't quite good enough on the day. 2. Batman still gave the ball away frequently. For every magic flick there are two that don't come off and lots of simple passes that go astray. Against tougher opposition his inability to hold the ball up becomes more obvious. Also his work in pressing defenders is nearly non existent. So I can see why Conte doesn't play him. 3. The youngsters do look good. Ampadu in particular looks comfortable. Thought Musonda might have had some minutes, Hudson Odoi looked good against defeated opposition but that's not a real test of premier league readiness. Not a knock just saying you can't draw a conclusion at all. 4. Barkely may be ok but has been largely anonymous when I've seen him, does get his head up in midfield. 5. Despite Pedros excellent ball to create the first goal most of the time he has his head down in attack, but the the dynamic energy is great. 6. Zappacosta is settling in well. The interesting thing is he looks better going forward than defensively. I rate Moses a better defender, but Zappa has excellent pace going forward and understands the wide role. Overall I still think if we are going to use the youngsters only when games are already won, then we need to buy more attackers. Willian and Morata injured leaves us super thin in what is a hectic schedule.
  14. Is Dave rested, injured or suspended?
  15. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Giroud would be fine, comparable to Dzeko in both ability and age. Won’t happen though.