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  1. This team just has no soul, costa is the only one I ever see playing with real passion.
  2. Cahill and hazard my god
  3. No way the arse win the league, they even have an extra fixture in the FA cup because they drew with hull.
  4. I think even though they did well against the foxes, we still beat them comfortably given our form and getting our mojo back.
  5. Just testing everyones mettle :) You passed
  6. Is it wrong that I take delight in arsenals pain, especially to a terrible united side?
  7. I hope spurs beat arsenal to the title if leicester falter, arsenal fans are a micro step above liverpool fans.
  8. I'd be happy with leicester or spurs winning it, especially in comparison to citeh and gooners.
  9. I just assumed it was intentional and part of an unfunny play on words.
  10. First game he was immense, ever since then... meh
  11. Agreed, rather have willian fully fresh for wednesdays game.
  12. I did see it, most of the time I see him cross its blocked or overshot or this and that, calm down.
  13. Can we have ivan never cross a ball again in the attacking third
  14. Beautiful finish by traore get innn
  15. Kinda looked like it grazed it, im mainly saying ive seen much more clear cut penalties not given to us before.