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  1. No problem, mate, you know what she's like when she's aroused. Physical scars are very nearly gone now, and my psychiatrist says that as long as I keep wearing the plastic medallion, my nightmares won't come back.
  2. And there you lose any credibility and just come across as one of those conspiracy nutters. I suppose the Oil companies have bought up the patent for making cars run on water and are suppressing that, are they? Is it true that there is a cure for all cancers but the big pharmacological companies have suppressed that so they can keep making billions? 9/11 was an inside job/there were no planes/Mossad/CIA/Insurance scam (pick one) right? The whole world is run by three families and the Illuminati? Plastic discs with a number painted on prevent you from suffering from um, er, something non-specific to do with Wifi?
  3. I thought that had been lifted now!
  4. Like what?
  5. Not according to your missus. She shares a lot with me, you know that :)
  6. It stands for Diddy Knobbed w**ker
  7. My concern is more the financial exploitation of the gullible, whether they believe or not. If someone believes that a 1" disc of plastic protects them from whatever it is supposed to, I feel sorry for that person for their gullibility. If someone then exploits that naivety by writing a number on that piece of plastic and then charging them sixty quid for that piece of plastic, then I believe that is just criminal. That is why I can judge it as a piece of sh*t. :) Wise people have said Alternative Medicine that ACTUALLY works is called "medicine". When the NHS start using a numbered plastic disk in mainstream hospitals, I might get to be a little less sceptical.
  8. Then you will have seen the price of a small piece of shiny-shiny metal, and a small piece of plastic with a magic number written on it.
  9. Whoooosh!
  10. Did you get that from Twitter? I'll get someone else's coat
  11. Still one of the best such scenes ever though! That and the house in The Gauntlet.
  12. Did you look at the link? Nothing more to say about it, really.
  13. Bloody excellent film that is. I think it has one of the scariest "bullets going through a barn wall" scenes I ever saw.
  14. Fair enough from you, though the window is open for 6 weeks or so yet. My main point was the extreme doom and gloom from some posters, who I expect are the worst of the match-day thread moaners as well. I'm quite happy to wait until September before I start abusing the club, the board, the manager, Emenalo and Kenyon.
  15. Strider, mate, please, please, please tell me you are having a joke with us? The very first thing on that link is a small piece of polished stainless steel for £81. Eighty-one quid, for a small medallion on a string! AND there's a piece of plastic with a number 8 written on it for £63. If you truly believe in that, would you be interested in buying the freehold for Stamford Bridge? I was in Aldi the other day and Abramovich was in there stocking up on pickled eggs and jars of cockles. He was moaning on and on apout the CPO and how they were making his life a misery, so I said I'd find him someone decent and Chels to take buy the freehold. You seem like just the chap!