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  1. It was a total dive. Watch his legs - he picks them up behind himself - utter w**ker and the ref fell for it.
  2. Ha! Joey Barton Carreer Honours Club Newcastle United Championship: 2009–10[1] Queens Park Rangers Championship play-offs: 2013–14[212] Burnley Championship: 2015–16[218] Individual PFA Team of the Year (Championship): 2015–16[157] Burnley Player of the Year: 2015–16[218] You have to smile, really, deluded scouse thug!
  3. Very difficult to run in heels! I should know!
  4. When I saw you, I thought "yep, I would after a few Stellas"
  5. 6 points behind when he took over, 14 points behind at the end. That's a regression to me.
  6. I don't like him anymore than the next Chelsea fan but anyone who thinks he didn't do a decent job under the circumstances are blinkered by hate Not blinkered by hate, revelling in it. I despise the man and everything about him. He didn't do anything like a decent job, he was a tactical f**kwit who's only positive move ever seemed to be to swap a left back. I was at both Swansea games and every one in the crowd knew more than the fat f**k about how to win those matches. We were better placed in teh league when he took over than at the end of the season and thw whole second half of the season was a nightmare. Like I said, the darkest days in the history of the club, and that includes relegation AND losing to f**king the Spuds
  7. Well, your wife did email me a few iffy VHS rips a while ago. The sexy-time one was a bit silly, but I quite liked the dressing up as a tranny one - that was class.
  8. I wish people would stop using the "R" word when talking about the darkest days in the history of Chelsea Football Club. At best you can say Fat Spanish Waiter. To be decent, you can say "Disrespectful self-serving scouse addict with little ability and even less honour. FACHT" And that's without invoking the asterisk censor in anyway And I also wish people would stop referring to those dark days as some sort of triumph. We won some thing and got to a semi final despite the bloated twat, not because of him. All the tactical intelligence of a large dish of paella, without any of its redeeming factors.
  9. awww bless. I now have a mental image of little teenage dicky, in a time when he still had hair, in a satin jacket with shoulder-pads and white satin hot-pants, trying to create a merge dance between middle of the road rockers and Erasure and Soul II Soul That's right tickled me on a dreary Monday afternoon!
  10. I have some software that enables you to manipulate the music after you download it. I copied a load of cassettes a few years ago from a walkman to my PC with just a cable with a headphone socket on each end, and then cleaned it up a bit with the software. PM me if that might be handy :) ;)
  11. Buy a record deck and play the f**kers! I still have shedloads of albums and about a 1000 classic singles for my jukebox. Nothing beats vinyl for sound, but the ipod shuffle makes it easy to listen :)
  12. You spelled weird wrong, but I know what you mean.
  13. And those f**king weird chin-mullets
  14. You keep on wittering on about the "respect", but respect has to be earned, it is not a right. From all of your posts in this thread, you and others have done nothing at all to warrant any sort of respect at all, either from Mourinho or from any other posters, regardless of their opinion on the current employer the man. I think I said it before, but all you do is keep on droning on in that spurned-bitch way, as if repeating over and over again how nasty the man is and "he done treat me bad" makes it true or interesting. It is an accepted method amongst internet argumentative types that their main form of debate involves repeating the same set of cliches, in slightly different formats, with slightly different emphasis, until any sane person just gets so bored they stop arguing. And then you claim you have won! Well done you.
  15. Not sure what a " Kim Jong Un style behavior" is, and I dropped out of the Jose thread some time ago because I got bored with two or three recently joined idiots. I'll leave it there. You might not think he's a good winger, but several professional football managers (you know, people who actually make their living by making decisions on a player's ability) do think so and keep playing him. And I don't believe you when you say " its based on about 80 games i have seen him in". No-one, including you, was complaining about him until he has had a couple of off games. That's all. I don't know who "Ty" is, so can't comment on whether I am your version of him/her. Not everything is rosy, but I am not in your camp, which appears to be that the whole sky is falling in all of the time, whilst we are sitting pretty at the top of the league, and I also find it irritating that, even now, some people can find nothing good to say about their particular, currently disliked player. Bluedaze was a w**ker and a wind-up merchant, pure and simple. He gets identified very quickly every time he opens a new account under a different lame user name. If I was bluedaze, I'd be offering you out at a pub of your choice to sort it out like men, safe in the knowledge that it would never happen, but allowing me to rub my big bollocks to conclusion in my mum's spare bedroom.