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  1. So, 50% say Sell to the highest bidder, while 55% say "He has served us well, glad we have him" - No ambivalence there, then!
  2. So, all the people in here who don't want a video referee - do you still feel the same?
  3. Perhaps Emanalo drinks in the cocktail bar that @KonaKai Bluefrequents up the Fulham Road, which, coincidentally, shares the same name and makes a Blue cocktail!
  4. The bold bit says it all, as far as I'm concerned. There was a reason we sold Sturridge. There is no reason why we should buy him back.
  5. aww bless. But thanks for the congratulations, and welcome to the world of the champions.
  6. I don't think Everton's pants are relevant at all.
  7. Why am I having to look at this sh*t? What is it doing in a Chelsea forum?
  8. I don't know if this has been posted yet, it's Antonio being interviewed in Italian.
  9. "despite being part of the title race for two consecutive seasons, Tottenham have not been top of the table at any point during those two campaigns. Not for one single, solitary day. In fact, since the start of last season, the mighty Hull City have spent more time in first place than Spurs."
  10. You probably weren't around for the dark days of Sutton, then. Or Kezman and his head-down run-like-f**k style.
  11. I think I was actually born a miserable old sod, but I'm getting worse :)
  12. Mourinho is just getting old and cranky. It will come to all of you, eventually.
  13. Little Davey has popped back in! Good to see you , son, and good to see you still have some interesting points to make, even if it's all a bit wordy, in your trade-mark, almost-grammatical style! Welcome back.
  14. It's on ITV4