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  1. yorkleyblue

    We've got a new Kepa

    @Delnino Yeah, wasn't just you, some others have said much the same thing. We need to differentiate between Courtois the self-centred prick, and Courtois the goal-keeper. But many in here couldn't see that differentiation at the time. Decent keeper he might have been, but, as someone else said just now, he let in a lot of simple goals, particularly at the near post or between his legs. Knocking the new guy with "Courtois would have saved that" is, in my opinion, insulting and simplistic
  2. yorkleyblue

    We've got a new Kepa

    How quickly it all changes - Courtois was being slated in here by a lot for not being all that, and for letting Barca score easy goals to secure his transfer. Now, 2 games into the season we have more than one person saying categorically that "Courtois would have easily saved" one or both of the Arsenal goals. The most amusing bit is the certainty of hypothetical opinionation.
  3. yorkleyblue

    *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    That is all.
  4. yorkleyblue

    We've got a new Kepa

    And even now he makes some idiot simplistic errors.
  5. If that was all it was, I'd be cool about it. Go back and read some of the poison posts and tell me that it was just "making some points"
  6. Mine's coming straight out of the tin, @just . And I have been told I have to stop shouting at the moaning minnies in here :)
  7. Or three or four goals up at halftime. Have a look at your glass, Phillip. Is it half full or half empty?
  8. Are we watching the same match? What defender? That was about 15 yards outside our box. And Scott, that's just bollocks, but I know how you are regarding Willian, so I'll just disregard that.
  9. No it wasn't he got a piss-poor pass and got robbed before the ball even reached him.
  10. Or it could have been 5-2 to us. You people really do turn on the team very quickly, don't you? And I see that the same boring old posters are doing the same boring old blame-storming, Willian and Alonso getting blamed for everything, regardless of facts. I suppose we have to have a new Mikel every season. @coco Don't be f**king stupid, mate, it was all Willian's fault, except for the bits that were Morata's fault, and the bits that were Alonoso's fault. Oh, and I forgot it was ALL Luiz's fault as well.
  11. yorkleyblue


    How many of those are direct competitors for Willian's right wing position, though. Silva and Mahrez were both all over the shop at Wemberlee, Sterling looks good in a good team, I'm still not convinced about him in our system, and De Bruyne wanders across all midfield positions. We were discussing a RW replacement,so your premise is false! Go stand in the corner.
  12. yorkleyblue

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    That there is the problem with the internet in a nutshell. Sarcasm just really does not come across. At all. Just a waste of typing.
  13. yorkleyblue

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    To quote myself, again, "I still have no idea what that all means. " BUT, I have found something called "google" and that has told me "Above the Moerdijk (meaning "north of Moerdijk") is used as an expression in Belgium and the southern parts of the Netherlands to mean "in the Netherlands" or "in Holland". Below the Moerdijk (meaning "south of Moerdijk" or "below the major rivers") is also a Dutch expression for the Catholic provinces North Brabant and Limburg. This expression is used particularly around Mardi Gras in relation to the region's traditional carnival culture, which (with a few local exceptions) does not exist north of the major rivers." So, i then found something called "google maps" and I think you might be working under a misconception @Krc-fan. To us in the UK, there is France, Spain and Italy (sun and beach holiday destinations, wine and good food) and Germany and Belgium (not holiday destinations at all, piss-poor beer and sausages) So, Above or Below is basically irrelevant, but thanks for the information. I'm sure that Belgians and "the dutch" think of themselves as different in the same way as Irish people do in the north and south.