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  1. yorkleyblue

    Zlatan on Loan

    shouldn't that be "evryfing"?
  2. yorkleyblue

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Cardiff was a bitch to drive into and out of, though. It is even on a normal day, let alone when there was a match on.
  3. yorkleyblue

    Andreas Christensen

    Didn't he want more playing time than we could guarantee him?
  4. yorkleyblue

    Zlatan on Loan

    But his bus-pass isn't valid for routes going past the Bridge - how the f**k will he get to games?
  5. yorkleyblue

    Zlatan on Loan

    Wot they said! Seriously, NO! The bloke is nearly 40 and coming back again from a serious injury, hasn't played proper competitive football for a season and a half. Why on earth would you even think he would be any good for us?
  6. yorkleyblue

    What are you listening to?

    Do Ronnie's still do Funky Sensations on a Saturday night upstairs? Used to be a great night
  7. yorkleyblue

    What are you listening to?

    He was very nice, but I had to go check and I saw him in 2004, so he might well have gotten as old and crotchety as we are now. Saw him in a tiny Blues club run by some mates of mine in a pub skittle alley in Whitecroft in the Forest of Dean. Sadly, it's closed now, but they had some big names appear there. http://www.bluefrontbluesroom.org/Blue Front artists.htm
  8. yorkleyblue

    What are you listening to?

    Saw Geno a few years ago at a small club in Gloucestershire. Apart from the fact that I was wearing the same boots as he was, he got through a bottle of red wine and a couple of bourbons during the first set. and most of a second bottle in the second set. But he was a great bloke, chatted with people before and after and it was a wonderful performance.
  9. Excellent points, expertly made as always, Dorset. By the way, did you actually mean "epithany"?
  10. yorkleyblue

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Like I said, one exceptional season. Maybe an OK-ish season foe Roma - I don't know what the opposition was like or what the rest of the Roma team was like. Quote some stats for when he was with us, why he went on loan, what he has done before and after that. It's way too easy to get carried away with someone having a good season. Where is Frannie Jeffers now?
  11. yorkleyblue

    A new striker in January.

    Doesn't matter how many times you say it, it still doesn't make it right!.
  12. yorkleyblue


    @RMH See, I see what you are saying but I'm not that sure about the responsibility of the corner-taker to make sure that the big lumps in the box make the right runs or not. You can say that Willian put it into the wrong place, and you could well be right. Equally, it could be that our lads in the centre made the wrong runs or started in the wrong places. I did think on several corners that Willian looked a bit pissed off when he put a very decent ball on or about the penalty area and none of ours were anywhere near it. Could be his signalling was pants, could be his execution was pants or it could be the others were wrong/blocked off/whatever. At whatever level, if you have a corner taker consistently hitting the penalty spot or close, you are normally quite happy. I just think that it is too easy a stick to beat the player with, especially given the amount of whining that has been going on in here about the short corners and how w**k they are, then, when, regardless of the final outcome, a player is consistently putting the ball into the penalty area in what should be a dangerous way, some people find that as a way to get at a scapegoat of their choice. NOW, the free kicks are another matter and Willian should be limited to those out wide of the penalty area on our left. He should never get a free kick in a decent central place.
  13. yorkleyblue


    I think maybe some of you are blaming the failure of ANY Chelsea player to get on the end of a series of corners delivered right into the heart of the penalty on the player taking the corners and delivering the ball directly into the heart of the penalty area. Nothing to do with a dislike of that delivering player, obviously.
  14. Since when did you trust anything that Sky does?