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  1. I'm sure it's more to do with that smaller lack of drive in a meaningless game. At this level it's small margins - and that adrenaline not running through you, because you know you're through already, does have an effect.
  2. Saru

    Riyad Mahrez

    Not sure why you are using Joe Cole as a pejorative... on his day Joe Cole was amazing.
  3. Unlucky Alonso! Atleast you had the balls to have a go - unlike our manager.
  4. Atleast that Emerson lad came on for Pedro in the end.
  5. Not sure what's unbelievable about that... he's been abysmal. Giroud is finally on... should of started but better late than never. Had to leave on Pedro and take off Willian though -_-
  6. What difference does it make? With Hazard up there, all kicks will end up with City.
  7. Pedro is sh*t and offering nothing.
  8. Baffled why we did not start with Giroud up front and Hazard and Willian on the wings. At least make the sub now... Pedro is offering nothing. And neither is Hazard when he is hidden away and made isolated.
  9. A lot of pessimism here. I know some of you will disagree, but I am incredibly proud of the guys today. Everyone worked their socks off (bar Morata who seemed to be jogging around - but didn't really play much obviously). Incredibly disappointing to see Andreas make that pass. Should Cesar of slid in? Probably not, but hindsight is key. My first instinct was hoping he would slide to get it too, so I can see why he done that. What confused me about that was why Fabregas didn't attempt to get the ball - but I haven't rewatched it, so may be off here. Given our performances of late, coming out with 1-1 is a good result against Barca. While frustrating that their only goal came from a mistake - I think it bodes well for our guys in the next game. Obviously going to be super tough: but we outplayed them tonight, and if we give the same amount of effort next game, we have a shot at winning it! First goal will be the key!!! In short: We stand a chance to go through - and I would of taken that before the game. And win or lose - I am happy to see a lot of effort from our players!
  10. Saru

    Kante/Maka, Lampard and....?

    Essien at his peak... Essien - Kante - Lampard, can't think of a greater, more dynamic and adaptable midfield.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks Salah is reminiscent of Robben back in the Chelsea days? Doesn't necessarily have a great game - and you know exactly what he is going to do with his last second cut and shoot on the left - but he pulls it off time and time again... electrifying pace.
  12. I can't fault us for selling some of them (Salah especially, thought de Bruyne should of been kept) but I do not understand why we do not have buy back clauses for the young players we sell... De Bruyne, Lukaku, Salah... :/
  13. The Egyptian Messi doesn't sound that crazy anymore...