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  1. Kante/Maka, Lampard and....?

    Essien at his peak... Essien - Kante - Lampard, can't think of a greater, more dynamic and adaptable midfield.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks Salah is reminiscent of Robben back in the Chelsea days? Doesn't necessarily have a great game - and you know exactly what he is going to do with his last second cut and shoot on the left - but he pulls it off time and time again... electrifying pace.
  3. I can't fault us for selling some of them (Salah especially, thought de Bruyne should of been kept) but I do not understand why we do not have buy back clauses for the young players we sell... De Bruyne, Lukaku, Salah... :/
  4. The Egyptian Messi doesn't sound that crazy anymore...
  5. I was getting super pissed at our players not crossing it - thinking the ref will blow for full time. But it actually paid off with an amazing goal...
  6. We have Kante and Bakayoko.... If we put Luiz for Fabregas in midfield we would lose any sort of creativity we have. Hazard wouldn't be able to get it done alone. I'm very optimistic this line up will win (would of preferred Rudiger for Cahill) - however, I fear that they will exhaust themselves for Saturday :/
  7. I think he is trying too hard and the pressure of proving himself is getting to him. Can't knock his effort, but his level of play is nowhere near good enough for him to be a rotation player with Morata. It would be great to have two world class strikers. I really like Bats' attitude and effort, but his play just isn't cutting it :/ Hope it changes and I am left looking stupid, as he is very likable and seems like he loves the club.
  8. Not really. His first touch has been absolutely awful. Like I said the only thing that he has going for him so far is that he is legitimately trying. Maybe a bit too much to the point he is overdoing it and isn't feeling relaxed..