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  1. Good Morning, do you still have this available?

    Many Thanks.

    1. CaptainJohnTerry


      I do indeed. PM'd you. 

    2. Ali Davie

      Ali Davie

      ok thanks I will take it, are you attending the game? ideally I would like to take my 6 year old son so could you let me know the block, row and seat as Im trying to get another close by for him, he is unaware of this as it will be a surprise if I can get him one. £25 ok with you?

    3. CaptainJohnTerry


      It's block 540 row 21. I am going to the game yes. 

  2. Nike-kit reveal 1.st of July

    Cannot understand why it seems we no longer have our own online megastore. There is hardly any merchandise to be had on that Nike redirect site, surely this can't be the way it is from now on.
  3. Can't wait to see the trophy lift, sitting in West Lower, hopefully get a good view.
  4. On my way to Old Trafford. Come on Chelsea!!!!
  5. Conte interview

    Speaks good English. Was surprised
  6. Chelsea Vs Tottenham (PL) 02/05/2016 KO 20:00 GMT

    A truly fantastic night at the bridge. Let's hope the players show that spirit they showed in the second half next season.
  7. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    Horrific let down to 5,800 amazing fans. Never left a football match so early in my life
  8. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    I seem to recall one in 2012.....
  9. Summer 2016 - Buy or hold on?

    From what I can see, we have yet to be knocked out of the champions league....
  10. Pat Nevin Articles

    Just spoke to Pat for 40 minutes on a flight from London to Edinburgh!!! The man is an absolute legend
  11. Pat Nevin Articles

    Best part of this weeks article was his line about the Edinburgh derby. The man is Chelsea and Hibs through and through. It doesn't get any better than that.