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  1. Who is Baka replacing, if it's not Matic?
  2. What a pathetically PC world we live in.
  3. Yeah I know what you mean, it just looks like we mean 'business' in it. I have always liked Adidas kits, and was disappointed when we flipped them, but seeing that yesterday has made me change my mind a bit.
  4. Just no.
  5. Oh Michy you're so fine, you blow my mind......hey Michy....
  6. 50m for Matic.
  7. Depends how confident you are of landing him when he's a free agent I guess. I agree 70m seems high, but you'd be paying to jump the queue. In any case signing out of contract players can be nearly as expensive with extra salary and bonus demands.
  8. This story is gathering a bit of momentum now, would they sell to us though? I'd really like to see it happen, would be a nice addition to a thin squad for good value I think.
  9. Enjoying the slightly off topic science and nature on this thread. Very enlightening
  10. Yep because us English have got this football lark sussed. Sod your Spanish, Germans, Brazilians...English is best.
  11. Say it then?? lol