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  1. More or less what I said in my post earlier in the thread. For me there are grey areas on the decision and other factors that influence if he should go or stay.
  2. I haven't voted. The option I'd go for isn't there.
  3. The media in being fake and fickle 'shocker'. No way. Don't believe it.
  4. Don't like seeing red on our home strips so that rules those out. Either the CL winning kit or the one with collars. I'd like to add that I think adidas make the best strips.
  5. I was all for selling him...but it had to be to a Chinese club because of the ridiculous fee that would be paid. Looks like that won't happen now, so now it's a case of weighing up what we have and what we can get with a greatly reduced fee, and who is a realistic target. The rumoured pending 20m offer from Atletico is laughable and not even worth responding to. Absolutely no reason why we shouldnt be making a profit.
  6. Great for my local town, they deserved it too.
  7. Dire game. Bit of drama to come now with the pens.
  8. Ifs and coulds mate...if they had been more clinical in front of goal and we hadn't rode our luck we would have probably been out of it by half time. We were poor that half and 1-0 flattered us.
  9. How many times have Arsenal played that well this season before yesterday? I'd say never. How many times had we played that bad? Discounting the games early in the season before Conte put his stamp on the team....once, at United on bank holiday Weekend. Ok, it was the cup final, but all this talk of saying it was 'like last season' is ridiculous, last season we would have been just as bad in the second half, but we weren't. It was pretty even until the Moses red card. The worst part for me was the way we went to sleep on their second goal - Luiz not once looking around at what was happening around him just ball watching, and Kante letting his man go. Hope all the knees have stopped jerking after a nights sleep, and you all remember the 30 wins we chalked up in the league, and the mental toughness and winning mentality we showed when the chips were down over the last few games. We didn't suddenly go back 12 months overnight.
  10. Was he asked the question though? If so, he can't say 'no comment', he'll say something positive then move on.
  11. We tempted fate, with the best ever title thread before we clinched it a couple of weeks ago...looks like it was one too many with this one.
  12. Good post. Bit of perspective.
  13. Well, it's time to cash in imo. Thank you Diego, but I want you on a plane to China soon.
  14. Just. Go. Please.
  15. Lol...what a c**t.