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  1. Yeah agree about the bomb, square peg in a round hole for that film.
  2. Creed. 4/10 A remake of the first Rocky film for me, with Apollos kid in the same role that Rocky had. Enoughs enough now.
  3. I thought it concentrated too much on the big 'reveal' at the end and was full of holes.... Spoilers... How did she crack that 'language' so quick? and what did the Aliens actually want in return??
  4. Not even the biggest club in North London.
  5. I want Spurs through. Thursday night football can't be helpful for their league form.
  6. You wouldn't pelt stones at Rafa, but refer to him as FSW though.
  7. Yeah I seem to remember a cup final question of sport too.
  8. Those were the days, Grandstand and World of Sport used to do a full program dedicated to the final from start to finish, always remember the TV cameras being on the team coaches doing player interviews on their journey to the stadium.
  9. Those air horns in Spain 82...great childhood memories, a proper football noise, not like those bloody vuvuzelas in South Africa.
  10. With United, City, Spurs and Arsenal left in it it was always likely we'd get a big name. Home though, which is key for me. Bring your A game Jose...
  11. Bit before my time as the first World Cup I remember was Spain 82. Love watching all the old World Cup archives, love the way commentators sounded like they were speaking over an old telephone too!
  12. JT also went on to win the CL too. Slippy G's lack of premier league medal will haunt him for years and years to come....
  13. Always remember that goal he scored against us for Barca back in 2005, zero back lift and just stabbed it past a rooted Cech.
  14. Hell yeah. I love reminding them of 'Crystanbul' when they prattle on about Istanbul.
  15. They're scum. End of.