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  1. Too many crap performances. Cesc, Ped, Willy, Cahill, Moses all crap. Baka needs to start every week now.
  2. If it was 50/50 why was Luiz so late? It was nearly Monday by the time he got there.
  3. He flew in. And if you can't make the tackle without it being dangerous just stand the f**k up instead. It was on the halfway line you know? He wasn't pulling the trigger on a shot from the 6 yard line. Daft and pointless.
  4. Really? Take out the cup final and we've had the better of these for a while.
  5. Studs up and airborne. Red all day I'm afraid.
  6. Daft doing that there. That's a 3 game ban.
  7. I'd take the point. Yes I'm a pussy.
  8. Not a good half, 0-0 though. Conte needs to make changes now, not in 20 minutes time.
  9. Sanchez laughing at the miss on the bench
  10. Expected this result, maybe not 6 goals but a comfy win. Good to get our noses in front in the group early, with tougher games to come. Zappa looks good, his goal was a complete fluke though.
  11. Should have laid it back to Alonso.