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  1. Master at work, right there.
  2. Riding our luck big time. Need another goal.
  3. Think most on here thought the first was a pen but came out with the ‘well we didn’t get it, so f**k em’ reaction.
  4. If that was a pen then Morata’s in midweek was a stone Waller.
  5. Tapping up

    Hopefully they rush the investigation and ban us before we buy Carroll and Crouch.
  6. Peter Crouch

    In multiple news sources, Telegraph was one.
  7. Peter Crouch

    Piss take.
  8. Alvaro Morata

    Drogba was more about slowing down the play when it was required, falling over in irrelevant places, he didn't need to dive in the box. Too busy bullying defenders.