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  1. Are these things done differently these days? Used to be the fee was agreed then the player is allowed to talk to the club looking to buy?
  2. He should be grateful we knocked them out the FA cup then
  3. Luiz, another faultless performance.
  4. And turned it off. Fancied Saints for a point against a Kaneless Spuds. They haven't been in it, can't see them coming back either.
  5. Makes it interesting. Wouldn't surprise me if this sees an equaliser.
  6. If we win the league with games spare, I'd imagine Bats getting a start or two then, an attempt to put him in the shop window.
  7. Genuinely don't know who I want to win out of City and Dippers today, normally a no brainer as hate LFC, but I see City as a bigger danger to us this year. Maybe cheer on the draw with a few red cards.
  8. Games like that today are the ones that make you think 'You know what, I reckon we're going to get this done' But, the glass is never half full.
  9. That cpuldnt miss. Get in.
  10. Can we just take the point and go home now please. I don't like this now.
  11. f**ks sake. Squeaky bum time this.
  12. Ref in good decision shocker!
  13. Good job Stoke are sh*t!