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  1. lot of negativity here, i think we're doing fine
  2. For all the possession i'm finding their football tedious, efficient yes, clinical yes but not entertaining. Call me old fashioned.
  3. Well i think this is absolutely f**king interesting.
  4. Here’s a similar piece from another rag. Interesting comments at the bottom from other normally hostile fans. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5405553/Infamous-referee-admits-mistakes-cost-Chelsea-2009.html
  5. Looks like a lot of practice gone into back flicks
  6. Wakkybaccy and Cahill, ☹️
  7. Charly Musonda jr.

    If that’s the case,not contes cup of tea.
  8. Our New Stadium

    If and when we get going on this, is it possible in this day and age to have a fixed construction price and a late finish penalty built into the building contract. Only asking because I remember the epic building of the east stand.