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  1. Well thats that then. back to football the weekend.
  2. For me he can go, fed up with the theatrics. He's to me embarrassing, he can be great on 'his' day but recently with Conte we've moved on from the negative persona of our club. To me he's the only negative.
  3. Costa is wasting goal time, pleas Conte get him off.
  4. Changes needed now, not 88min.
  5. Bring on batman, an average performance will be better than Costa getting a red.
  6. Saw this coming from costa, get him off now.
  7. Man u have done Hazard exactly as stoke would have done, they'll do the same on Costa today and looking at Costas mood lately the outcome is gonna be bad. Hate to say it but.
  8. Palace 2 Watford 1 Everton 2 Hull 0 Stoke 1 Chelsea 2 Sland 1 Burnley 1 West Ham 1 Leicester 2 Bham 0 Newcastle 2
  9. Juventus 3-0 Porto Leicester 1-0 Sevilla Brentford 1-0 Wolves Fulham 3-0 Blackburn Swindon 0-2 Sheffield Utd Walsall 1-0 Fleetwood
  10. Picked this up. 5 game ban?
  11. Bournemouth 1-0 West Ham Everton 2-0 West Brom Hull 0-1 Swansea Aston Villa 1-2 Sheff Wed Leeds 2-0 QPR Preston 2-1 Reading
  12. Napoli 1-2 Real Madrid Arsenal 1-2 Bayern Munich Bristol City 2-1 Norwich Sheff Wed 2-0 Burton Albion Rotherham 0-2 Brighton Birmingham 1-0 Wigan
  13. Showing them far too much respect.
  14. All i could find