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  1. Well taken pen. bit unfair really, anyway come on now Chelsea.
  2. f**k me that booing is annoying, have we upset them in some way.
  3. Our new technical director is...

    Not working. Denis Wise?
  4. Most hated opposition

  5. These half and half scarves are stupid

    I won't even go anywhere near half a beer.
  6. Emanalo The Problem

    My L'arse mates strongly agree with you. Bless them.
  7. Emanalo The Problem

    Spilt my beer at that.
  8. Something seriously going on behind the scenes.
  9. No passion, no penetration, no effort f**king embarrassing.
  10. Just about to turn off and this, f**k me and still someone on here will make excuses for this sorry f**king excuse.
  11. We are f**king losing, why do we still pass sideways pass back to the keeper hoof it and lose it, i'm so f**king baffled by this.
  12. Under 10 school boy defending, f**king pathetic.
  13. So if we're in their half just hoof it and let them have a goal kick, we've then got half a chance to get the ball back. Boring negative football.