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  1. Good interview this.
  2. Imho Costa please just f..k off
  3. Are you for real
  4. As I've said on many occasions from day one he is a complete f.....g w..ker-
  5. I don't do gossip and celeb sh*te and media rumours but keep seeing bits about our supposedly new signing bakkywakkyyoko ono and his 'teasing social media postings' just sign or f.c. K off.
  6. I really hope we've learned something from our previous transfer cockups and built in a buy back clause.
  7. Lukaku wanted desperately to go to Chelsea but his first touch took him to Manchester
  8. We've done some good sometimes very good dealings in the market, we've also made some absolute howlers, I think this is going to be one of the latter unfortunately.
  9. Never liked him from day one. Disruptive, arrogant, petulant cheat.
  10. Not all ways
  11. I don't care who plays and what formation we use as long as we smash them. Come on you blue boys.
  12. Ajax 2-1 Man Utd Arsenal 0-4 Chelsea Blackpool 2-0 Exeter Huddersfield 2-1 Reading Juventus 2-1 Real Madrid
  13. drjonesy1994 Well done and thank you for running this league. If it is to be done again next year do you think we could have it follow the official super 6 format. As i and maybe others use the official format it would make things a lot simpler to track with the other leagues i'm in.
  14. This is the first kit i remember, first game in 1968. they didn't chop and change much in those good old days.
  15. Arsenal2-1 Everton Liverpool 3-0 Boro Hull 0-2 Spurs Watford 0-2 Man city Swansea 1-0 WBA Chelsea 4-0 Sunderland