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  1. great bit of foreplay prior to fookin the mankers next week!
  2. That was a tough 30 mins from Leicester Normal service has been resumed
  3. were giving them too much possession in this half
  4. Thanks for the tip - will be down the bookies in the morning
  5. Dont rugger players go to better schools than oiky foootballers?
  6. Not rivals but funny
  7. Thanks - on it!
  8. Anyone seen Django unchained - is it worth a look?
  9. But can you teach your Grandmother to suck eggs (if she does not own a mop)?
  10. Can we get Christopher Columbus in the same deal?
  11. interested in your thoughts
  12. Brighton Rock - thought it was better than the original film - not true to the Graham Greene's classic book (different genre) but good all the same - lots of tension and 60's reference