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  1. Diego plays the same s*it as last season - no football, but personal fights against the rest of the world. We should sell him to China or Madrid.
  2. Worst match ever of Matic - we played with 10 men only. We should sell him as quick as possible.
  3. Christensen is a flexible player - he can play almost everywhere in the defence and even in midfield he could perform quite well. See him as a backup to Luiz - 9 years younger, willingly to learn from him so he should be our future man in the center.
  4. See Christensen on a weekly basis in the Bundesliga and he reminds me very much at young JT. Needs a bit more muscles, but is an authority on the pitch, fast, intelligent playing, tactically brilliant and can read the game - all that with just 21. I love see him back next season.
  5. He´s going to Dormund - shame. Saw him today at Cologne playing phantastic. Would have been a gift for double the money. May be he´ll gets a Chelsea player in the years to come.
  6. Only a few players come back after some weeks off and play even better than before. One of our most important and underestimated players this year. Good to have him back on the pitch.
  7. Chelsea 3 Spurs 0 - thats past, present and future. This is not a football ground, this is a cathedral. Love it.
  8. Before you started posting those pics I thought this part of the forum could not be optimized anymore. I was wrong - this is the best I´ve seen for decades and I hope you´ll show us all your marvellous pics. Words can not describe how I feel ...
  9. May be we can do the Willian again ...
  10. N.G

    We´re a happy club - Makelele & Kante are/were the best defensive midfielders on earth and we both have/had them in our squad. Maybe Kante is a bit more efficient when he is close to the box.
  11. Courtois - nobody knows his favourite corner!
  12. Makes me very sad to see how many of us passed away.
  13. Nice stuff - hopefully not posted yet.
  14. Tuchel and Klopp would love to sign him, as it seems to be only 10m € to be spent in this summer what is a joke. I hope we get him - he´s a jewel.