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  1. Costa is a good player - but Osgood was best of the best. I rate him 2 classes higher. Not to mention their slightly different characters ...
  2. Matchdays were the highlight of the week, especially against the London rivals and our beloved lads from Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester. Always felt a bit like a volcano until Saturday, when it all erupted in the stands. Huge crowds moving up and down behind the goals. The Old Bill tried to keep us down. Loads of ba*tards before and after the match were up for it too and you never knew, if you´d be at home in time, or not. But those wunderful times have passed and will never ever come back. Everything has its time and we had ours. I´m very happy to see our Blues now winning silverware almost every year - 30 oder 40 years ago I couldn´t even dream of that. So lets combine the wonderful old days with the bright future of our club, because this is the best of all worlds. Cheers mate!
  3. @bluehaze mentioned it very well - if I had to choose, I´d prefer the good old times. But your question is very good - how often did we go home frustrated in the eighties, wenn they hat played bad and lost v a muppet club?
  4. So true. Sometimes it seems to be another world.
  5. RIP Norman, you´ll always be remembered.
  6. Whosoever wears a blue shirt should play with passion, love and pride. I don´t see that. When we get a reasonable price for him, we should sell him. Bats should play next season and a striker from the Toffees is not urgently required at all. If Bats fails, we can easily play like we did this season with Eden in the centre. Didn´t we win those matches?
  7. Not uninteresting I suppose. Nice old pics too.
  8. I wouldn´t mind the Mercedes Stamford Bridge version, as I drive one. I would like Empire Stamford Bridge too.
  9. One team in London, there´s only one team in London, one team in Loooooonnnnnddddeeeeennnn, there´s only one team in London
  10. I never liked our red shirts. When I see players in red on the pitch they remind me of clubs like Arsenil, Loserpool and others, I don´t like at all. Yellow + blue were and are my favourite away shirts.
  11. Was a black day for all of us - relegated, the Chelsea aggo feeling came up, got chased by the cavalry and almost nicked. But today I´m not out for revenge, those days have passed.
  12. The crowd looks a bit mixed at Loftus Road - no trouble there at that time?
  13. That´s it boys - thanks to the pikeys. 3 days from now we gonna make it clear. Cheers !!!
  14. Chelsea supporters, the cream of British people, then an now.