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  1. RIP Roy Bentley

    RIP Roy - always in our hearts.
  2. Dermot Drummy

    RIP Dermot - what a loss!
  3. RIP Ray Wilkins

    What a disaster! Get well soon old mate.
  4. Hi from Austria

    Welcome here from Germany.
  5. Willy Caballero

    I wouldn´t mind seeing him as our first team keeper, if TC moves to Real Madrid, as some expect him to do so.
  6. Welcome Ross Barkley

    Welcome to the home of champions. In Conte we trust, he´ll make him better and the price is a bargain.
  7. Andreas Christensen

    Hello Delnino I totally agree with you - but I´ve seen him a few times in Monchengladbach during training sessions and warm-ups - trust me, this man is fast as lightning, when needed. He is very good in the air, but needs a bit more muscles, what he will get sooner or later. His ability to read the game is phenomenal. He plays very clever, especially for his young age and makes almost no fouls, what is very important in times where specialists use standards to win a game easily. When a Dutchman of Southampton is worth 75m, how would you rate him now or in a year?
  8. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    I´ve always loved him - but his time has come. He lost his pace and what we see now in den EPL are very fast forwards, faster then him with the ball and even faster without, so it should be his last season at the Bridge. Every Chelsea supporter should be very grateful for what he did - a true hero. who will never be forgotten.
  9. Andreas Christensen

    He would be their best defender - but he stays at the Bridge, where he belongs to. Wonderful successor of JT for the next 10+ years.
  10. Ethan Ampadu

    A real wunderkind. I suppose he can play almost everywhere and looks so cool with just 17 years of age. Has a bright future in football, hopefully at the bridge and nowhere else.
  11. Victor Moses

    Zappa is a good player, no doubt about that - but Moses is a real weapon, when he comes from behind. Alvaro will love his crosses, as will we do. It´s Zappas 1st season - give him a chance, he deserves it.
  12. Clattenburg on Battle of Stamford Bridge

    Well, MC likes great theatre. He can have great theatre and will be in the centre of action, when I get him. Then he can then tell (toothless) our press how it is to get knocked down - face to face, not from behind, like our players, he didn´t protect.
  13. Antonio Rudiger

    Tremendous power, extremely fast, solid in the box and with an unbelievable reaction when he scored - best buy this sommer.
  14. Champions League Draw

    The spuds got more than one forum?
  15. Antonio Rudiger

    Great stuff - love it! Thanks for posting.