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  1. nominator

    Our New Stadium

    I don´t think that anybody should judge about RA without deeper knowledge, or in Latin audiatur et altera pars. We should not waste our time on talking about relationships, we all don´t really know (Putin to RA, RA to Yelzin, Yelzin to Putin etc). When anybody trusts the mass media, I can´t help him anyway. As long as nobody from the club or RA himself tell us the reason(s) for the delay, we are all completely clueless.
  2. nominator

    Our New Stadium

    ... and I thought this is a Chelsea Football Club forum ...
  3. nominator

    Our New Stadium

    50 years ago you could have bought a seat and a hotdog for 4 quid!
  4. nominator

    Thibaut Courtois

    Karius would be quite cheap at the moment ...
  5. nominator

    Our New Stadium

    Don´t feed Unclezillion ...
  6. nominator

    Our New Stadium

    I became a loyal blue in 1980 - at that time we were playing in the 2nd division, having financial problems, lots of trouble in the stands and a second choice stadium. Even if we´d fall back to those times, I´d still be a loyal supporter, with RA, or without RA, with a new Stamford Bridge, or without, with big financial problems, or without, with worldclass players, or without, with a worldclass manager, or without. Whatever will happen, we can´t change anything and we know very little about whats going on among the big shots. Lets keep our fingers crossed, that this episode will vanish as fast, as it has come. Blue is the future; it was in 1980 and it is now.
  7. nominator

    Frank Lampard retires from playing football

    Good luck Frank, where ever you will go. Hope your start will be as good as it can be. After bringing them up to the EPL, you know that your place is here at the Bridge.
  8. nominator

    Antonio Rudiger

    Nobody wants to play against him - that says it all. Superb defender and a first class pick.
  9. nominator

    RIP Roy Bentley

    RIP Roy - always in our hearts.
  10. nominator

    Dermot Drummy

    RIP Dermot - what a loss!
  11. nominator

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    What a disaster! Get well soon old mate.
  12. nominator

    Hi from Austria

    Welcome here from Germany.
  13. nominator

    Willy Caballero

    I wouldn´t mind seeing him as our first team keeper, if TC moves to Real Madrid, as some expect him to do so.
  14. nominator

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Welcome to the home of champions. In Conte we trust, he´ll make him better and the price is a bargain.
  15. nominator

    Andreas Christensen

    Hello Delnino I totally agree with you - but I´ve seen him a few times in Monchengladbach during training sessions and warm-ups - trust me, this man is fast as lightning, when needed. He is very good in the air, but needs a bit more muscles, what he will get sooner or later. His ability to read the game is phenomenal. He plays very clever, especially for his young age and makes almost no fouls, what is very important in times where specialists use standards to win a game easily. When a Dutchman of Southampton is worth 75m, how would you rate him now or in a year?