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  1. Our ground has always been and will always be Stamford Bridge no matter how the moneymen would like to name it.
  2. If one manager can make him a permanent threat on the right wing it will be Conte. He will improve step by step from him and is nowadays a much better and more respected player than before. Give him the time he needs to bring in his crosses - may be next season, may be later. He´s 26 and he can be our man for the next 6 oder 7 years. Don´t worry - in Conte we trust.
  3. That match at Brighton was one of the best away matches ever. What a fun those days.
  4. If this had been a vu vu zela we would have had to leave the town.
  5. He has been banned for 4 months so this season is over for him. Since legendary Frank left us we do not have an offensive midfielder who can score from behind. Of course you can´t compare him to FL but even Frankie was not the quickest player and so is he. When Diego stays at the Bridge we need somebody who can feed him. He could be that man.
  6. Fantastic pics - never seen before. Thank you for posting.
  7. Overrated by far. Bayern won´t let him go and I don´t believe that he would like to play at Chelsea. As a native Bavarian with a good standing there he should stay where he is. Asking price was about 90m quid (was Rummenigge joking?).
  8. He would not make it into the first team - in Schalke he has almost no competitors, so he plays every time. If we could get him for free it would be ok but just as a replacement player.
  9. Farewell BI - you´ll never ever be forgotton. Thank you for playing in a legendary team. I hope you can have a couple of good years in St. Petersburg and win silverware again. You are a legend.
  10. So its Wolves away - could have been better, could have been worse.
  12. It will be Huddersfield away, trust me.
  13. The first and only player with 6 balls ...
  14. Can´t stay cool when Diego scores # Conte out!
  15. When we make it at the WHL, we´ll continue with Leicester. Our problem comes with Hull at home ...