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  1. The first and only player with 6 balls ...
  2. Can´t stay cool when Diego scores # Conte out!
  3. When we make it at the WHL, we´ll continue with Leicester. Our problem comes with Hull at home ...
  4. Wouldn´t mind this song. Our House from Madness wouldn´t be bad either - Suggsy is a dedicated follower of the club.
  5. Nothing on earth is sweeter that a win against Rottenham. Cheers Jezz - made my day.
  6. Wait some more time and the FA wants us to play before breakfast ...
  7. Liked him very much - gifted, but may be physically just not good enough for the EPL. Conte likes a more physical team - so the price is unbelievable but seems to be true. Urgently required is an offensive midfielder like Lamps who fires from outside of the box.
  8. May be our old boys should visit the headquarter of the FA, when they are complete.
  9. Hope we can avoid extra time or a penalty shootout!
  10. Nobody likes to play against us. At 7pm they all shiver with fear ...
  11. Wonderful story about a wonderful man. RIP.
  12. What a great story and incredible memories! Wow - you´re a lucky sod. More stories? Yes, please.
  13. One of the finest players ever - in Italy, England and on the whole planet. For 4.3m you could get his older brother today.
  14. CB: Phantastic story - thanks for telling us. What a man!