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  1. Had a great game for the U21's, pundits full of praise for him, has to go out on loan though unless he gets more game time next season.
  2. Frank Leboeuf said he's timid and not a leader, not a ‘boss’ on the pitch. With all due respect, who cares? He isn't vocal enough and he isn't captain material, not every player is, I don't see how him being shy makes him a worse player.
  3. I can't see Christensen putting up with another loan, so you might be right.
  4. It's about time the FA had a word with Mark Hughes, loved him as a player, but his tactics border on criminal, this isn't 1970. To top it all off he has to play the victim card and insult everyone's intelligence, he's always been a manager who can dish it out but can't take it, much like his team.
  5. Agreed, all Cahill did was put his hand on the players back and he's gone down, or slipped, pundits on MOTD said as much. Cahill takes his fair share of stick and these decisions don't help, still he never gives up and you have to admire his passion.
  6. Get in there, this is terrible for my chest pains but I don't care.
  7. Predicted 1-1, I hope we win, but it's just one of those games.
  8. Jose Mourinho has more freedom at Man United, he can get away with a lot more, Man United are given more respect from the media than we are, purely because they're the biggest club in England. It's always seemed obvious to me that they get special treatment, no pun intended, unless of coarse you refuse to believe that their is any bias in the media, some people flat out deny it.
  9. I listened to Kerry Dixon who said the same thing, I have to admit, I've never understood why people back English/Premier League sides in Europe, the thought of cheering on Man United, or Spurs for instance, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe if English teams had more English players, but it isn't like it used to be, United have had an easy run in to be honest, instead of drawing Lyon or Ajax, the two teams left who could beat United, they draw Anderlecht.
  10. Lyon scrape through, good game and I'm surprised it didn't boil over.
  11. Ironic when they chant Mourinho's right, you're fans are sh*te. Roy Keane was right, thier fans are sh*te. They have short memories.
  12. Exactly, the way they were banging on the other night, it's as if they think they're the only away fans to make some noise.
  13. The prawn sandwich brigade, how they can boast about their away support is beyond me. Martin Keown was all over them on Monday night, actually said he loved them at one stage, such a strange bloke, he must be scared of them.