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  1. I can’t see Kante and Jorginho switching places, Sarri wouldn’t reposition his star man, to accommodate Kante. It would make more sense to swap Kante and Kovacic tactically, Kova being the one getting in to advanced positions, Kante playing slightly deeper, although Kova is better at playing the slightly deeper role, it would be interesting to see how it goes. Otherwise, I do see Kante being dropped, controversial I know, but he’s never going to be the Lampard that Sarri wants, not in a million years, Mason Mount is the type of player we need...
  2. Agree that we are moving in the right direction, do you not think that the lack of composure in the final third is worrying though? Who aside from Hazard, Pedro and Alonso do you see scoring the goals?
  3. Kante’s header was a clear cut chance, Luiz’s header from the corner was a clear cut chance. But yea, we didn’t create too many clear cut opportunities, we had moments where we could have done, but composure let us down.
  4. They did in patches, but we still created a lot of chances that we didn’t take, no idea what Sarri is doing making Kante play as a second striker at times, bizarre.
  5. As clinical as a pub team today, I honestly think a couple of us in the forum would have taken at least one of those chances. No idea what Willian was playing at and Hazard was poor today, should really have won 3 or 4 nil. That’ll be our downfall this season, if Hazard is on one of his ultra unselfish modes and a chance doesn’t fall to Alonso, who else is scoring?
  6. Too predictable, also look flaky at the back, Kante missed a sitter, but he’s not a goal scorer, wrong man in that position, which is the worry.
  7. Floyd25

    We've got a new Kepa

    Hasn’t had much to do, but made his first very good save today.
  8. Floyd25

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Cardiff

    Easy one.
  9. We’re creating a lot of chances and that’s great, just not sure where the goals will come from if Haz/Pedro and maybe Willian aren’t sticking them away, think maybe Kova and Barkley need to start taking a few chances, Kova should have scored, hit it too low.
  10. Not the best performance, but a comfortable win, Hazard is on fire and I’m loving Giroud’s link up play, which is why for me he has to start games. Defence is still a worry, I love Luiz but he’s the main concern, Sarri likes him, but I can’t see why he won’t give Christensen a go.
  11. Floyd25

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Anyone catch the Belgium highlights? Aside from enjoying them smash Scotland, I thought Michy took his goals well, particularly the second. Very good finish, nice to see him buzzing with confidence.
  12. Agreed, he does some really good things, but is equally as frustrating, you can tell he is a work in progress, but the talent is there and he hasn’t hit his peak.
  13. We got their in the end, better second half performance, still think Luiz is a bit of a liability at the moment.