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  1. Alvaro Morata

    Morata has a better all round game, but I'd take Michy in a one on one situation.
  2. Alvaro Morata

    With Michy, I'd settle for that tbh, needs to work on some things, but he can actually shoot.
  3. That was so bad, absolute waste of time, money and engery watching it, f**king disgrace. Our transfer failings have been exposed badly, 2/3 players who aren't good enough for us and a donkey up front, incapable of doing anything apart from heading the ball occasionally, 70 million pounds my ass.
  4. Like watching paint dry, no effort, no fight or desire. It was the same against Palace, we don't like it up us, we don't like physical sides that press and make it difficult, reminds me of Arsenal.
  5. Charly Musonda jr.

    Would be a fairly big step down, from a loan spell in Spain.
  6. What a frustrating game, dominant, so many chances and we waste nearly all of them, everything breaks down in the final third, it's so bloody annoying. How many times do Haz and Fabregas lay it on a plate for people to f**k it all up? Lost count, need a goal scoring midfielder.
  7. World class at heading, not so much with his feet, needs to improve.
  8. You're both writing him off, based on how many appearances? How many players are we going to do this with, I wonder. Besides, if he isn't good enough, then we should have a back up left wing back that is, it's a ridiculous situation.
  9. Not good enough to be the better team, we haven't taken enough chances all season, needs improving, all we'll never get through the next round.
  10. Conte praised for giving youth at chance at Juventus, truth is Kenedy is never going to get a look in, even when Alonso has peformed badly, I find it perplexing.
  11. As good as Hazard and Fabregas were today, I think Drinkwater was solid, looks very comfortable in our midfield. Victor Moses too, we've missed him, people giving him stick on social media for his cameo the other day, utter planks.
  12. The curse of Newcastle continues.
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Seems a strange way to praise someone, by shouting in their face, but fair enough.
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    That one picture sums up the double standards in English football, it's blatant and embarrassing. Another fine for a Chelsea manager, on the same day Pep shouts and swears at a Southampton player, lies about it and the media say Redmond should ‘feel honoured’, this sh*t doesn't even surprise me anymore.
  15. Should never have conceded that goal, though to be fair our goal was very fortunate. Solid defensive display, the defenders didn't deserve Bakayoko in front of them, I'm questioning whether he's good enough against top teams, he's too lethargic and doesn't read the game well enough, loaning Ruben seems like a mistake. We should have taken more chances, composure is lacking, Alonso blazing over the bar instead of hitting in to the ground, very frustrating, but at least we didn't lose.