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  1. Part of our flawed profit making scheme, sell for a profit if he isn't good enough, that's fine, but I think Ake is. You have to wonder why Conte was watching academy games if he's going to sell out most talented academy players, what's the point? Whole thing is a waste of time.
  2. The mistake has been made then, regardless we have to get behind him and support him and probably give him a chance before writing him off.
  3. I think it's safe to say, welcome back Lukaku.
  4. Fair enough, I guess we're more of a global club now, more than an English club, I'm all for diversity, just think it's gone too far. Remember just a few years ago, Lamps, JT, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole, Bridge, SWP, all we have now is Cahill who possibly won't even start next season, it's just a bit sad. I'm sure foreign fans couldn't care less, for me though it's an important issue.
  5. Agreed, sitting on the bench is doing nothing for him, he needs game time. If we have no intention of playing him regularly, let's see how he performs in a full season elsewhere.
  6. Good points, there does seem to be a lack of talent in the England set up at senior level, with some good talent at lower age levels, hopefully some of them can go on to be top players. It's difficult to see the likes of Baker and Abraham make it with us though. Should there not be a rule, that states you must have at least two English players in your starting eleven? I know it would effect us, but it would be a positive for English football, the FA claim they want to help, but don't implement rules to make a difference. No doubt the Premier League is stronger with foreign players and we helped to achieve this, fielding the first ever foreign eleven, I just feel you should have to field at least one/two English players, as this is supposed to be an English competition, with English clubs.
  7. Forsberg having his dreams ‘destroyed’ by Leipzig, how dare they try and hold on their own players, stupid agents.
  8. The twat John Aldridge said he should go on strike and force a move to Liverpool, the same guy that has been outraged by these things before, absosulte hypocrite.
  9. I have to say, a starting eleven without an English player leaves a sour taste in my mouth and doesn't sit well with me, I don't think it's right, others might disagree. Tammy is off to Swansea on loan, I'd keep a couple of English players around at least.
  10. Yea, good point, I want to see him impose himself more on these games, I think Ward Prowse is a good passer too. Baker has a wicked shot on him, but I think he's only had two shots in three games, one from the spot, I want to see him get in better positions and punish teams.
  11. He went off injured against Poland U21's, he was having a very solid game up until that point, Baker very quiet though.
  12. Apparently we've signed Daishawn Redan from Ajax, 16 year old striker.
  13. Home shirt has grown on me, away shirt is pathetic.
  14. Unbelievable, in what world have we underachieved? How that clown can think of saying that is beyond me, just in case he reads this, I'll make it clear you won nothing last season, absolutely f**king nothing. Also, might want to detract the Chelsea fans are racist jibes, because I've seen NKoudou being racially abused by Spurs fans, the low life vermin.