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  1. I doubt he'll ever get a game, but he's probably a good character to have off the pitch, Hilario was third choice and he's still with us, so clearly he's well liked at the club. A lot of us were nervous when we had to rely on Hilario for a few games, turned out to be a decent keeper and made some top saves against Barca, hopefully Eduardo can do the same, if called upon.
  2. I was gutted to hear that Sir Roger Moore had passed away, he was a childhood hero of mine, I was lucky enough to see him in person. Like may others, I enjoyed his films and his T.V work, from The Spy Who Loved Me and The Wild Geese to The Saint and The Persuaders. Rest in peace James Bond, Simon Templar aka The Saint, Lord Brett Sinclair, rest in peace Sir Roger Moore.
  3. No, drop him in to midfield, on the left of the three, not sure it would work mind. I'm caught in two minds on who I'd go with, Michy looks deadlier than Costa at the moment.
  4. I do, though with their defensive issues, I don't see why we can't go 3-5-2 and play both.
  5. It doesn't matter what people think, they can't change what happened, they can't put a stain on John Terry's legacy and they don't seem to realise this. Stan Collymore attacking John Terry's character just about sums all of this up, when you have bitter fans and ex players who were all fairly average and won nothing (Robbie Savage), agreeing with a woman beating c**t, who thinks he's the greatest gift to God's green earth.
  6. How dare we pay tribute to a an absolute legend, how tacky haha. I have no idea how it effects the integrity of the game, journalists said the same when we paid tribute to Drogba. End of the day, so many goals were scored today in the Premier League and this clown and other bitter little nobody's can't stop complaining about a ten second send off, which harmed absolutely nobody, they wish they could have our success.
  7. Who cares what the BBC and the rest of the bitter twats think though? They just make me laugh, there's been a siege mentality at this club for a while, despite some silly articles in the press stating that Antonio Conte has made our club more respected. I think we all know that we've overtaken United as the most hated club in the premier league, with success comes hatred. Terry has gotten most of the stick, as the face of the club, a premier league legend, people couldn't give respect to today, makes a mockery of football. f**k em all.
  8. - Thank you John Terry, legend and the best premier league defender in history, f**k the bitter haters - Thanks Diego, been a top striker and a real personality for three seasons, if he is leaving - Champions of England, brilliant season, on to Wembley we go
  9. Batman, don't write this man off yet! Have to give him more game time.
  10. It's strange behaviour, very strange. People are a little too obsessed with John Terry.
  11. The Adidas kits for Man United are horrible, away and third kits are a grey mess and a white kit with a flashy tribute to the Holy Trinity, which I guess Adidas thinks is cool, but looks naff. To be fair, it's the first time Adidas have put any effort in to designing something for a long while. New Balance look to have done a decent job for Liverpool, I don't have much faith in Nike, great sponsorship deal for us, their kits are usually rubbish though.
  12. F*ck off Atsu. just joking, I wish him good luck, talented player and I hope he has a good career.
  13. Spurs fan I think, he's very pro Spurs, we all know how bitter their fans are.
  14. One of those articles that says more about the writer, than the person he's writing about. Just a bitter little nobody that can't handle our success.
  15. Was very strange, maybe Pedro said something, before it all kicked off he seemed to be expecting the foul.