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  1. Exactly, players are human, they make mistakes, it's very unfortunate. I feel gutted with how we conceded though, don't think I'd feel as gutted if they'd scored a decent goal.
  2. We played well, but threw it away. Odd decisions from the ref, could have cost us near the end, but at least we're still in the tie. As Frank said though, case of what could have been, such a shame.
  3. Don't like to bash Conte, but this isn't working, no focal point to hold up ball and get us up the pitch.
  4. Don't understand the formation at all, bad feeling about this, prove me wrong Chels, let's do this!
  5. Never minded a certain club close to the Bridge, that play in white (not Spurs), because I liked them as a young kid. I feel sorry that they waste their time hating us, because most of us couldn't give a toss.
  6. Seen Bath play many times over the years, cheap, but they bore me to tears. Sideways passing, not a lot to get excited about and the tea is scolding hot, tastes like sh*t. Rovers played their for 10 years I think, played Liverpool once, most exciting thing that happened their.
  7. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Pep being a twat in the tunnel, City fans throwing stuff at police. Question, why do some of us have no issue with them? I've hated them since last seasons bust up and their behaviour gets increasingly worse.
  8. Oh, cheers Coco, I didn't realise.
  9. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    I didn't suggest he was our greatest ever player, but he has to be in the discussion, in my mind. Difficult to disagree with your list, Zola was my childhood idol, but I think Haz is close to him, or perhaps even better, just my opinion.
  10. Courtois Azpilicueta Christensen Rudiger Ampadu Kante Zappa Alonso Willian Hazard Giroud Haven't been that impressed with Drinkwater, Ampadu is inexperienced, but better defensively, can also pick a pass, won't play though, so it doesn't matter. You have to start Willian and Giroud over Pedro and Morata on current form. I think Fabregas and Moses will start, possibly Cahill, wouldn't start them myself, I think Zappa offers more than Moses curently, West Brom goal aside.
  11. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    He already is, isn't he?
  12. I would say, based on the academy games I watched, he looked comfortable at that level, his passing attributes seemed to be above other players. It sounds strange to me that you'd feel dissatisfied with him being named in academy sides, did he cost us points? He was the focal point of midfield, in a team that won 5 trophies at under 18 level, but the main point of playing at that level is for players to develop and learn, he wouldn't have done that parked on the bench. If you don't rate Kyle Scott, then fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion, perhaps you're right, perhaps he'll never be good enough. I'm not trying to state that you don't know what you're watching, but I think it's wholly unfair and inaccurate to suggest that Kyle didn't play a huge part in the achievements of the youth teams, because he did and he more than earned his call up to the first team, in my mind.
  13. Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    It works for Vitesse, they won the Dutch cup last season, their first trophy in a long time and that was largely down to Lewis Baker, who also excelled their. I agree, it's a stepping stone for our players, but a nice place to go and play and learn, perhaps even win a trophy and the level isn't as sh*t as some say it is, as Charlie Colkett found out, with his poor performances.
  14. Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    Not strictly true, Vitesse have a cat in hells chance of signing Mason Mount and that loan has worked wonders for him.
  15. McEachran and based on what? We have players of similar build in the academy, with similar play styles, they're not all going to fail because Josh did.