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  1. Lukaku, he would have a chance to play with Hazard and probably another world class player that Conte will bring to us. He was killing teams with Barkley, there is no reason it won't work with Hazard under Conte. Lukaku's numbers are amazing for his age, experienced in the premier league and he's improving from season to season, he worth another chance here. I'd go with Lukaku.
  2. Pep actually has a weapon on the bench, Gabriel Jesus can change the game here.
  3. Jose's tactic works well for him, but Pep has to plan B and it makes the game boring. Let's hope for a better second half.
  4. Willian's last minute winner against Everton two seasons ago was brilliant, we need another one. We have to improve our defensive tactic, we concede every game. --------------------- Courtois ---------------- --- Azpilicueta -- David Luiz -- Cahill -- Moses ------- Kante ---- Fabregas ---- Marcos Alonso --------------- Willian --------- Hazard ---------------- -------------------- Diego Costa ------------------- Costa is coming after a very good game against Southampton, let's hope he will bring the same form against Everton as well. A victory here and we're getting closer. COME ON CHELS!!!!!
  5. Had to miss this game due to my army Was so proud to see the score yesterday, Conte got the game right and we are on our way to another title. Can't be better! Ake's tackle was something special, I also don't think he could deal with Kane's header. All the team did the job and that's how champions are playing. COME ON CHELS!!!
  6. Our legend will be gone in the summer. Deserves all the best.
  7. Conte has to play him, he brought him to nothing until now. With all my respect and support to Zouma, but Ake is the currently better defender. He deserves to get a proper chance.
  8. Conte must create something unique, teams are reading us already. Without Alonso, Courtois we're having problems, plus our form isn't good enough to beat Spurs. We're coming after a poor performance against Man United, but this is football, we can lose and we can win, new match, new day. Conte has to do homework and make a change that will lead us in the league as well. ---------------- Begovic --------------- -- Azpilicueta - David Luiz - Cahill -- Moses -- Fabregas --- Kante --- Ake ------------------ Loftus-Cheek ------------------- ------- Hazard----------------- Pedro ---------- This is what I'd like to see, low chances it will happen, but I'm tired of watching Costa. This competition is important for us and we need players that hungry for minutes, hungry to play and want to prove themselves. COME ON CHELS!!!!!!!!
  9. Kante is the only one who really played for us.
  10. There is no reason for him to play if he doesn't play at his best, he clearly offers us nothing. Conte must drop him.
  11. We can put our head down and stay mad or just reset ourselves and come stronger to the next game. We didn't lose the title, we've time to make changes, think about fresh ideas and play better. COME ON CHELS!!!!
  12. Conte has the title in his hands at the moment, we have 4 points in our pockets which allows us to lose one more time. We're in a poor form and I'm surprised why Conte keeps playing with Costa and Matic. Everything depends on us now.
  13. I will try to forget this game as faster as I can. We didn't look like champions, with this performance we are far away from being champions. We couldn't even test De Gea with a single shot, nothing worked for us. It looked like only Kante wants to win. Our key players failed, Costa has to leave already, but we still have 4 points in our hands, we still leading the table! Let's hope we will see an improvement in the next games. COME ON CHELS!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Let's be honest, United were better than us this half and with the way, we're playing we're lucky to be under 1-0 only.
  15. Lingard and Rashford just showed themselves against us. I just hope Conte will bench Costa, give RLC, Batshuayi or Willian this chance to play, he just stops our counter attacks, he loses too many balls. He does nothing.