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  1. Let's hope it will happen soon.
  2. Disappointing news. Want him to succeed here and he can do it.
  3. Watched the video of him playing at Chelsea pitch, but he also posted photos on Instagram of him in America 2-3 days ago.
  5. We will never know what Chalobah capable of if we won't give him a proper chance to play. He's 22 and he has to be ready to play for us. I've nothing against Bakayoko, he had an incredible season with Monaco, but I think that we've got a good defensive midfielder that can do the job for us.
  6. Saw a video from Terry's Instagram, RLC was having a training. Good thing for him to do, maybe he still can find himself here.
  7. This lad is a fantastic player. His first season in Dortmund was incredible, he is only 20 and there are strong rumours that Barcelona is aiming to get him. Not sure this will happen this year, but I can't see him staying in Dortmund in the next 2-3 years. In my opinion, we must bid for him in the next year and have that battle vs Barcelona. We even don't have links to him, but I just believe that we must go for him, I rate him much more than Mbappe.
  8. He has serious problems with tracking back. He is very quick, strong, good technique, but he can't be good RWB if he doesn't have the ability to defend and track back.
  9. As a backup for Moses? It would be great.
  11. Let's wait for the other games, the tournament has just started.
  12. I'm feeling bad for him, he is a very talented player and suits to the premier league. His speed, dribbling, physically. When I look at Rashford, I see a very good player and can improve himself to become better and better, but he was given a proper chance to prove himself. United had no strikers, and he was the last one, a striker from the academy and then scored twice in his debut in the Europe League. Then continued to play and scored against Arsenal on his first start in the Premier League. He was trusted and had enough time to prove himself. He has 43 appearances in the league already. Same with Lingard, he even spent few seasons on loan and proved himself with a proper chance that he was given. Iwobi had a period that he was starting games for Arsenal, proved his good form there. Calvert-Lewin, Tom Davies, Holgate, this trio from Everton enjoyed their football this season as well. They had their chance to play and proved themselves. Performed more than 10 games this season. ( Most of them were in the starting lineup ). RLC isn't worse than them! We can't even know how his career can turn up. If he looks to play then he probably should leave the club, he has to play. I still believe in him, I have a feeling that he can be a good box to box midfielder. News around him are quiet, last season Conte didn't really rate him, can't see something different this season.
  13. Insigne would be an incredible signing. Hazard, Insigne, Pedro, Willian, RLC. We can definitely play strong in 4 competitions with these players as our attackers + 3 strikers.
  14. I will never believe that on this level, a professional coach will tell things like that to his player by message.
  15. Well, I'm against rating players by videos because the video will show only the positive things, but I personally followed Lukaku's games and I know what he worth. Every player has his problems, and every player can fix his mistakes and improve himself. Lukaku is improving from season to season, then why should he come and be bad for us.