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  1. Watching Spain vs Israel, Diego looks so poor.
  2. So, in the last days, we've been linked with Alex Sandro, LB/LWB from Juventus. In my opinion, he is in top 5 LB's in the world, class player and it would be incredible to have him. But we also have Marcos Alonso who looks very good, improving himself from game to game. What do you think about this transfer?
  3. Just scored against Huddersfield. Scored with one touch, then celebrated with the ball boy. Can't wait to see him playing in Chelsea shirt next season.
  4. I'm missing so much to see our boys playing.... Was so happy to see us winning Man United, unfortunately, can't watch the game vs Stoke as well. I'm sure we will do our job at best! COME ON CHELS!!!
  5. Was looking at France and Spain squads. How is it possible that Lacazette, Bakayoko, Mata didn't make the squad...
  6. The game against Man United brought back the old Bournemouth. What a game!
  7. Thank you very much, couldn't ask for a better in this day than a Chelsea win.
  9. I've to admit, after Roberto's goal the camera showed Emery and I've felt so bad for him. Doesn't matter if he made mistakes or not, but that feeling can kill me.
  10. He doesn't play good, but every player has a bad period in the season. He didn't forget to score goals, don't worry. We all should focus on this season because we have to win that title!
  11. The referee that is on the line could help the main referee in the first penalty, then why didn't he get involved in the second penalty? My friends that support Barcelona are telling me that since the beginning of the season is referee are against them. Crying about Las Palmas game. I will never support this club!
  12. Just look at the minute, I just can't believe.
  13. Barcelona deserved to win, PSG showed no heart in that game, poor tactics by their manager. But Suarez's dive actually raised Barcelona's morale and they believed in themselves more than ever that they're going to score. Without that penalty I can't see them coming back.
  14. The wrong penalty brought Barcelona back to the game. Was there a penalty on Suarez? Totally disgrace.