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  2. Magic hat. I'm happy to see him scoring and assisting, his professionalism this season has really impressed me. Player on his level can't sit on the bench, but he did and every chance he got, he proved himself.
  3. Another important game, all these fixtures are very tricky. Really hope we will put a good performance to win West Ham. Fabregas had a really good game, I hope he will continue to play. I'd like to see this starting line: ----------------------- Courtois ------------------------- ------ Azpilicueta --- David Luiz --- Cahill ------------ Moses ---- Kante -------- Fabregas ------ Marcos Alonso ------------- Pedro --------------------- Hazard----------------- ----------------------- Diego Costa ---------------------- COME ON CHELS!!!!
  4. I still don't understand Conte with this situation. We're just losing a good player.
  5. So how was the game, how did we look?
  6. Ranieri gave Leicester what they never could dream of. Winning the league and creating players like Mahrez, Kante, Vardy, Drinkwater and next season reach the last 16 in Europe, I think he has done more than well in this club. But now it seems like he lost few of his plans, the club isn't playing well and the owner of Leicester did right the thing for him. I'm feeling bad for Ranieri, but he always will be remembered in the Premier League and of course Leicester football club. Good luck in your next club, Dilly Ding Dilly Dong!
  7. Unfortunately going to miss the game tomorrow. I really hope I will find a link for the game on my iphone.
  8. We are all lucky to watch that game, this is football!
  9. Until now the Champions League proves their name. So many good matches until now, especially City vs Monaco, a very high temp of the game, so much chances. I just missed those matches!
  10. One of the biggest talents in the current football. Can't see him staying at Anderlecht for a long time. Assists, goals, good football understanding, smart player. (sorry if there's a thread on him, didn't find any)
  11. Swansea's manager has created a big improvement in the team, we must come and play strong to get our 3 points! I'd like to see this starting lineup: ----------------------- Courtois ------------------------ --- Azpilicueta --- David Luiz --- Cahill ---- Moses ----- Kante ------- Matic --------- Marcos Alonso ------------ Pedro ------------------- Hazard------------------ ------------------------ Diego Costa ------------------ COME ON CHELS!!!!!!!
  12. I have always rated Hazard more than Neymar, Neymar might be more skillful and has better freekicks. If Hazard will replace him in Barcelona he will offer much more, Hazard is world class and few poor games don't really describe who he is.
  13. Mourinho is the most motivated manager to play against us, I still remember when we scored the 4th goal and Conte celebrated and after the game, Jose told him " No problem to celebrate 1-0, but celebrating the 4th was disrespecting". He will play for revenge because this cup is a possible way for them to win a trophy. Going to be an interesting game, let's see how Conte will prepare our boys! COME ON CHELS!!!!
  14. He has to work on his crosses at training, Conte probably sees it. He can finish with few assists this season. But at all other things he has done pretty well. His dribbling is good, he knows how to beat a 1vs1 player, his work rate on the wing is important.
  15. Looked very good against Wolves, want to see him more and more!