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  1. Felipe Anderson played as a wingback for Lazio last season, he can also played in the 2 behind a 9.
  2. Can’t see the point of Llorente at this point especially at any price over £15m. We have 2 superior players on our books already, and we will only play one on top. It will be a waste of resources, and thank God the club doesn’t offer over 30s more than a year long contract.
  3. Wouldn’t mind keeping him. Some loanees just need a chance to play with better players.
  4. Agree! Aurier is available for sale. Madrid have no market for him bar Juve & there is no way Juve are paying upfront for Madrid’s deadwood.
  5. You are only as good as the players you are surrounded by. When La Masia was producing Fabregas, Messi, Pedro, Busquets etc, they were playing with your Deco, Xavi & Ronaldo. Might be wrong but didn’t Yaya Toure leave Barcelona because the club’s strategy leaned towards giving your Busquets more game time? In recent times when Barca has shifted toward making more expensive external purchases like Vermalen, Mathieu etc who have come in on bigger wages, the club hasn’t been as successful. I feel Solanke might be close to what a true test of a judgement on the quality of our youth academy. He has gone to a top 4 club with a manager renowned for developing young players, and will be surrounded by quality players.
  6. Spurs want €50m for Walker, Semedo, Sidibe, Aurier and Conti went to Milan for €24m. If Conte can’t get him back to his Porto form we will be stuck with him. You look around Europe and Costa went on loan initially from Bayern to Juve, & Rodriguez from Madrid to Bayern. Most of the players we have got rid of have been on initial loan deals with an option to buy. Paying upfront for a deadwood especially the cost to the parent club is a bad idea.
  7. So we are giving Madrid back their money back for a RB they were desperate to get rid of, and Bayern managed to loan James for 2 years. All the deals we are making this summer window are just weird. You would think after winning the league we would be buying players to take us the next level, instead it seems we are expecting Conte to continue turning water into wine.
  8. Until Jan when Atletico’s transfer ban ends & he kicks up a fuss & leaves us in the lurch. I wouldn’t trust him. I’d rather we brought in a 1st choice forward, and kept Costa as a backup till Jan.
  9. I feel very different & I reckon he & Atletico orchestrated a calculated move to get him at a bargain price. You never hear any players openly come out nowadays requesting a move, as they have loyalty bonuses inserted in their contracts. Atletico were never going to pay more than what they received for him, and by making public his desire to move ONLY to Atletico he has screwed us over. In a market where Arsenal want £30m for Chamberlain & Lukaku valued at £60m+, Costa at £22m is ridiculous.
  10. For £22m..
  11. Our first team is world class..? One thing that hasn’t been mentioned our Academy has a record of winning youth competitions. Why is it proving difficult to make that step up from U18 games to the first team?
  12. Waiting on some fans to comment on this post & tell you he wasn’t good enough & we made a killing selling him for £20m. I feel you are right though and something the club seems to be ignoring is the Homegrown rules. We lost 2 of those with Begovic and JT leaving, you would think we would be doing our best to bring through some young players that have a connection to the club. My fear now is two folds; players on the brink of the 1st team will run down their contract & leave on a free (there are rumours of Chalobah rejecting a new contract), and we end up overpaying for some overrated homegrown players (just have this niggling feeling that we will pay a premium for Barkley this summer).
  13. That is my problem with the transfer; we are not improving our 1st 11. Considering we were rumoured to have tried for Koulibaly, VVD & Bonucci, are we settling for a 4th CB? Paying £30m+ for depth is just strange considering you don’t normally change your CB barring injuries.