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  1. ducavis

    Eden Hazard

    28 in the summer can’t see the move happening. When was the last time Madrid signed a marquee player on the wrong side of 20? Like someone said earlier, they have spent big money on Vinicius Jnr €45, and €54m on Rodrygo who is going there next summer. Think they are going more long term with their transfer strategy.
  2. ducavis

    Andreas Christensen

    Not having a pop at Sarri but we are the team that rotates the least in the Top 6. We tend to underrate our youth prospects which I find a bit strange. Take Nathan Ake for example; he has been putting in top performances regularly, and is currently been linked with Utd & Spurs which I can see happening.
  3. ducavis

    Andreas Christensen

    Pep is a big fan, and Kompany is on the way out.
  4. ducavis

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    If our style of play is not suited to his strength, would he then still be a guaranteed starter? In games were we have 70% possession which is about every other team outside the top 7, will he actually be necessary? I am not saying sell him as it will be crazy, but it might be worthwhile buying someone more dynamic. Someone like Aourar/Ndombele initially as an understudy, and then ease them slowly into starting these games where we have more possession. Kante will still be coming on regularly for the odd 20/30mins, and starting the big games where we need to win the ball back high up the pitch.
  5. Sorry but Barkley is pants. He just had to shoot FFS!
  6. ducavis

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Thibault winning the best GK has to be a bad joke.
  7. ducavis

    Mateo Kovačić

    Might sound a bit ludicrous but Kante might have to sit out some games where teams offer very little going forward. I personally don’t feel Kante is the right fit for the position he is being asked to play.
  8. I don’t rate him, and I don’t see what people see in him. Everton is his level.
  9. You guys are forgetting games are coming in thick and fast, we have a game again on Sun. It will be irresponsible by Sarri to field a majority of the players starting on Sun. He has a large squad at his disposal, use it. If our squad players can’t hack it away against PAOK, then they have no business here. I’d rather take a draw away & all 3pts on Sun.
  10. ducavis

    Alvaro Morata

    Problem is Giroud doesn’t score. We can’t keep relying on Pedro/Alonso to come up with the goods. Combine it with a midfield that lacks goals, and the 9 situation is a mess.
  11. What day is this? He is awful, he has one good game in 5 matches and reverts to his usual average performances.
  12. ducavis

    Thibaut Courtois

    Are you really sure? You can’t just bench a 3x champions league goalkeeper without just cause, I think he didn’t think this through. If he was a Spanish player it would have been different; Modric is on the bench for Isco, Varane has also been benched for another Spanish player. He is essentially a Perez signing, and in a majority Spanish dressing room led by Ramos I can’t see him getting games anything soon. Bigger problem is unless Kiko Casilla a Spanish player is sold before the window closes in a few days time, he could find himself out of the match day squad if he drops a clanger in Copa del Rey games
  13. ducavis

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    He is a brilliant player but I just don’t think he can ever become a good finisher. We will see in the next few months.
  14. ducavis

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    I still don’t agree with his position, will switch him around with Kovacic. He is getting in decent positions but finishing them isn’t his best attribute.
  15. ducavis

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Agree! Not convinced at all & Kovacic starts all day for me.