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  1. I don't think 2 in the middle will work against the top 5. Switch to a 4-3-3 with Bakayoko & Kante providing some protection for Fabregas. Any top manager knows that you put some pressure on Fabregas, and stop the ball getting to Fabregas neutralises us every time. I wouldn’t put any blame on Fabregas, rather it was Conte that got it wrong. He is more than an impact sub, because without him our only outlet will be Hazard.
  2. Deadline Day Drama

    Thank God! Just like Barkley another squad filler.
  3. Deadline Day Drama

    Same thing being said about Bats was said when we were linked with Lukaku, 3 games into the season and he is proving doubters wrong. Makes no sense loaning out a 24yr old £30m+ striker. Just sell him to another Premier league club ideally & watch him flourish.
  4. Danny Drinkwater

    Fee rumoured to have been jacked up to £45m, which I expected them to do. We can still sign 2 non-HG players so I don’t understand why we are getting ripped off for British players.
  5. Fernando Llorente

    Llorente probably not moving as Bony has gone out on loan to Hellas Verona. Thank God for that, never wanted him.
  6. Random Rumours

    Spot on! Same with Pasalic who has experience playing with Milan & Monaco, but nope loaned him out in the Russian league. Mind you Pasalic was better than Bakayoko during his loan spell. We are now going to get our pants pulled down for an English bench option.
  7. Random Rumours

    We are loaning out Musonda I think. Agree with you that we need more numbers in the attacking front, but the Llorente signing is just bizarre because IMO he only marginally upgrades what we have.
  8. Random Rumours

    In the last 2 weeks; Cancelo, Toljan & Aurier all RBs have moves for far less than the supposed Chamberlain bid.
  9. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Agree! We are buying dross and fans seem to think it is ok. Imagine if those names had been floated at the beginning of the transfer window? The response to all would have been a resounding Hell No! The prices been talked about for each of them just makes it way worse
  10. Danny Drinkwater

    Needs to be remembered that the title winning Leicester team played a counter attacking style of football which was based on getting the ball quickly to their forward players as soon as possible. Think they had one of the lowest possessions in the league. We will only play that style of football against 5 teams in the league.
  11. Danny Drinkwater

    Leicester will be upgrading their midfield & banking £15m in the process.
  12. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Lemar is Liverpool bound along with Keita, while we try to sign Drink water.
  13. Kante or Makelele??

    It’s a bank holiday & you have been having too much to drink. it is called the Makelele role for a reason.
  14. Andrea Belotti

    Don’t think having 2 upfront works anymore with players now more physically stronger. Just have a look at City struggling to fit in Jesus & Aguero.
  15. Joao Cancelo

    This is beyond ridiculous now.