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  1. I get the whole Solsjaeker/Kanu/Hernandez vibe from him. I don't think he can comfortably lead the line on his team own & sustain his stats over a whole season, but he is a handy player to start occasionally & come off the bench.
  2. Kezman
  3. Nothing new with his performances post-Xmas; he has been like that since his first season here.
  4. That has been the case the last 3 seasons. He starts off strongly and Post-December the goals just dry off. It is a weird one because you keep on playing him in the hope he scores a few goals & things return to normal, and his personality means you can't bench him as he can be a loose cannon. Problem is the games come in hard & fast post-Dec and with the added pressure of having a decent run in the CL, we need another goal scoring outlet in the first 11 if he stays. Breaking the bank for Sanchez is a no-brainer.
  5. Wouldn't pay the £50m Southampton want for him because I feel it might be a case of him standing out in a small team. Would rather pay Alderweild's rumoured release clause as he has shown over a 3yr period that he is very good. Would rather kee faith with Christensen though.
  6. Deal only makes sense if you structure it like the Martial/Renato Sanchez one. You pay £30m tops outright going up to £80m if he reaches certain milestones.
  7. Is Fulham's Sessengon the new Bale? For a 16yr old wingback, he seems to score a fair amount of goals
  8. Do we have a buy back clause on Romeu?
  9. Icardi once & on course to hit it again this season (72goals in 143 games), Belotti should hit 20+ also. They are also both 23, so not even close to their peak. You are right about Dembele but he is potentially a world class RW.
  10. Icardi, Belotti, Werner & Dembele (Dor) off my head.
  11. My problem is even if you convince him to stay till the summer, can he be trusted to keep a cool head and still deliver? Will we see a return of the bib throwing incident if he is subbed mid-game? He just doesn't seem the type to keep his head if he doesn't have his way.
  12. Thing is he has said he doesn't like playing as a RB, and when he has played there he has looked average. Agree with Wallosh, there is no point signing players just to bulk up our numbers if we are not improving our 1st 11.
  13. Deal makes no sense no matter how it is spun. Why would Swansea sell him in January when it will take probably double what they get to replace him? It's just like the Defoe to West Ham deal, it's a non-starter. Why would Llorente also want to leave a team where he is guaranteed starts to come and warm the bench here? Costa missed only one game in the first half, Llorente would be lucky to get 3 starts if Costa keeps his calm head & doesn't get injured. The lack of a mental strength to fight to dig Swansea out of their hole is enough reason to stay far away.
  14. Why not loan him out to a Hull or a Bournemouth for the rest of the season so he can get games in a calmer environment like Wilshere?