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  1. Lukaku or Morata

  2. Your dream summer window?

    Christensen - Free Mendy - 30m Bakayoko - 40m Sanchez - 50m Llorente - 5m Not a dream summer, but realistic and good enough.
  3. Romelu Lukaku

    No. but that's not like it is a minor factor in this situation.
  4. Romelu Lukaku

    Costa was the main scorer of a top team that was CL finalist and won La Liga. He was scoring against the likes of Real Madrid at Bernabeu, he was already at the highest level and he costed 32m. Lukaku didn't prove anything yet and Everton expects us to pay 70m+?
  5. Andrea Belotti

    Nah mate, Higuain was not your regular negotiation, there are some many factors that i will not even bother. What i mean is, he can't be used as a reference, nor any Juventus transfer, they are a special case, like Bayern in Germany.
  6. Andrea Belotti

    That's bullsh*t, 40M and he is gone, this is Serie A.
  7. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Did you watch United x Everton?
  8. Thought i was at Blue Moon while reading this post.
  9. Diego will shine and shut the mouth of the haters.
  10. Don't like the defence change but in Conte i trust
  11. Romelu Lukaku

    Hope Chelsea forget about Lukaku, there are much better options with Costa leaving or not.
  12. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    You're crazy. Lukaku can feck off, hope Costa stays and signs a new deal.
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    Mario Gomez: 39 and 41 goals in subsequent seasons, was not enough for Bayern, who got a upgrade in Mandzukic, a player that scores less but offers more. Latter they got the ideal striker in Lewandowski, who scores a lot but is a complete player all around. Huntelaar: 48 goals in a season playing in a BL side, was not enough for Real Madrid and Milan because all he could do was score goals. Benteke: 23 goals in a season playing for a PL side, was not enough for Liverpool who aren't even a top side. Ibrahimovic: Destroyed League One with 500 goals per season, while PSG got wrecked by the top teams in CL. Look at them now with a striker that scores less but presses much more. This list goes on, if a player scores a lot, principally if it's for a lower level team, doesn't mean he will replicate or it will be enough on the highest level.
  14. Romelu Lukaku

    It's not, it's actually pretty much common census.
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    No, let's see Heynckes' Bayern for example, when they lost to us they had Mario Gomez, a striker as prolific as it gets. The season after when they we're unbeateble, the striker was Mandzukic, who didn't score as much but offered much more than goals to the team, so no, i'm on the truth side. IMO who thinks that a striker only needs to be a goalscorer is clueless. Being a great goalscorer is essential, but not enough. So if i'm right on Auba's price, you'd agree then? Alright then.