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  1. Just wanted to raise the issue of thread structure again. i really think the threads in the main General Chelsea section are getting too long and that this leads to a "boring" forum. For example, as of now, there are about 5,500 posts in the Conte topic thread. i understand that there needs to be a balance. But every time I go in, the board looks pretty much the same. I would much rather see, say, three or four, latest "hot" topics for Conte - even if that meant there was some duplication of ideas between them. I could then pick the topic(s) I am most interested in and go straight to that content. For example - “Conte’s Sending Off”. At the moment, it is almost just like looking at a directory of names and is a bit dull. I love TheShedEnd and have read it for years. I appreciate all the effort that goes into running it. That is why I want the best for it and am offering my thought in that spirit. I really think that the thread structure needs to be livened. What do you think?
  2. So Bayern it is... How much of a threat do you think Robben will be? Is he better now than he was when he played with us? What are myour emories about him?