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  1. But i know R.Madrid will try mugging us off.
  2. Isco available? Get that boy. Real quick.
  3. Get me Andre Gomes
  4. Dimitri Payet, anyone fancies him?
  6. Es-tu malade?
  7. He has been doing fine on loan. I hope he comes back here and replicates that.
  8. I know Zola dislikes me, he likes every post aimed at me.
  9. Bamford will score 25 goals + at Palace this season.
  10. I don't want Falcao, this dude rejected us twice.
  11. Any update concerning SB expansion?
  12. Since he shone at the World Cup.
  13. I am tired of the way the youth system is being handled.
  14. So he wants to keep moving from one club to another on a free transfer.. Lol.
  15. Pogba is good no doubt, But paying such an amount is ridiculous, in my own opinion though.