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  1. That was very classy from Eden [emoji122]
  2. That was an absolutely stunning ball from Musonda [emoji122]
  3. Far too lax in possession this half
  4. Wow that would have been some intro for Luiz! Edit: Just saw it was Willian never mind [emoji23]
  5. I meant he dived in the way he went down too easily, I didn't mean that there was no contact
  6. That replay seemed to show that Schelotto dived again
  7. Was he? I was always under the impression he was reliable keeper that didn't have many mistakes in him
  8. Caballero is usually very solid what is up with him?
  9. Got away with that one but that looked to be a dive from Schellotto
  10. Great start, just what we needed
  11. Has anything gone right tonight?
  12. This would usually be a comfortable match, but because we seem to have forgot how to play football recently, I'm not really looking forward to it. My prediction is a laboured 1-0 win, with the goal coming midway through the second half. Line-up: Willy Rudi Luiz Christensen Zappa DD Cesc Kenedy Pedro Bats Willian