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  1. Really like those ones
  2. I really like the orange and black kit. Not crazy on the white kit however
  3. I was thinking the same thing myself. It was poor from him, regardless of whether Everton were winning or not
  4. 5-2 Everton. Mad day in the PL today
  5. Just saw someone claim we're on the way to winning the league through "illegal goals". Yeah because every goal scored since the defeat at Arsenal was an illegal one
  6. Love the meltdown from the fan saying Ozil was sh*t. Thought Ozil was the best midfielder in the league?
  7. I thought Big Sam would keep them up but now they look destined for the drop
  8. Fantastic result today. Clean sheet would have been nice but from what I heard (was listening to radio commentary) we absolutely humiliated Arsenal without even having to try too hard. Should Hull hold on for the win, and Middlesborough and Swansea do us a favour, we will be in a terrific position
  9. Ah the lads at RTE provided quality entertainment at times [emoji23]
  10. Sunderland just went 4-0 up
  11. Hull 1 up against the scouse [emoji23]
  12. I'll never understand this mentality. If it were Barcelona or Bayern dominating their league they'd be lauded as the best side ever yet when a team in the Premier League does it they must be beaten for the good of the league