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  1. Either way it's worrying. Marca talk an awful lot of sh*t but when Sky sources begin reporting it I'd start taking notice If he does we better get a massive fee for him. If Pogba is worth 90 million Hazard is worth 150 million
  2. Sky sources have confirmed Real are interested
  3. Forgot about that one actually
  4. Is this our version of Draxler to Arsenal? We seem to be constantly linked with him without anything ever actually happening
  5. Bulgaria are beating the Netherlands. Bit of a shock there
  6. I did feel the ref had a poor game. Kept blowing up for small fouls in the first half and then let both teams away with poor challenges in the second half. Had Bale been shown red for his challenge Coleman would still have his leg intact
  7. I'd like to think Taylor didn't mean it but it was an absolute horrific challenge and I've no idea what the f**k he was thinking. Fingers crossed Coleman makes a speedy recovery, but the likely scenario is that he's out for up to a year and the injury has ruined any chance he had of the long mooted move from Everton to a top 4 club. I think Bale was lucky not to get a red either, his tackle on O'Shea was very poor and he got away with a few other tackles later on. It would have been sickening had he scored in the last few minutes like he almost did. On the whole however, it was a fairly drab game; it really didn't live up to the hype. Whatever Keane said in the build up about Ireland looking for a win wasn't true, we set out to nullify Wales (understandably so give the list of injuries and suspensions robbing Ireland of any creative players) and did so without being creative in the process. I don't think Wales really deserved it either, the majority of the time they were passing it around in midfield and at time it was not so much a football match but more "which team can have the most aimless long balls in a minute" match. A 0-0 draw was probably the fairest result in the end. I do think however, that if we beat Austria in June and Wales lose to Serbia, Wales can kiss any hope of qualifying for Russia goodbye, to make up 7 points in 4 games would be extremely difficult
  8. Nil all draw at home and Coleman gets his leg broken. Lovely
  9. Considering he played for Ireland at Euro 2016, I don't think you can call Walters British [emoji6]
  10. Just saw the result. It's great that the lads are through again, and even better that they walloped Spurs in the process
  11. What an important win that was
  12. Both Costa and RLC should have scored there
  13. If we don't win this it's a crime. Stoke have had 1 attempt on goal. We've had 13