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  1. Still can't understand how people are complaining about Luiz's overhead kick. The argument that someone could get hurt is a load of sh*te. Someone could get hurt going for a header. Why not give yellow cards anytime someone goes up for a header. Why not ban blocking shots? That could also hurt someone. I thought football was supposed to be a contact sport?
  2. My player ratings: Tibo - 7: Solid, did everything he was asked Azpilicueta - 7: Same as Tibo Luiz - 5: Arguably our best defender today, but that moment of madness is what brings his rating down Cahill - 5: Poor enough today, looked shaky at times Moses - 5: Full of running, but his final ball was poor Alonso - 6: Better than Moses, but he let Bellerin past him too often for comfort Kante - 8: Very good game, was brilliant at stopping Arsenal's attacks and starting counterattacks Cesc - 6: Creative, but his defensive side really lets him down in matches like this Pedro - 4: Wasteful, I still can't believe he didn't score when 1-on-1 Willian - 4: I felt he was our poorest player today, he gave the ball away an awful lot and seemed to always run into trouble Morata - 6: Did his best today, but you could clearly see the frustration creeping in as the match wore on Bakayoko - 7: Very good when he came on, added that extra bit of defence we needed in midfield Hazard - 7: Lively when he came on, should be back in the first XI very soon Christensen - n/a: Not on long enough to form on opinion
  3. Luiz's challenge was 100% a red, no question about it. What is pissing me off about the standard of refereeing is that they can't wait to get the cards out or stop the match for a foul. The ball over the top where Hazard got onto it and Oliver blew for a foul on Koscielny was never, ever a foul. Hazard would have been away ffs. Anytime a Chelsea player was near an Arsenal player he seemed to give the free. Getting really sick of the referees thinking they're some sort of celebrities on the pitch. However it must be said that that was a poor game from both sides. 0-0 was an appropriate result, neither side did enough to win. I felt we were very wasteful in the first half, Pedro simply has to be scoring those type of chances. Willian needs to look up and see the pass, or at least go wide if he's taking on a player, rather than cutting inside and running into a wall of players. As many have said, Cesc shouldn't have started, Baka should have. Starting Cesc against lower table opposition is fine, but you can't do it against the top teams. I did feel we improved in the second half, I felt we contained Arsenal well, but again, didn't create enough to win the match. A positive note was Hazard's performance, he was brilliant when he came on and looked fit, he should definitely start the next match.
  4. Honestly think we should bring on Hazard and Bakayoko for Willian and Fabregas at half time
  5. Ffs we need to wake up. Why do we always make Arsenal look so much better than the shambles that they are?
  6. Not impressed with Willian so far. He seems to be losing the ball an awful lot
  7. Willian should have gone wide there
  8. What a touch from Pedro there
  9. Absolutely fantastic win tonight, we couldn't have asked for anything better. Great prep for Arsenal