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  1. Poor from Cesc there, almost cost us a 3rd
  2. Without wanting to come across as wearing a tin foil hat, I can't help but feel that, had this occurred at any other club, there would be very little made about it. Also, I'm loving the non-Chelsea fans who have never once said anything offensive and/or racist in their lives getting on their high horses over this
  3. Trying to sign him from Nice, but we face competition from Real and Barca, according to Sky Sports. I had a quick look at his Wiki page there and he's 18 years old, a French U-21 international and he seems to have broken into Nice's first team last season. Outside of that I know nothing about him.
  4. I'm delighted he's signed, welcome to Chelsea, Álvaro! On a side note, I have to laugh at United fans laughing at this transfer saying we're feeding off of their leftovers and how we desperately wanted Lukaku; the one time we'd actually want them to look at the forum and see the vast majority of people here most certainly did not want Lukaku!
  5. I saw over 300 new posts in this thread. I open it up thinking something big was happening and what do I see? Some f**king eejit with 3 different accounts talking absolute sh*te
  6. 40 million according to Sky Sources, his medical should be sometime this week
  7. James Rodriguez has gone on loan to Bayern so that ends the James to Chelsea speculation
  8. "This is an opportunity that I've always wanted since I was a child" Is that true? So that video of him walking around Stamford Bridge when he was a teenager starstruck is a load of bollox? Or is he just reeling out the usual sh*te players tend to reel out in this day and age?
  9. "United don't buy trophies, we earn them"