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  1. We've been woeful in possession since our goal. Was always going to end that way. So poor from Christensen, Fabregas and Courtois
  2. so typical of both city and guardiola. One decision correctly goes against them and they throw their toys out the pram.
  3. what the f**k was that from cahill?
  4. no contact whatsoever there
  5. everton tactic going forward seems to be hoof it forward, have calvert-lewin barge into our back three, go down and then screech and moan for a foul
  6. The everton fans don't half like to moan.... about absolutely everything!
  7. jack h

    STAR WARS - Possible Spoilers

    Saw it last week and absolutely hated it. Went with two friends and we just walked out silently not wanting to be the first to be negative but once my mate spoke out we just started ranting about how utterly sh*te it is. As abigsmurf said, there's absolutely no reason to bother with the next one now. I just hope the Han Solo and Bobba Fett films are as good as Rogue One was.
  8. jack h

    Andreas Christensen

    No Scott NO!!! I don't want to see Dave play left back (or any variation of left back) ever again, he's too one footed and so wasted out there. It used to drive me mad seeing him there in the line up week after week after week. I also feel playing him at wing back, particularly on the left would be too defensive, I'd either keep him where he is or have him at RB in a back four.
  9. jack h

    Gareth Barry career quiz

    Consider yourself lucky Val, the media over here haven't shut up about him for a couple of weeks now. Will never understand the fuss around him, seems to be more and more overated with each passing year.
  10. jack h

    Andreas Christensen

    Except Luiz is a better defender
  11. so has anyone got a clip of this crouch challenge?... you know... seing as MotD decided to ignore it. Apologies if it's already been posted.
  12. They're desperate on sky to push the comparisons to the mane red card, if you can't see why mane's was a red and why an overhead kick is only ever a foul then you're an idiot.
  13. He didn't get a yellow, and the arsenal player should have got the exact same punishment.