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  1. Match of the day is going to be absolutely riveting tonight.
  2. I still have more time for Barton than someone like Daniel Sturridge, Sturridge is the definition of a thunder-c**t. I see him pictured at hip hop concerts and paling about with superstars in flash leather jackets but can never ever seem to get fit despite still picking up a paycheck, Barton's a twat but at least he's a twat that gives 100 % when involved.
  3. Your point about rich people gambling is spot on, The reason us normal folk gamble is because we want to strike it rich, Hence the £3 10 team accumulators trying to win £10 k. If you already have money why not invest it in something more stable i.e. errm i dunno a business?
  4. I'm confident they will slip up, Pochettino has shown signs of a man under pressure, His rant about Xavi in his pre match press conference was weird as hell, Insinuating that he works for Guardiola and his comments about Dele Alli were because he doesn't like him from his days at Espanyol, Really weird.
  5. In two years time Mbappe could be so good the only clubs able to sign him for marketing reasons will be Barca and Real, He could be worth £150/200 million. 80/90 million is the new 40/50 million, If Chelsea paid 50 for Torres a good 4/5 years ago surely the going rate in the market has reached 80/90 by now? To be fair i can sort of understand what you're saying about giving Tammy Abraham a chance instead of buying a player equally as raw but are you against spunking big money full stop or just on more unproven players? If you bid £90 mill for Dele Alli surely you'd happy as Larry if that came off enigma?
  6. Or Martial for ripping it up in Ligue 1, Mbappe has proven it on the highest stage, His attitude is perfect not like Martial, Who's world has seemingly unraveled because his girlfriend dumped him, He seems a really good prospect, Potential and attitude, Doesn't seem to be into all that social media and dabbing lark either.
  7. Fair play to Benitez, He took the challenge head on and has managed to serve up some good football at St James'.
  8. No mention in the media of Arsenal copying Conte's formation/tactics? Similar to Spurs, Just a bunch of copycats with no philosophy of their own.
  9. Thanks to Pep I've been banned from commenting on other teams 'bottling' until we next win a trophy, There goes that privilege.
  10. In the post match analysis, All i'm hearing is about how well this young Spurs side played and how Chelsea took their chances, No. Let's analyze why you aka the media/pundits are hyping this Spurs side up when all they have to show is a bottle job in a title race last year against Leicester, A bottle job in the Champions League away to Monaco in a big game and another bottle job here. Regardless of how well they played here, They have a track record, If they lose to Palace in midweek and give Chelsea the 7 point cushion i want to see them called out on this. We knocked Klopp about his record in finals and we always call Arsenal out for this, Pochettino and his 'young' Spurs side should be no different.
  11. Danny Murphy now making excuses for Spurs by saying that the grass texture at Wembley is different to that at WHL which affects their pressing, Gordon Bennett.
  12. I don't care if Spurs played better Mr Murphy, I don't care if Chelsea weren't at their best, Bottlers gonna bottle.
  13. A golf club, A baseball bat and what looks like one of those croquet sticks, Are they participating in the wannabe hard man olympics?
  14. Juve v Atletico final, Simeone finally breaks his CL duck and prevents Juve from winning the treble, After the match does a Mourinho by going onto the pitch and riling up the Juve players, Leaves Atletico on a high, Goes to Inter, Wins the scudetto next year and riles up Juve some more and Roberto's your uncle.
  15. Fair point but you can agree a win here for Chelsea of a big variety i.e 2-0/3-1, Could halt Spurs' momentum a bit and end up making that game away to Palace even more trickier? Which if Chelsea win against Southampton and Spurs lose could all but wrap things up.