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  1. Having said that, I can't see past a United 2-0/2-1 win.
  2. If United were to get knocked out tonight, The post match rants will make AFTV look like Sunday league, Mourinho alone will show Claude and Troopz how to rant, It will be stuff of epic proportion.
  3. I wasn't trying to make City look better, I was explaining how deluded Arsenal fans work, It's one thing to beat us but to beat us and United will provide them with a different level of false confidence again, I know we've been dyer this year, Never said we weren't.
  4. Whilst i'm enjoying this, You lot are warned now that they have beaten both ourselves and United, Going into that FA Cup final against you lot, They will revert to delusion and not anger, 'We will twat those rent boys', Prepare for stuff of that nature being spouted on AFTV.
  5. Get Mop head on and lump it to him Jose
  6. The atmosphere at the Etihad always gets called out and rightly so but how poor is the atmosphere at Anfield today? They get praised for their atmosphere but the only ground in the Prem which can hold it's head high is Selhurst in my opinion.
  7. Newcastle under Benitez do dish up some good, attacking football, I've enjoyed watching them play.
  8. You will get over the line, I can see it in your managers eyes, Keep the faith offside.
  9. My apologies Plok, I knew that was coming once i typed that initial message.
  10. I don't want to sound too elitist here but the past two weekend's 3pm kick offs would not look out of place if they had been selected for a round of Championship fixtures, Pure guff.
  11. If he wasn't English he'd be nowhere near our starting xi, Sane makes him look so average.
  12. They deserved to win that game though because they played on the front foot unlike Chelsea - Jermaine Jenas.
  13. To be fair to Spurs, The grass texture at the Olympic stadium is very similar to Wembley.
  14. This Messi/Ronaldo debate seems to provoke so much emotion/passion from football fans, Weird, A Nigerian fan killed his friend over this very topic. Even on here this debate has got a little tasty.
  15. United got mugged off big time by Real, A decades worth of action, 400 + goals, Baloon d'ors for fun, Commercial revenue through the roof and all for what, A pesky £80 million? There's a message there for Chelsea also with Hazard, You never sell these type of elite players, No amount of money will justify it.