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  1. I still do not like Pedro's first touch but he does have a more predatory instinct to shoot for goal compared to Willian.
  2. Alonso is not the quickest wing-back (which is what I like to see for modern full-backs or wing-backs) and I don't think he's top quality in defending but I think he does his job well and his crosses has added a new dimension to our attacking play.
  3. Don't bet on it. I would be very surprised if any player deal was actually SIGNED (not just tabloid bidding talk and rival chairman's claims) for more than 50 million pounds. Even going above 40 million pounds would shock me.
  4. Moses has come out tops again versus the Champions in Leicester and Man Utd. Keep putting in performances like this and he'll keep his place whilst keeping Ivanovic out of the first team which is great!
  5. Since where were you the language editor in a forum? What you think does not change the fact that you didn't rate him and now Moses has proven his worth, it's time for you to shut it instead of babbling out excuses of what you think or did not think. And spending over 100 million pounds this summer when the previous seasons' spending was a pittance means nowt. Try buying a world class central defender and a midfielder to partner Kante and then we'll talk. Don't make me laugh at your pathetic reasoning that that Board has salvaged the season - it's Conte that is doing the right things IN SPITE of the inadequate support he has had from the Board.
  6. The Arsenal match turned out to be a blessing in disguise and forced Conte to make drastic changes in adopting the 3-4-3 formation and ditching Ivanovic (now that is drastic!). The players now play with a sense of what their roles are and the results show it.
  7. Correct. Bonucci is Mr Juventus through and through and no amount of money will tempt him to leave. Also, the Board will never sanction a 60 million pound move for any player, let alone Bonucci. Still, the need for a world class central defender or two is sorely needed but sadly, I do not see the Board stumping up the cash. 20-30 million pound defenders will be the replacement for Terry and Cahill which means the likes of Michael Keane will be bought.
  8. When you said you don't rate Victor Moses, you never specified that you didn't rate him as a winger. Now that his performances has proved his worth to the team, you change tack and start crowing about not rating him as a winger. The end result is the Board still did not spend big on ANY player - making a bid and actually closing the bid are two different things but I don't expect a loser dimwit like you to understand the difference. Drill that into your thick skull.
  9. What the F&&& are you muttering? You are seeing me everywhere! I will continue pointing out any crap that you post as Long as you are in this forum. You insist Moses is no good and now you are shifting goalposts and insist that he's no good in a winger role only. Get the hell out with that squirming and hypocritical sh*te!
  10. Neither Zouma Nor Christensen are leaders at the back and without John Terry, experience is also missing which is essential for a well-drilled backline. The top quality central defender or two is a must buy next summer. Forget about the January transfer window as there won't be anyone good enough who would be available.
  11. Hide? When did I do that here after Kante was signed? Take it to pm if you want to continue your squabbles otherwise stfu.
  12. I am on about your idiocy at writing off Moses and also at your squirming out of your stance by stating that you don't rate him as a winger. What a bunch of bloody BS from the likes of you but then love the Board so what can I expect? Seems you know more about ManU than I do with bellion and Valencia - I believe you are a closet Manu fan.
  13. So you think you are the deluded bum? LOL! Good to see the likes of Moses shutting up his critics including you.
  14. I remember there was some deluded bum who claimed that Moses is a write-off due to him being a so-called failure at West Ham. Egg all over his idiotic face and anyone else who wrote Moses off.
  15. He will take Mikel's role as one of the squad midfielders and it's about time too.