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  1. I am completely taken aback by this transfer happening as it signifies a monumental smashing of the Torres transfer record set six years ago. It is excellent that the club has an impending striker who is technicall skilful. I watched his time at Juventus and if he can replicate that form, we will do well in the new season.
  2. I wouldn't bet on it. Let's not console ourselves should the worst happens.
  3. What I would like to see is for the Board and Roman to temper expectations with spending conservatively. The board cannot expect to have its cake and eat it too. If the transfer spending is cut to Arsenal or Tottenham levels, that's disappointing but acceptable as long as expectations are pared down. Fans don't expect the club to win top prizes every season and yet they remain fans.
  4. There's no reason why Conte shouldn't sign the new contract with improved terms as it's merely a pay rise and nothing more. The board's original contract extension offer has been rejected and rightly so as it gives Conte flexibility to walk away without a very large payoff and join another club should he be unsatsifed with transfer dealings and whatnot.
  5. The expectations of the Board has never changed for many years i.e. the club must challenge for the title, cups and go far in the CL. Anything lesser and the manager gets the sack. This demand coupled with the massive reduction in net transfer spending positions the club to be a less than desirable destination for any top class manager (I fully expect Conte to leave if he isn't backed by the board) which eventually results in the club being less competitive despite the board's lofty goals.
  6. Thou shalt not break the Torres transfer record of 50 million pounds. It's carved in stone.
  7. The question you should ask is not about Torino wanting to sell but if the board is willing to trigger that 100 million euro transfer release clause. Given that the club is obsessed about net transfer savings and Marina's failures in negotiating big name transfers, I would put money that it will not happen.
  8. There was definite interest in Lukaku but in typical Board fashion, they sat on it until Man Utd swooped in with a formal bid and then it was game over. The counter bid was merely a PR face saving move. There won't be much time left to assess options was Dortmund and other clubs would want their replacements to be sorted out as well. This is the most important position to be refreshed this summer and if the board refuses to break the club's transfer record, I dread to watch our matches next season.
  9. Aubameyang is the only striker option left for the club who can do a job at a high level and most importantly is the cheapest option amongst Morata, Belotti and himself. Whether the board will sanction a 65 milllion pound deal to buy Aubameyang is the big question and will also influence Conte on signing his contract extension or not. If the board wants to preserve the Torres transfer as the absolute ceiling in terms of transfer fees paid, god help us. Only masochists would want a Benteke or a Llorente leading the line next season.
  10. Ah, you spark a bit of hope
  11. Telles isn't even up to Alonso's standard. He will never make it beyond a 2nd choice role at the bridge.
  12. The concern should be if no top quality striker is signed and a Llorente or Benteke are the new additions, will Conte stay? That contract extension is still not signed and he's well justified in not signing it.
  13. It's gone. Fully expected and the board doesn't or isn't willing to get big deals done. Stick to the 30 million pound type deals and the Djilobdojis and Falcaos of the footballing world.
  14. Michu leading the line will be exactly what other clubs would hope for. Add Llorente with him and we will witness the club crashing out of the CL at the group stages and missing out on TOP 4 . Mediocre strikers equates to mediocre results.
  15. In all probability, the board will sign none of the above strikers you mentioned solely because they won't spend that sort of money i.e. More than 40 million pounds. Llorente and Benteke are the most probable strikers to be signed and that's when you realise the new season will be a very long one.