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  1. That would depend on what Chelsea can get from Athletico Madrid and also if Conte and the Board wants to buy Griezmann. Personally, I doubt any big names will be bought or even targetted by the board this summer.
  2. Kante's contract had an affordable transfer fee trigger clause which is why it was a lot easier to get the deal done quickly. As far as I know, none of our supposed targets this summer have transfer release clauses in their contracts except for Griezmann and that is set at a very high level, anyway Mourinho is going to sign him. I think Conte is a gentleman and he would exercise patience in allowing the board to try and get his preferred targets over the entire summer transfer period. However, everyone has its limits and if average crap like Djilobdojis are signed come Sep 1 after Long drawn sagas for desired targets, then I can see Conte being snapped up by another club sooner rather than later.
  3. The full pre season bit is what I always want the club to conclude their transfers as early as possible. Long drawn out transfer sagas only add to uncertainty and can even disrupt the manager's preparation due to last minute player insertions which are likely not his choices. I remembered the lengthy time gap after Kante was signed and when Alonso and Luiz was signed. It's either pay up or move on to an alternative option instead of making bids right into the final weeks before the transfer deadline leaving the selling clubs with no time to buy their replacements.
  4. Heh, I am cutting some slack for the Board in case the board defenders here accuse me of being impatient and not affording them more time to negotiate and get things done. But hey, some would say that these Long drawn sagas at least show that the Board is putting in bids and doing its job, results be damned.
  5. I think he would mind being in a "Mikel" role. Wasn't he insinuating that he wanted to leave the club at the beginning of the season? However, regardless of him minding or not, it might be a challenge to sell him due to his wages unless Mourinho really wants him.
  6. Definitely one of the transfer priorities. I like Moses but the CL is another level altogether and a better right wing back needs to be bought.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Emenalo and Marina waits until at least July 1 before starting any transfer negotiations. Expect last minute panic deals again because that's how they operate for the past two summers. The modus operandi seems to be giving Low balling offers, piss off the clubs on the other side of the negotiating table and drag the talks out until the transfer deadline is looming which then triggers a series of incremental offers until which it becomes too late for the selling club to look for viable alternatives and panic buys become a last ditch resort. Witness the Koulibaly, Nainggolan and Stones transfer sagas. We have to give lots of credit to Conte for making the best of the squad and had them playing out of their skins for the season just completed despite not getting any of his preferred transfer targets. I firmly believe this is as far as it goes with this squad which is riddled with technical deficiencies and if the Board reverts to type and fail to get any of Conte's targets or worse sign a bunch of Djilobdojis and Miazgas, he really should walk and I would applaud him for that. The club's ambition will be questioned come September 1 if Conte isn't backed.
  8. Sell him off to Mourinho who wants him. Otherwise, the risk of him being another Mikel becomes greater. Unfit to be playing even for Stoke or West Brom.
  9. I expect him to stay for a Long time like Mikel. Only problem is that he's in the first team rather than being a sub ala Mikel.
  10. Up to the board to pay the big bucks for a bakayoko or whoever who improves that position.
  11. With Matic in the first team next season along with his tugboat turns and no passing range, please don't expect much progress in Europe. Must be replaced by a top class midfielder if the board is willing to shell out the cash.
  12. The team playing today is short of technical gifts like good first touches and quick turns. Arsenal easily counters that with a couple of players positioned in the right places to limit angles and the players allow them to do that with those crucial extra seconds. I firmly believe what this squad has achieved is as far as it goes and it definitely need several TOP quality players to be bought. Otherwise, there won't be any cup finals or even a strong challenge for he title next season.
  13. In today's transfer market, almost any decent player would cost "over the odds". If that is the way the Board wishes to operate and not pay what it takes to get business done, then there should be no expectation on landing any of the names mentioned in this sub-forum. The spectate of summer 2015 still haunts me....
  14. Precisely. Respect Mourinho's achievements with us and although he left on a sour note, let's not resort to calling him names.
  15. Disappointing to see Man City about to finalise the purchase of Bernardo Silva. I believed he would have been the best candidate to upgrade on Pedro and William with his ability to cut in from the right and shoot with his left foot and would certainly have defenders in two minds as to whom to man mark - Hazard or Silva if they had to choose one.