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  1. Say what you want, I think that we should get more than a draw out of this!! We were sooo boring and static today IT'S SAD! I'm not happy, regarding being away at Scousers. We are at the moment THE DEAL and really should've won today! Fabregas should start sinc minute 1 from now on, because when he enters, we actually start to play a little! And even Pedro over Hazard, who's been really poor in recent games!!!
  2. Besides winning, getting massive 3 points and whole lot of self-esteem, I want to see a win, just so Spuds won't have a reason to publish another DVD titled: "How we've stopped Europe TOP side on a winning streak." P.S. Sry for bad english =)
  3. So, we are expecring a win today. No jinx. It's just how it is, we must win this poor Stoke side at home no matter what, good or bad daily form. Plus, what a huge game LIV-MANC is, for us as well. Our win + maybe a draw there and we're 8 and 9 points clear going in the 2nd half of the season. On top of that, EVERY other team has less time to prepare to the next fixture. We play today and on wednesday, Liverpool today and again on monday! Arsenal very similar. So, extra point dropping from competitors are expected, so next 2 good results may be worth more than 6 points. Plus, breaking 4rsenals rekord of 14 wins wold be just a REALLY early 2017 Christmas present. :-) Again, no jinx.
  4. Next is at HOME v Stoke and City plays Liverpool. Our win and a draw there would be fantastic for us!
  5. Good reply, yet i still find this kind of quoting unnecessary. Comming out with #conteout isn't really keeping credibility and keeping the correct approach to a discussion, is it? :) I'm sure the majority of us expected Bat from the start, yet it seems he still isn't quite prepared to be alone up front. This is rather disappointing, he's been around for a while now. Nevertheless, hope we win this one today! Boxing day mirracles had happened before tho..MASSIVE 3 POINTER TODAY!
  6. I hate those people, quoting others stating "You clearly know more that Conte who is with the players all the time and has 11 game winning streak". It's a bloody forum, people are alowed to state their mind. And nobody here is for #ConteOut, stop being childis, FFS.
  7. Well this was a hell of a long wait =) Bournemouth as said before are no pushovers..will be glad to see any kind of win, yet i'm sure 1-0 won't do it today. Hope Michy starts, but we will need a moment of brilliance from let's say Pedro as we needed agains Tottenham to turn it around. This one is massive, despite Bournemouth being the opposite team. I sure hope for no Boxing Day miracles, we sure don't need that today.
  8. CFC_SLO

    Thibaut Courtois

    So what is going on with his fella? Surely our defense is not near close to being rock solid and stable as it used to be, but that is why we have a "suppose to be" WC goalkeeper on goal line in the first place! I used to laugh at moments when Mignolet saved nearly impossible, and 10 minutes later conceed from an "easy-to-save" situation. But damn, Courtois is not far from the same problem! Truly unbelivable what is happening. I was always very calm when Cech was still in the blue shirt, now i know we are going to conceed every single game! Most possibly from a stupid not even the most sufisticsted playaction of the opposed team! And sry for my english, got a bit rusty through years :-)