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  1. Seeing as we don't have Hazard or Pedro available I would quite like to see a front two of Morata - Michy to be experimented with. I think that it would be quite interesting to see how they would get on working together up front.
  2. Welcome to the forum mate, hope you take a quick look and then decide to stay for a long time!
  3. Fair point mate. Bakayoko's still an unknown quantity considering we don't know how well he will acclimatise to the league, all we have to go on is assumption.
  4. Please come true. I would be delighted with Sanches, he didn't really show what he can do in Germany last year but there is no doubting his potential.
  5. Would it not better to all treat each other with a bit of civility as opposed to letting something like Kenedy did trigger some kind of war of words on the forum. We are all blue here ey?
  6. Rape of Nanking, Japanese medical experiments on captured Chinese soldiers, having Hong Kong seized by the British, etc...
  7. I think Kenedy was a silly boy, you know how the world is watching you when you are in the public domain like all professional footballers are. Whether light hearted banter or not there are thousands are people who will now be baying for his blood. It's a shame it had to happen and that he has now soured things for himself with the club hierarchy. For what it's worth I think Kenedy is really talented but this is just another barrier to making it into the first team. I truly would not be surprised if he doesn't get punished a la Mellis (chucked) to appease our fans in the far East.
  8. Fair enough, I don't know much about James but I thought he was known for being much better as a central player unless I am thinking of someone else (very likely).
  9. Where would you have fit him in the system out of interest?
  10. 100%. I'm not saying he's a terrible player but my God is the man living a charmed existence. I think he has always looked so much better because of the players and system around him. He is bench quality for us, shame he is going to be continuing on as captain, guess he will play most games in that circumstance.
  11. Otamendi defending at it's finest!
  12. Also true. I would be happy with alternatives but I was pointing out a possible scenario that could see Sandro join City.
  13. True but City also have blank cheques... so that might find us in somewhat of a pickle.
  14. What is interesting is that everyone was thinking when we looked nailed on for Danilo that it might help to tempt Sandro to us. Has noone thought maybe City are putting the pieces together before a massive bid for Sandro?
  15. You only offer that up because you know we will definitely not sign Sandro. Very sly!