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  1. Some here thought it would be as well. I'm not able to watch and from the looks here that's not so bad. Let's turn it around Chelsea
  2. FA Cup victory gives you the chance to win José's new favorite trophy and join the suddenly prestigious Euro League. Do neutrals care much as much about the playoff final? It is a bigger payday though
  3. I think @ChelseaBear is also correct. The market overall is inflated but there is a huge premium on English players and transfers in and out of English clubs. How many on your list were either in or out of England? Other clubs know English clubs will and can pay more, they also know they have to spend more to get top talent away from them
  4. Yes it is
  5. It keeps getting better for us
  6. Arsenal fans may want them as a way to remember they were in a final. Play our best and we win this. I know Conte has a spotty cup record but this feels different
  7. Damn, Silva and Mendy are the only two I would have liked to see us sign from Monaco
  8. I was thinking of Dier, who from what I remember spent his entire youth career in Portugal but I forgot he doesn't count as homegrown.
  9. Much more interesting than this CS debate. I think there are more on the way out as well like Hart and Nasri. They are going to have a huge turnover. I don't think they'll get good fees for them either. Still I'd expect Pep to have them sign 2 or 3 top class players and a few bench players. Could be 200m+
  10. With Milan rumors and the ones about Zidane giving him a bigger role maybe he's inclined to stay. He's their 2nd leading goalscorer despite playing alot less than Benzema. I'd love to have him here, he's Costa without the attitude.
  11. "Of course money matters, no one can survive without the money. But money is not everything. If I can get this British citizenship... Surely this passport in the future can open doors. I can get my passport and I can get it for my family too." EHHHHHH, too bad he's capped for Brazil. Does he count as homegrown if he becomes English?
  12. “And, if you want to know about the money, I cut my salary to come back here,” he said. “But it’s OK, God has given me a lot, so I’m happy with this. Did I come back different? Always the same question … I think I try to improve as a person, as a brother, as a son, as a friend every day." Top bloke I think so. He's much more suited to playing in the middle there than Cahill. I think Christensen would be good there too so Ake can play on the left
  13. wink wink eh? I'm all for Tierney signing here, I think he'd be good to spell Alonso or play when we need to be less active going forward. Plus when he makes it big there's another player Wenger can add to the 'I tried to sign him' list.
  14. That would be phenomenal but swap deals are not so common, make it a little unrealistic