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  1. I doubt he's really on the radar of the likes of Liverpool given he wants 50k. Would he be any better off there? No. He'd still be 3rd or 4th in the pecking order there. He'll move to a smaller club overpaying or stay with us. He could eventually be a 2nd ST b/c as everyone has been saying he does the bare minimum of what you would expect a ST to do. He'll never be a top ST IMO
  2. “Firstly, the pitch,” said Wenger when asked what are the biggest dangers facing his team. “Secondly, their enthusiasm. Thirdly if we are not ready for a big fight. Subconsciously if we think ‘no matter, it’s a non-league team, we will pass’, that will not happen. Ideally we would like to play on a normal pitch. But it has been accepted so … competition is also about dealing with what you face. We face an artificial pitch and we have to deal with it.” Holy sh1t, the excuses are already creeping up. I get it, its different playing on artificial surfaces but if anything that should help Arsenal because they have every physical and technical advantage. I'd bet Sanchez makes more per week than that entire club make in a year. Wenger is preparing the fans for defeat here
  3. Real or fake? If you've made it up, well done lol
  4. Cesc and Nate should be good to watch
  5. We should 100% want Wenger to stay and I don't think the board at Arsenal have the balls to sack him anyway
  6. That would be like Christmas come again. It would be too good, they'll pick up one of the 3 trophies but CL will be hard for them to stick
  7. Fans in Chile have started a march to have him leave Arsenal, lol
  8. "When asked whether he was signing for Liverpool in the Summer, Klopp did not answer, as he could not stop laughing." Already on his wikipedia page. I can't imagine Liverpool will pay his 50k a week demands but if he goes then so be it. He hasn't proven anything aside from being able to score at youth level. Hard to look other young players at the club in the eye when you have him on such a high wage
  9. I agree. RWB is lower on the priority list than CM and LWB. We should be just fine on the right for the upcoming season. Verratti would be a great signing for us. He is similar to Kante but playing with him may free Verratti to express himself going forward more which he is actually quite good at. I know theres a worry we wouldn't be able to compete in the air but Matic is very poor there anyway when you consider his size. Matic needs to be replaced. Chalo can play when we need more defensive solidarity and Cesc can play when when we need to unlock teams. He isn't playing to his potential and its hard imagine him playing to the level he used to be at. If I'm wrong then great but I think thats the position of #1 priority going into the summer
  10. That seems too long to be real.
  11. Nuts. Aguero is going to have a point to prove now. I expect he'll score every other match from here on out
  12. I think those teams closer to us will knock each other off by going for it in big matches against each other. They all need points and unless we start dropping points consistently draws won't do for them
  13. Still having trouble with his knee from getting Agueroed. Rest him for the Swansea game as well. We shouldn't kneed him for that but we'll definately kneed him for the last 10 matches, no kneed to risk it ;)
  14. That's true but I don't think anyone was counting chickens yet. 5 or 6 points out of 15 would be awful and very pessimistic.
  15. I didn't think Hazard played as poorly as some in the match thread were saying. He was getting battered by some of us. While he wasn't MOTM for me, he wasn't bad by any means