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  1. Cover is just that, cover. While thats a great point about Dave being a defensive cover at RWB I think its also the equivalent to Ake at LWB. I think we disagree on Baba, if he's your 2nd option you're doing fine IMO. What I was getting at was Alonso has offered more than Moses so far and if we're looking to upgrade on one of the two I think Moses needs to be a higher priority. Conte thinks he's great apparently but I'm still not convinced he's good enough if we want to challenge in Europe. Alonso is of that standard for his position, he at least offers a goal threat in addition to defending I'm not sure many other players can match
  2. Fellas... “It’s a very complicated situation, in spite of his contract with the club until 2021. He wants to win trophies, and PSG, as they are now, can’t win.” “He’s been with Paris for five years and now he’s starting to wonder whether it’s better earning a lot (of money) and not winning anything, or to start winning trophies.” I think I know which trophy he's talking about.
  3. Woke up this morning feeling fine Got Man United on my mind Jose's got us playing the way United should, oh yeah Something tells me I'm into something good. Mourinho appears delighted with the chant, as he told Portuguese TV this week: "The song that the supporters dedicate to me, in contrast to other clubs where the chants were related to my name or Special One, or the Portuguese One; here it's something where they are feeling good and are happy with the way I am leading them." Shots fired again?
  4. Are Ake and Baba not enough cover for LWB? I think we're going to look for a RWB ahead of LWB. Alonso has been better than Moses and we already have cover there. If we're trying to find a replacement for Alonso we've got our priorities mixed up. Beyond Aina we have nobody else to play RWB. Any rumors about a rb I'd take much more seriously than left sided players.
  5. Also been reported to have made a bid to Monaco of 38m+5m by Equipe. Too far out from the summer for me to believe we've actually done it. It seems counterintuitive to make a bid now as it only tells them what the floor is.
  6. That he wants it or should? I its a bit overblown. Of course he wants entertaining football but he values winning more. Probably a little less now that he's got a CL trophy than before. 10 years ago he would have fired Jose in October the 2nd time around. I'm happy with the way we play as it is now. Of course the winning helps but when teams allow us to play without constant fouls and packing it in the players acquit themselves pretty well. Even with having essentially 5 at the back when we defend we still aren't as negative as we were at times under Jose. I honestly don't see us change much tactically from match to match as some teams do, away vs home for example.
  7. If you think thats depressing, you should watch the video
  8. Needs to hit the gym, thats a weak pull up
  9. Genuinely disappointed in Arsenal losing, I wanted Wenger to stay. One less team we've got to worry about. They'll probably hire one of the young Germans to come in. Knock on wood they don't get Simeone
  10. I think the opposite. I'm hopeful Diego will have a banner day
  11. Regardless of the Hazard no show Cesc should be starting this anyway. We don't have to be worried about Stoke building up, they'll operate on long balls and countering. We need Cesc to break down the 10 men they'll have in their own half
  12. Thats my mistake, I read you then I saw Ernie_blue mention Suarez in his reply and I included it. As likely as those three are to move, the two aside from Morata will be largely inflated fees. Sanchez is already going to either Juve, United or us. Figure in where he's coming from as well. Mbappe is probably worth that but Martial was sold for around 50 and we're a couple years on. Neither will have a shortage of suitors and getting 100m for Costa is on the optimistic side. I would trade our 2 for those 3 100% of the time though, all price tags being even. I think Lukaku would be the best 1 for 1 replacement for Costa. I still stand by my statement Morata would be like for like, it would be nice to have a more versatile player there
  13. I'd like to see someone other than Cahill start this. Ake or Zouma would be just fine. Gaz could probably usea little rest and with bodies flying at him on the counter I'm not even sure he's the best choice anyway. Zouma needs minutes to really test his rehab and Ake needs them to be enticed to stick around. I know Antonio is loath to change the starters beyond RW and CM but we're going to need one of those two to play big minutes next season and even probably the rest of this one
  14. Gotta turn that narrative in his favor. Oh we hardly beat Rostov 1-0 at home? We have so many injuries and so many matches and enemies its incredible we won. All our players are fantastic and no other club could do this but we did. Its almost Trump like. Some will say we didn't play well. WRONG. We were fantastic. So many enemies. Fantastic.
  15. Suarez would be at least 100m my friend. Sanchez 50 and Im sure Mbappe won't be cheap. Im not sure how much you think we'll get for the pair. Has Bats increased in value and I havent realized it?