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  1. I think its ridiculous he won it as well.
  2. I rate him. I was just referring to how ludacris it seems to me that he's won it again after being an established player. I thought the spirit of that award was to recognize breakout young players
  3. I get the feeling he's only half joking.
  4. How many times are they gonna give Alli Young POY? Silly to give it to him twice in a row. Hopefully he'll make it a hattrick next April unless there's an age cutoff I'm not aware of. Should have gone to Sessegnon at Fulham, THAT is young.
  5. Don't enjoy the last bit but he's right Kiwi. Neither could do the other's job but both are great footballers.
  6. Hopefully gets backed in the summer even if we don't. I don't think Roman will forget this team minus 2 players finished 10th a year ago.
  7. When I saw this got a new post I thought we might be renaming it the Nemanja Matic Goal Scoring Thread
  8. Not bad so far considering its 10v11
  9. “Aké has been showing me in all this period, always a great commitment. He worked very hard, his behaviour was fantastic,” Conte said. “And don’t forget that Aké was playing every game with Bournemouth, and he wanted to come and try to help us fight for the title. I think he’s a good player, he deserves this opportunity and I trust him. I have no problem to take this decision.”
  10. Ake starts. Nathan Ake will start Pochettino has been talking us up
  11. Time for JT to make his return to the team. The ship has strayed off course
  12. Fully agree. Gameplan to have those 3 buzz in front of their backline and have massive workrates, bring on Costa and start pounding them once one of the starts losing effectiveness. We've tried it before with Costa and he just doesn't bother their defense enough when he has the ball. Hopefully he is bothered by being dropped and it lights a fire under him. Sooner or later we're gonna need him to start scoring and if thats what it takes then so be it. I'd be comfortable with Pedro, Willian and Hazard as our front three from here out. We're gonna see a lot of parked buses in our next 6 league matches
  13. I'd pefer Morata too. I don't see us abandoning 3 at the back but I can see 2 strikers and Hazard in a hole behind them. Bats could be 3rd to Lukaku and Morata. I think he comes around with another preseason, the talent is there
  14. *cough* Wilshere *cough* For real tho Matic needs to go to make way for a signing and Chalo. I'm still hoping Conte rates MVG when he comes back
  15. Started off as a joke but the more I think about it....