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  1. TheChelseaBlues

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I think he would only because who else in the team would he prefer. Given his pick of other players however...
  2. TheChelseaBlues

    Random Rumours

    Mail say United are willing to rate Willian at 60m. Yes please. Cash or Martial would do fine. He'd look better in red than Mata does. Can't stand the sight of him wearing that color
  3. TheChelseaBlues

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Charles or Ross? Cuts both ways though. He'd presumably have a hard time saying no to others as well.
  4. TheChelseaBlues

    Transition from Youth team to First team.

    https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2018/6/17/17471008/chelsea-midfielder-harvey-st-clair-bypasses-loan-army-transfers-to-venezia Harvey has decided to forgo the loan army and more reserve football. Smart move on his behalf. We have hopefully cover all our bases with the transfer should he turn into a first class player. Probably one of the less talented/heralded of the group that's been winning every trophy they can Not entirely sure but since he's so young there has to be an official transfer even though his contract will expire next month yes?
  5. TheChelseaBlues

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Our old buddy ADL says he hasn't spoken to anyone at Chelsea about Sarri. He also added “I want to make one thing clear: this is not a club to be pillaged, this is not a club to be underestimated. I am here to discuss and have already said that, if called, I would be reasonable." Got to be lying right? Maybe Sarri and all the drama have been a smokescreen. We've had Conte's targets wrapped up already to avoid inflated prices and Marina is keeping this all cloak and dagger....'vacation'. Also Tupac is on an island somewhere livin the good life
  6. TheChelseaBlues

    Next Chelsea Manager

    You seem to misunderstand the word never. How are these players at their clubs if they were never in for them?
  7. TheChelseaBlues

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Sarri speaks English from his time as a banker. I thought native language always comes out as gibberish. Zeta the psychic
  8. TheChelseaBlues

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Very good point that gets lost in the Conte vs board saga. They may have attempted to buy certain big name players but the theme was that none of them really wanted to join Conte at Chelsea. Vidal and Sandro didn't seem all that interested in reuniting with him. Bonucci didn't want to leave Italy. Legend that he is Drogba was probably in Lukaku's ear about how great Jose could make him. In those cases there's nothing the board can do. Money isn't the sole factor in signing players who are already rich and seemingly happy where they are. This was also something I worried about toward the end of last summer. Usually a manager lures a former player or two with him to his new job. None of Contes former players seemed too interested in making the jump bar Morata who had had a tenuous link with him in the first place. That relationship with players can't be helpful.
  9. TheChelseaBlues

    Fixtures 2018/2019

    Especially since those will be sandwiched around Europa fixtures.
  10. TheChelseaBlues

    Random Rumours

    Rumor has it Lemar dropped us from consideration bc ov our manager situation. I think he won't be long for Atleti because he's going to thrive in that system like he would do with Sarri.
  11. TheChelseaBlues

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    80m is peanuts for him. He's better than Pogba
  12. TheChelseaBlues

    Businessman offers to buy Chelsea

    The Soldado example is silly but you're right. The way forward is to blood youth players instead of spending 200m a summer. Whether or not a change in ownership would change how the club operates we'll never know. I'm glad Roman has supposedly turned the offer down.
  13. TheChelseaBlues

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I think most are referring to him 'moaning' about club transfer policy and his lackluster squad
  14. TheChelseaBlues

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Gotta hear what top transfers clubs have made so far. Lemar is the only one I can think of and is that really a 'top' transfer? There's nothing stopping us from making our own signings btw. The window is open and we have a manager in place. Not that it should matter bc the manager doesn't get the players he wants anyway right?
  15. TheChelseaBlues

    Eden Hazard

    Not about spending money or one or two big players.... The club should shift focus and stop spending large sums and relying one or two players. I thought it was pretty clear he's implying stop worrying about Hazard who is just one player and we're spending to placate him.