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  1. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Alright, I can't see how Sterling earns a pen and Morata against Norwich is a dive. This is just arbitrary
  2. Shame he won't be manager next season lol
  3. Random Rumours

    lol, the club don't want to buy players for the manager who is leaving 5 months because the club don't want to buy him players.
  4. Who would you take over Andy Carroll?

    I thought this posted already. ^^^this would be dope
  5. Who would you take over Andy Carroll?

    Not Peter Crouch.
  6. Tapping up

    The club have been investigated about 25 youth players we've supposedly brought in illegally. First English club to be investigated. The big 3 spanish clubs have all been sentenced with bans for 2 transfer windows. Part of me thinks it may be good in the long run if that happens. The counter argument also makes sense but I'm not sure Hazard, Thibo or Conte walk with the club in that situation and they surely aren't sold or sacked
  7. Club's investment into the squad

    Oh I'd take RLC over Baka in a heartbeat right now but at the beginning of the season when transfers are made? Drinkwater is easily better than both currently IMO. He's a different type of player to RLC and in an CAM role maybe better but we have Cesc there.
  8. Club's investment into the squad

    They don't have to be 30m better they just have to be better now. This stems from us changing managers so often but why play either of RLC or Chalo if you the manager think the other two give you a better chance of winning now when you're probably out the door in a year? I'm all for giving young players opportunities especially when the senior players are so dreadful but Conte must have looked at those two and thought they wouldn't help this season. How many clubs would prefer RLC or Chalo to Drinkwater for the next 12 months? It's revisionist but maybe Conte wasn't aware the club wanted to work on a budget and he's tired of it. He left Juventus bc they essentially wouldn't spend enough. I hope that's not the case here and he stays and spends 200m on the right players this summer while dropping the dead money we have on the books and incorporating our youth champions. I feel like he could be the right man to back if given the money and time but this is a business and our owner is about to sink a lot of money into making it self sustainable.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    9Didn't get to watch until pens started. I noticed a good amount of people here saying he's going to leave in the summer or before the season ends. Even the commentator said he thinks he'll be gone before the month is over. Did something happen?
  10. Not only that but they'd be hungry for every second. Why we constantly ignore Musonda, Sterling and other young players for these when our squad is thin idk. Let the older players watch a kid go out there and run his socks off as a reminder. You think Cahill and Luiz aren't bothered by Ampadu and Andreas coming for a spot in the team?
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I think that's sort of the case but how many of those turned us down despite having offers in for them. (Reportedly) Lukaku chose United over us. Danilo chose City. Ox chose Liverpool. Llorente chose Spurs. Sandro didn't push for a move and that's what it seems to take for WC players to move these days. I'm not sayin the club have been blameless but Conte hasn't exactly lured many players in that he has supposedly wanted. Vidal doesn't seem to be itching to reunite with him, Nianggolan or Sandro either. That's in addition to the players above.
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    This has already impacted our transfers Players wont want to sign if they arent sure who the manager will be
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Lol hard to imagine Conte sabotaging himself. Jose I can see, he's wanted his current job for a while. About the player power, I hope Roman and or the board put thier foot down and back the manager. Thats the only way it ends. We may lose a few players but it sends a message to the rest and future players.
  14. On the contrary I think Barkley will fancy his chances of displacing Baka.
  15. I've had enough of Willian. He needs to be replaced. I just can't anymore