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  1. I suppose a large part of this game is what matches AM have coming up, they're guaranteed eufa cup, Roma will beat carrier bag.
  2. wtf? Conte sent off, aye? Twat.
  3. Resting Azpi, I like it. Get a few goals and bring on Ampadu.
  4. Well...we're about to find out :)
  5. Jose's looking relaxed. That worries me. However, Kante's back! Come on lads!
  6. Takes time...this is his first team where he's been the main striker. We're gonna score but we'll need two for a draw I think.
  7. Hazard's turned up, anyway. :)
  8. Well if Kante's still not ready I don't want him risked. It's a long season, we'll qualify out of this group with one more win. Kante is just so important to us, there's always a hole when he's not playing. Can't rush him. F*** this game, it doesn't matter too much. Come on you BLUES!!!!
  9. Qarabag Atletico 0-0! LMAO!
  10. I mean city were seriously good there...best I've ever seen them.