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  1. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Well...the way things are just now...looks like he's staying. He'll have agreed to stay the whole season and do his best if so, otherwise he'll sit on the bench and be useless to Atletico in January. It's not likely that Atletico will turf their main striker to accommodate him in Jan either, when you think about it, they play as a unit. I'll be happy to get another year out of Costa, if it happens.
  2. Finished it in style :)
  3. Yeah but let's be honest...none of us will ever recover from missing out on 5000-1 on Leicester. Anyway....what a ****ing result tonight, eh! Gonna be a lot easier looking at sky sports w/l/d table tomorrow.
  4. The game was a bit flat most of the time, great result though. Come on ar (choke) Come on arsen (splutter, cough) ffs, don't want a draw...come on arsenal :(
  5. Courtois out....maybe we'll keep a clean sheet for once.
  6. 45 minutes to decide the season?
  7. Eden Hazard

    When Hazard made that pass with the back of his shoulder...I thought 'right...he's gone'.
  8. Absolutely...who cries over a clean sheet at this stage of the season when it isn't over? I'm not calling anyone out. Just saying...every one of those players would give up a red card to win the game if they had to (OK they didn't but you know what I mean)...they're good with the win, we're all good with it. We're all great with it.
  9. I agree...infuriating (especially for Courtios) but I'll take it every time. 11 games to go...10 points ahead :)
  10. I just saw Hazard make a Ronaldinho lay-off. Oh...and there was a goal.
  11. This game is set up for us to show off. We'll destroy them, they'll have no answers. They've won 9 and lost 13. Neither side really does draws this season. They've conceded double the goals and scored half. Doesn't matter if we play Matic or Fab but Matic usually starts and we usually win so that's probably that.
  12. When Hazard brushed off Coquelin....Coquelin went down like a depressed kamikaze who'd decided that what he really hated was the pitch.
  13. MOTM vs Arsenal (H) (PL)

    Although I voted Hazard I'm surprised no-one has gone for Aspi.
  14. Today's results have handed us a massive opportunity. Absolutely massive. We will go for the kill in this one. Might see a Fab/Kante pairing.