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  1. I don't thnk he will play the 2nd team. After conceding the league, this and FA cup are our consolidation trophies. So team would likely be Willy Azpi Christensen Rudiger Moses Kante Cesc DD Zappa Hazard/Willian Morata
  2. you need to go easy on morata. He is good enough to cause problem to umtiti and pique and has scored against them in a CL final. He is a big match player gets a level above while playing a big opponent and arguably the best technical striker in PL barring aguero (Yes including kane). We wouldn't be having this much ball against barca for wllian and pedro to do what they did today.
  3. Who's the second ? Lulu ? or Jose ?
  4. We gotta win this one theres nothing else acceptable. League seems like a mountain to climb so lets focus on the real thing :)
  5. Easy to say then done. That was magic. It was written in stars and especially, King Didier <3
  6. So honestly, where do you guys think we would end up this season ?
  7. Branislav Ivanovic - Your Views?

    Bane is playing really solid at the rightback position since the start of the season. He is very effective while going forward. defensively solid and winning headers. The only weakness i see is that he struggles against pacy winger for eg like nani in the midweek.