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  1. perfect tony pulis goalkeeper
  2. ever since his scintillating performance against bournemouth last december he has been on total autopilot mode conte need to wake him up
  3. @DrogbaIsKing you've been listening too much alex jones back to topic, just learned about the arsenal match, typical lucky pricks, thats twice now burnley got completely robbed by koscielny and the ref
  4. not the best performance, got a bit lucky with that alonso pen i think cesc had more successful tackles than matic all afternoon, plus almost two assist in just 15 minutes he must start at anfield
  5. his performance yesterday, his best yet in a boro shirt according to the media played like a certain big club is interested in him
  6. i miss splishsplosh he was a funny troll, rip
  7. had a very very good game i can see why conte fancies him, but think swansea won't let him go now after that showing
  8. lol you voted for the dumbf**k?
  9. bring on the second Jesus pep
  10. Jesus will deliver
  11. f**king cheating f**ks