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  1. my dog's anus is more reliable than gazeta delo sport, calling 100% bs
  2. no chance he'll stay, even if the china deal broke down, that goodbye wave was definitely a message to conte and the board that he's done here
  3. "light starts shining in machester again, the people can smile again" goodness me im sure those who are affected by the tragedy couldnt give a damn about a football team winning a football match?
  4. okay game's already over ajax now just kick the sh*t out of that little bitch c**t herera
  5. understandable, such a shame those bstards made us change our way of life i wonder if it's going to be rescheduled
  6. alexis is a tough cookie im sure he'll start, definitely won't be 100% fit though, another plus for us
  7. those are fakes, that home kit is based on fan's design, and the away kit will reportedly be grey-ish instead of plain white
  8. some new leaks, training jackets the windbreaker one looks noice
  9. right didn't know he tore his acl this season, but he's been pretty much injury-free before that i know it's a bit of a gamble since he's a massive twat but aurier? psg reportedly want €20million for him. if not for his character he would be up there as one of the best fullbacks in europe right now
  10. another great bit of business from the club
  11. i don't know why we're not linked with florenzi, i thought he was excellent during the euros, still fairly young as well
  12. "On a scale of 1 to 10, the chances that I sign with Man Utd are a 6." pretty much a message to united to win the EL and he'll join them don't want him anyway, victor moses is better