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  1. Bayern are believed to be willing to pay around £40 million and also satisfy Sanchez’s wage-demands, even though Arsenal’s offer is understood to have now reached £280,000-a-week. Chelsea and Manchester City are also interested in Sanchez but, although the player likes living in London and may be willing simply to run down his contract, Arsenal will not want to risk losing their best player for nothing next season to a direct rival. £40m? lols bid 60 and get it done already chelsea
  2. guardian, telegraph, mail, etc. releasing essentially the same story at about the same time, i wonder if it was a brief from the club it is a believable scenario imo, i just can't see conte and the type of man he is, sending basically a feck off message out of the blue, it must be triggered by something and more likely it's because diego once again being a major twat, who knows diego might have planned all of this all along to accelerate his move away from england sheesh what a mess
  3. ciao
  4. well this is pretty upsetting
  5. sandro? yes please mahrez.. well if antonio wants him why not
  6. liverpool done exactly the same with clint dempsey and fulham five years ago bunch of mugs, rawk already on victim card mode
  7. welcome back rom
  8. Another man guilty of seemingly being unable to hide his feelings is Everton’s Romelu Lukaku, who, during an interview when on international duty with the Belgium squad, published by DH, was asked if he was interested in returning to Chelsea. His answer? A wink and a smile, followed by ‘no comment’ and him seemingly shying away from the question, laughing. The player then went on to say ‘he knew where he wanted to go’ and that his ‘agent was sorting everything out’. As for staying at Everton? ‘I don’t think so, no’.
  9. lol?
  10. arsenal ready to make an improved bid worth £122m according to l'equipe if true looks like they're serious after all
  11. surely they have enough loyalty points for one free ryan bertrand by now
  12. interesting quotes from eden
  13. he's 34 and was just settling in a new country, why would he move again to another country after just one season? besides he still has a couple of years left on his contract, and he's done well this season, can't see juve letting him go
  14. I tought allegri is a europe specialist? Lel Conte will win the champions league before him