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  1. moses can't cross to save his life
  2. neville was kind enough to spare his time to talk with these idiots and they waste it arguing about the word 'idiot' and clown emoji i just cant..
  3. saw jackie last night, very haunting biopic about jackie kennedy's life following her husband's assasination really enjoyed it, amazing score and cinematography, astounding performance by natalie portman
  4. Huddersfield 0-3 Man City Middlesbrough 1-0 Oxford Millwall 1-1 Leicester Barnsley 1-3 Brighton Notts Forest 1-1 Sheff Wed Wigan 1-2 Preston
  5. the episode 8 hype has begun
  6. from conte's pc : no musonda, he'll play for the dev team tomorrow should've loaned him out last month
  7. My tinfoil theory about the fa and doping stands As incredible as kante is,, its still hard to believe a team can go from champions to relegation contender with just one player removed, i mean is ranieri really that bad that he has not figured it out how to play without kante especially since they reinforce well during the transfer window
  8. Welp this is very rich coming from you
  9. Sky about to switch to live footage of carra and martin tyler jacking off each other
  10. Had a bad feeling the moment our fans sang we're gona win the league