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  1. i concede to my fanboyism and bought andromeda space intercourse here i come!
  2. form completely skydived after the whole china thing, then those quotes yeah think he's definitely leaving this summer, hopefully that chinese team is still interested, or who knows with atleti might open talks for griezman swap deal
  3. wenger's new 2 year contract will be announced on april first i reckon "whoops april fools, it's a 5 year contract!"
  4. even EA's biggest shill IGN only gave andromeda 7.7 what a disappointment, bioware peaked at mass effect 2 then ea goons took over, pricks
  5. just got done watching chappele's two new netflix specials return to the throne move over louie
  6. watched gladbach play the other day, definitly one to keep an eye on isn't he from syria? might be a problem if we go to US for preseason. well at least if he got detained, causing sports media uproar, we might get a mention from the president's twitter account
  7. perfect alexis replacement imo, him and giroud knee sliding and scorpion kicking to eternal mediocrity
  8. good end to end football this come one liverpool *burp*
  9. how is that not a pen lol kungfu pochball
  10. £20m bid from pep for valdes coming
  11. ruben came in as second striker yesterday for 15 minutes (vs michy's usual 15 seconds) and did really well, so now michy's behind him in the pecking order looking unlikely but i hope the club can convince him to stay and get loaned out next season, have a feeling he'll potentially be another lukaku/debryune if we sell him