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  1. Yeah, I understand but I still feel like they could've done a little more. I like the simplicity of the kit but it is literally the same exact design except for the collar.
  2. Come on Nike...
  3. That is why I can't stand sports media outlets sometimes. They make up a story about Conte threatening to leave, then milk it as much as they can and now they're saying everything is fine. Scumbags.
  4. This thread has warmed my heart, I love you guys. Me being a foreign Chelsea fan has always been an issue for other people wherever I mention it, except on here where I was welcomed with open arms. Coming from a small country, of course I support my local club, but when I saw Gronkjaer's goal against Monaco there was an instant click in my head and the next thing I know I'm following Chelsea's games. That quickly grew into a passion and I consider myself a real supporter, as real as they come. As for the going to games 'issue', that is a goal of mine which I hope to reach and fulfill as soon as possible. Tears of joy, tears of happiness, sacrificing other things to support the club, you name it - I've been through it all as a CFC fan. Sorry for the mini rant, I felt like I had to get that off my chest. I hope none of you guys take offence because there's not a single letter of this post that is meant to do that.
  5. I'm sorry buy I saw this pic on WAGHN and thought it was too funny not to share.
  6. I don't know if you guys follow Formula 1, but Jose was in Monaco today and Ted (SkySports' employee) ran into him and told him that he is the reason his mother is a Chelsea fan. Mourinho's response was 'I hope she changed the club'. This guy...
  7. The full interview with BT, really insightful.
  8. Allergies, onions... you name it.
  9. LMFAO @ Diego squeezing the little kid by the balls. He is batsh*t crazy I tell ya.
  10. That was a great short Terry tribute video from the Premier League. I'll try to find it.
  11. 30 wins. I feel like this record will never be broken.