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  1. Nothing new but it's nicely put together and explained, definitely worth a watch. Written by Dan Levene.
  2. I know Costa has been vocal and honest about wanting to leave before, but personally I'm not liking these quotes, I prefer players keeping their mouths shut and do this kind of stuff behind the scenes. He has been an important part of our team for the past 3 years and of course I'd love it if he stayed, but if he's not entirely happy here then let him leave. I'm sure we can find a proper replacement with the amount of money we'd get from his sale.
  3. "Playing one match per week like some of them have since the beginning of the season, they don't know what fatigue is, they don't know what accumulation is.." I guess he's going to be saying the same thing in every interview now? It's getting pretty boring I must say.
  4. Another great article on the subject: "In the fullness of time, maybe when Mourinho has departed England, perhaps Chelsea supporters will unify to reminisce fondly about their love for the "Special One" and the silverware-lined glory of his madness. Right now though, it's all about Conte -- a new passion, a new true love. And true love conquers all: including Mourinho and Manchester United."
  5. Sorry if I've come across as someone who's trying to abuse the man, not my intention at all. As I said earlier in this thread, I understand both sides of the argument but my personal view is that I respect Jose and will be eternally grateful for the unforgettable times and I wll never be able to hate him even if I wanted to. The love I have for him will always be there, but as long as he is managing United, I won't be supportive at all (obviously) and I would much rather focus on cheering our current manager on as much as I can.
  6. Do you guys remember what Jose said when Lampard joined City? "When he decided to go to a direct competitor then love stories are over." Same thing applies in this case.
  7. Us on April 22. Arsenal v City on April 23.
  8. Costa swearing in English, that's hilarious.
  9. No more Mr. nice guy from Conte, atta boy.
  10. Foul after foul after foul after foul... get that f**king smirk off your face Jose, completely deserved!
  11. Guess who doesn't skip leg day?
  12. That's one shady looking motherf**ker right there.
  13. I hope the ones already saying that we're champions don't jinx us!