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    I don't see it happening at all but if the opportunity arises where we can get Martial in a swap for Willian, I can't see why we wouldn't do it. Martial is younger and has a higher ceiling than Willian has ever had, I've always been fond of him and think he could be exactly what we need if we want to change our style of play for next season. He has been treated appallingly by Mourinho in favour of Sanchez, who will never receive half of the stick Martial gets because he runs around erratically and aimlessly. When Martial came on yesterday he was very threatening, apart from that one awful cross he did a lot more than Sanchez ever did and I think, with something to prove, he could be a real asset for us.
  2. Well played everyone! Played like warriors, and credit to the back 3 who were absolutely outstanding
  3. Bakayoko and the 3-5-2, deary me
  4. BenCFC19

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I was at that game and it remains my favourite game that I've been to. I genuinely remember turning to the guy beside me and saying that it was like watching Brazil and I meant it, because we played such a fluidity and an energy that is just so lacking in our team today. We were absolutely superb on the day and the atmosphere in the Shed was terrific, belting out the Antonio chant from the first minute to the last and we looked like we could score as many as we wanted without even having to worry about conceding a goal. So depressing how it's all changed.
  5. Please please sack him before the final. The humiliation would just be too much
  6. Surely Bakayoko has at least one attribute?
  7. Make a change you pathetic sulking w**ker
  8. Where is the competitiveness in these men? More worryingly, where is their pride?
  9. We usually sh*t the bed at this ground but this is something else. It's so sad to say after last season, but I really have nothing but contempt for that "team" and its coward of a manager
  10. Played alright after their goal but due to the embarrassing team selection which led to the first half being a complete waste of time, we had no chance. Antonio Conte, you have lost all credibility for me and quite frankly, I cannot wait to see the back of your constant f**king moaning and your truly dreadful football; your attitude and lack of effort this season will not be missed. And thanks to Lee Mason for another incompetent sh*tshow on behalf of you and your fellow refereeing team, bunch of corrupt and arrogant w**kers
  11. I've been watching football for a number of years, and I can safely say I have never seen a side that is as bad at crossing as we are, and it's been like this for a number of years now. Utterly pathetic
  12. Two tall strikers in the box who thrive off crosses, watch them pass the ball around the midfield aimlessly for 40 minutes
  13. Joke of an official but let's not kid ourselves, our set pieces are laughable and it probably would have settled nicely into the keepers Arms.
  14. We are brutal to watch. What must Emerson be thinking? He performed well during his cameo and now he's back on the bench even when the squad has been heavily rotated. Alonso is just so, so slow and is just such an uninspiring full back, always getting the ball and going backwards
  15. Moses really is unrivalled when it comes to hooking the ball 50 yards back to their keeper to start their attack off, it's like he's being practicing it game after game for years now...