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  1. Welcome along for the ride, Alvaro. Let's keep the title in West London for another year
  2. Young, very talented and in my opinion will be out to prove a point after being solely a bench player for Madrid. Good signing dont know if it's just me but is anyone else's sick of these ITK's on social media? I know it's the way things are now in the modern game but I'm getting sick of seeing people with (most likely) absolutely no clue what they're talking about tweeting about how every rumour is a "done deal"
  3. Belotti looks a very good player, if Lukaku going to United means we have more of a chance of signing him then I'd be okay with that
  4. Just don't see how he could want to go to United over Chelsea, maybe I'm just incredibly biased but Chelsea's situation just seems more attractive than United's ATM and I wouldn't want to return to the manager who sent me out on loan then discarded me when I had quite clearly proven my worth
  5. I know a lot of people don't want Lukaku but it's clear that he's a main target for Conte and if he ends up signing for United it's a major failure on the part of the board. There is no way back for Costa after the whole text debacle and if the impossible did happen and he stayed, Conte would look like an absolute fool. Pull your fingers out of your arse Chelsea, maybe nothing has been learnt from the Summer of 2015 at all
  6. When I opened this page I scrolled down and the first thing I saw was "SANDRO IS OURS!" My eyes lit up... then I looked at your name
  7. Anyone have a rough idea when the TV schedule will be announced for the first few months of the fixtures?
  8. I wouldn't let him leave. I am one of his biggest critics but with the amount of games we have this year compared to last, we need depth and he has great experience. I have seen very little of Bakayoko but I sincerely hope he is a lot better on the ball than matic is because retaining the ball in the middle of the park is a serious issue for us and I think Matic is the main culprit. We had a pretty decent record against the big sides but any time a decent team pressed us we really struggled; I remember being so frustrated in the first 10-15 mins at Anfield because Liverpool were typically pressing really well and every time Matic got the ball he lumped it high into the air and straight back to them. I think Conte will have noticed this and hope it's different next season
  9. Well, they tried for probably the 4th/5th time this year and outplayed us, thoroughly. Improvement in the second half but that Moses moment lost us this match, utterly pathetic decision. Brilliant league performance and credit to us for getting to the final, but hopefully this loss has given Conte a few ideas as to how we can improve, because we'll need a few changes if we want to retain the title
  10. Very very nervous but excited
  11. Last appearance in front of the Bridge for Diego then, thanks for everything. Give us one great game in the final then go and get your payday
  12. Any time we get the ball forward we lose it as soon as it reaches Costa