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  1. Maybe but comments like that are so childish and add nothing insightful whatsoever
  2. BenCFC19

    Eden Hazard

    I never worry about it. Since Roman came along we've had this sh*te peddled against us time and time again, and yet time and time again we prove them wrong. You'd think they'd learn...
  3. Always good beating a Neil Warnock side, he suits Cardiff down to a tee as their support is absolutely vile. Was beautiful seeing Hazard celebrate the second in front of them, despite the objects thrown at him for good measure. What a nice bunch. We're improving week in week out which is good to see and when we needed to switch things on after going behind, some of the link up play was a joy to behold. Was impressed with Barkley when he came on and not much can be said about Hazard that hasn't been said already, best player in the league and it isn't even close.
  4. BenCFC19

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Have to agree and don't think he'll ever succeed here, for me he just isn't good enough and people are blinded by their desire to see a youngster make it through that they just don't see it. We should be doing everything in our power to make sure CHO and Ampadu make the first team, they have a much higher ceiling and it will be a disgrace imo if at least Ampadu doesn't make it
  5. Said at half time that the commentary was brutal, didn't get much better. Yes Alonso's foul probably wasn't a penalty, but Yedlin did elbow Giroud and was that elbow mentioned nearly as many times in the immediate aftermath of the goal as much as it was in the lead up to the penalty? Of course not, they need to try and make their bias less obvious and that co-commentator should stick to championship football
  6. We haven't been bad, but we haven't been great. Been a very frustrating watch and we need to step things up and move the ball quicker or they'll grind this out. The officiating for me has been a disgrace, Hazard kicked all over the show and the first time Kovacic makes a foul it's a yellow. Sky's commentary has been brutal listening as well
  7. BenCFC19

    Mateo Kovačić

    When he played there occasionally under Rafa and for Mourinho in the big games he was decent because he was younger and actually had reasonable mobility. His passing is good and would be a benefit but he's just too slow in turning now and we'd be caught on the ball constantly
  8. Absolutely hate watching us play here. No matter how well we're playing or how completely abject they are (which they have been so far) they will always turn into 1970s Brazil when we come to town. Hopefully we get an early goal and the crowd will turn, then we can really put them to the sword
  9. First half we were brilliant going forward but just did not have the balance between attack and defence whatsoever... Kovacic coming on completely changed that, brilliant defensively and superb with his distribution. We need to do what we can to make his stay permanent
  10. Disappointed to see Hazard not start
  11. BenCFC19

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Kenedy is brutal
  12. BenCFC19


    Ampadu... Different class
  13. BenCFC19


    Ampadu fantastic, Drinkwater looking very very disinterested