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  1. I like to look around opposition forums to get a look at how other fans view us, Bluemoon is definitely the highlight for me. Always treated to how much it hurts them that we're so far ahead considering when "they're just so much better" and they'd only be 2 points behind "if it weren't for corruption." Let me tell you, there's a lot to be said for Conte's "boring" football as opposed to Pep's style, because the latter has thrown away a two goal advantage and is now out of the champions league. Bellends
  2. Have to admit, I think Ibrahimovic is a massive loss for them. Of course they still have quality but the presence of a leader and a consistent goal scorer has really allowed them to push on and transform themselves from the side they've been over the last few years, as seen in the final a few weeks ago when he dragged them over the line. Mkhitaryan is brilliant though and I'm a big fan of Martial despite being in and out of the side so we mustn't be complacent
  3. His dribbling and distribution isn't great but it struck me against West Ham just how little time centre halves give him on the ball. They know what he's like and try their best to wind him up so the second he gets the ball, they go through him. It happened countless times with Winston Reid so although it is very frustrating, he's scoring very important goals and I think the fact defenders are marking him so tightly and taking every opportunity to leave one in on him shows what a quality player we have
  4. Swear to f**k the amount of times we're in great positions and we completely f**k up at the very last moment, if we took the very good chances we have most games we play would be out of sight very quickly
  5. Think that's a bit unfair, not really his fault that an awful set piece was conceded
  6. No way is Hazard fit, moving like a bus
  7. I know, God forbid a player doesn't play outstanding every minute of every single game
  8. Yeah, it's absolutely ridiculous
  9. BT's coverage is something else
  10. Burnley are a horrible bunch
  11. Don't expect anything less from the so called hard man and self proclaimed genius that is Joey Barton
  12. If Jordan Ibe can get a game in the Premier League and be worth "£15 million" then there's hope for us all
  13. That article... My god, referring to Alonso as a "culprit" is ridiculous. Also, "threw away a 1-0 lead..." Makes it sound like we lost 3-1
  14. What a hero to zero 8 days for Hazard; absolutely f**king atrocious. Couldn't complete the most simple of passes. f**k off Burnley