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  1. Frustrating is the perfect way to sum up that match. Luiz foul was definitely 100% a red card, however, the thing which annoys me is the lack of consistency- I guarantee in the next few weeks we'll see a worse tackle that doesn't get a yellow but all in all it was ridiculous from Luiz. Aside from getting the red card decision right the officials were quite embarrassing, poor decisions all round and how they only get four minutes of added time from the amount of subs made, the time taken during the red card and Welbeck rolling around is baffling to me. The team was sadly wrong from the start and we could see the impact that Hazard and Bakayoko made when they were introduced; those surges that Bakayoko makes from midfield are brilliant to watch. Another very frustrating aspect of our game is how wasteful we are from setpieces. We have a very tall side with considerable power and every single time we're either taking it short or lumping a terrible ball straight into the keepers hands i.e cesc in the last minute, very infuriating. Anyway onwards and upwards, thankfully we didn't lose and hopefully we'll see a midfield three away to stoke next week.
  2. Quite disgusting first half really
  3. From what I remember it'll be on the red button alongside the rest of tonight's matches, I think
  4. Alvaro Morata

    Could hear it being sung but couldnt understand it. What were the lyrics?
  5. The amount of clear cut chances we waste due to absolutely ridiculous decision making is astounding, really should have won that by more seeing as the only real proper chance they had was their penalty. Never really was too convinced they would score the second though which shows that we're defending well. Was impressed by Bakayoko who is still getting to grips with fitness and this league, Kante tackled well and worked hard but his passing was questionable. Hazard's return shows us just how he important he is as Pedro had a serious off day and Willian was his usual self in that he takes far too long to make a pass. Anyway, three big points ahead of our return to European football.
  6. Pedro looks understandably below the pace as he was injured for a bit, if we bring on hazard we'll threaten considerably more
  7. Put the ball in the f**king box
  8. How the f**k was that given against Morata?
  9. This sort of bile that we see from so called "fans" on social media towards Gary Cahill honestly repulses me. Cahill is without doubt not the best defender we've ever had and he makes errors, but his positive aspects by far outweigh his negatives. After his error against Arsenal last year, how many notable mistakes did he make on the way to his second premier league title in a side with a fantastic defensive record? Not very many by my count. Show some respect to a truly lovely man who bleeds blue and is a great English captain.
  10. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Fee agreed
  11. All our enemies were waiting for a Spurs victory to jump on the Chelsea crisis bandwagon but thank f**king Christ we've shut them up. The media want a Manchester title race but we are back and not letting this title go without one hell of a fight; we were warriors today. Onwards and upwards, KTBFFH
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I f**king love that man
  13. Exactly, if Morata plays like that when he's not fully fit then i can't wait to see him when he's 100%
  14. Courtois Rudiger - Luiz - Cahill Azpi - Fabregas - Kante - Alonso Willian - Michy - Morata After all the negativity of the summer this is a must win game, in my opinion we need to have as much quality out on the pitch as possible; for me this isn't really a game to bleed a youngster like Musonda or Boga into the team. Morata isn't like Costa who would be completely useless on the wing or behind the striker; he has good technical ability, he's quick and I think he could do a good job there.