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  1. Thought the chants of "Mourinho's right, your fans are sh*te" were quite ironic considering the away end didn't make a single noise after we scored our goal. United this season are proving to be flat track bullies, coincidentally with the biggest flat track bully in football leading the line for them.
  2. Cesc Fabregas

    I massacred him on this site during the week after the Roma loss but what a way to respond, he was brilliant. His link up play with Morata and Hazard is terrific, such a smart player
  3. "A loss to United and Conte will be sacked" "The squad aren't happy with Conte's methods and there are fallouts" "There's something not right at Chelsea this year, they're facing a crisis." One big massive middle finger to the clowns in the media who are so utterly desperate to see a truly great man taken away from this league. If ever there is someone who doubts that the squad are behind Conte, show them the scenes at the final whistle and that will shut them up. We are Chelsea, we are the champions of England and we will fight to the end. Terrific response from the team, well played.
  4. I'm pretty confident that this was Fabregas' last start in a Chelsea shirt, certainly under Conte. Possibility he'll get thrown in against Bournemouth at home and whenever we draw lower sides in the FA cup, but his display was borderline comical and the third goal summed it up. Drinkwater isn't that great a player, but he'll do a hell of a lot better than Cesc. Going 1-0 down in the first minute is never easy to recover from; we were spirited in our response but that was all destroyed by that abomination of a second goal and we never really recovered from there. The second half, quite frankly, bordered on unprofessional and that's no exaggeration in my eyes. I took all the media coverage regarding Alvaro Offside Morata's desire to return to his homeland as a pinch of salt but his 'performance' this evening has swayed me, he doesn't really look that bothered to be honest. Over the last few weeks he has reminded me of Costa from January to May 2017. He doesn't do anything with the ball at his feet or with his back to goal, doesn't get into any good positions to receive a cross and he doesn't have any of Costa's aggression which let him away with being a bit sh*te running with the ball. So basically, he's doing f**k all, and that really needs to change fast. In my eyes, we just don't really play with a system, or a style of play. It's all just so aimless. If by some miracle we manage to beat the first press and get the ball into the midfield, then we just resort to getting it wide and putting in the most hopeless cross. It'll inevitably be headed away and we'll do the same thing again, and again, and again until they either get the ball out of their own area and start an attack, or one of our players runs offside and they get the free kick. Lather, rinse, repeat. If I was Mourinho I'd be licking my lips, they've been very solid at the back all season so they won't really have to do too much to stifle our toothless attack. Stick Martial and Rashford on the wings for the counter attack and let them wreak havoc, hopefully it won't be too embarrassing.
  5. General play has been pretty decent but I've been saying for a while that this team just isn't clinical enough and we're showing that again tonight, very rarely have any confidence in us when we get into a good attacking position and the less said about the defence, the better. I've been quite impressed with Rudiger but any eleven year old playing school football leathers that ball up the f**king pitch, literally no idea why he's left it. We've pressed them into some awkward moments so we need to keep doing that because with the pace of our front three against a very slow defence we can cause them some problems, just have to take our chances. COME ON!!!
  6. 100%, for me once Drinkwater regains full fitness Cesc doesn't get near the side except possibly alongside Hazard in a two behind Morata, although Pedro offers so much more in that position. Will be interesting to see how Conte views it
  7. I'd like to see a Baka-Drinky-Kante midfield three. Fabregas has just lost all mobility and composure as a footballer and even his passing seems off, Drinkwater's ability to pick a pass and to maintain possession when we're under pressure would be very useful alongside two ball-winners whose best attributes aren't with the ball at their feet
  8. Won't take me long to forget that one, truly one of the most incompetent second half performances I've seen in a long time... never seen a Chelsea team be so so inept when it comes to holding onto the ball
  9. Never seen a title winning team be so ruthlessly cut to pieces in the midfield since... oh wait, two years ago. De ja vu. I'm quite appalled by what I witnessed tonight and it's left me more annoyed than the Palace result. They're a good team and fair play to them, but we showed absolutely no balls tonight. Barely put in a f**king tackle and I lost count of the amount of times one of theirs skipped past about 3 of ours effortlessly and got into a great position. Was quite painful to watch in all honesty. Secondly, never seen a professional footballing side be so, so utterly inept at passing the ball out from the back. If you made a video of all the times the ball went out to the defenders, got passed around a couple of times then was hoofed out of play by Courtois, it would make for some seriously grim viewing. Add in the Benny Hill theme and it would be genuinely great comedy. P.S if Bakayoko would stop giving away needless free kicks just outside of the box on the left hand side it would be much appreciated, he seems to enjoy doing it despite the fact it inevitably ends up in a yellow card and a goal. So predictable
  10. What is that imbecile Peter Drury talking about when he said "long overdue goal" from Hazard? Pretty difficult to score when you're on the treatment table you nonce
  11. Musonda is crap? Catch a grip, literally with his first touch he did more going forward than Willian has done all season, f**k off
  12. Well done to Palace, yes you're a shower of sh*t, yes you'll get mauled again next week by an average side so enjoy the victory and fair play to them, they won their cup final. We were an absolute disgrace today and for years we have made teams made up of absolute arse gravy look good and it's just not good enough, absolutely sickening performance today. For all that possession we had in the second half we STILL could not fashion a reasonable chance, not even trying to work a keeper who has barely played. Taking off Batshuyai, putting Hazard up top and then crossing the ball into him when he has Mamadou Sakho for company is the literal definition of madness. They barely touched the ball in the second half and, quite hilariously, should have really won the game by a greater margin. f**k off to our bunch of bottlers.
  13. hundreds of millions spent on an attack that with all this possession in the second half, can't even fashion a decent chance against an absolutely dire football team- disgrace
  14. I agree, I'm struggling to put the pieces together as to how Cahill deserves a spot ahead of Rudiger/Christensen
  15. Is Pedro carrying a slight knock? Literally the only logical reason Willian is on the pitch ahead of him, despite the fact a 75% Pedro offers more than him. Thank you Mourinho for ditching Kevin De Bruyne because we clearly have a star attacking midfielder in Willian