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  1. Random Rumours

    Why not do both and add some depth to the squad? 22m for a decent player like Almeiri is a fair price.
  2. Palmieri

    Palmieri and Dzeko are both quality additions to the squad. It brings depth in positions where we lack it. Dzeko is a serious upgrade from Batshuai and Palmieri can surely compete with Alonso.
  3. Palmieri

    So pay 65. Done.
  4. Peter Crouch

    Arsenal are trying to sign Aubameyang, Man Utd are trying to sign Sanchez and the Premier League Champions Chelsea are out here trying to sign Andy Carroll and Peter Crouch
  5. Peter Crouch

    What's the point of this? Even our board isn't stupid enough to actually think players like Carroll or Crouch are at the level required to even be a backup striker for our club.
  6. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Who says we are not signing him? When has injury stopped us?
  7. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    I don't understand why we are not pushing for him. We'd get a great player and we'll f**k Arsenal and possibly united.
  8. Alexis Sanchez

    So Liverpool gets Van Dijk, Arsenal get Aubameyang, United gets Sanchez and we get... Barkley.
  9. Paul Pogba - Needs to Sign!

    So it didn't happen, who would've thought...
  10. Papy Djilobodji

    Another youngster for Vitesse i guess... Oh wait, he's 27? Who the hell is this guy?
  11. Paul Pogba - Needs to Sign!

    Well that's it then, it's not happening.
  12. Paul Pogba - Needs to Sign!

    Indeed, he was never given a chance. f**king Cuadrado got more minutes to establish himself than KDB did and KDB never did f**k all like Cuadrado did every single game.
  13. John Stones

    The way Everton is handling this is just disgraceful if you ask me. Should they just sell? No. But in this case, a player has clearly told them that he wants to leave. We are offering plenty of money for him. He can come to one of the best clubs in Europe en take another step in his development, but Everton decides to be selfish and ignore the wishes of the player. If a Chelsea player handed in a transfer request and we would block his move, i would be very ashamed of our club. Stones is being a professional here, he could've refused to play to put pressure on the club, but he showed the club respect and played anyway. The club however decided to show him no respect whatsoever.
  14. Paul Pogba - Needs to Sign!

    Indeed, he has the advantage because of the height of the transfer fee. If City didn't think he was an improvement, they wouldn't have paid such an enormous amount of money. He is a great player and he will be a great player for Man City. I still think we shouldn't have sold him, but i can understand why we did it so i wouldn't call it a mistake. These things happen.
  15. John Stones

    The number going around (including add ons) is 40m£. That's already stupid money