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    Chelsea FC and my alma mater Indiana University, go Hoosiers! I know you hate this word but we have the top collegiate soccer program in the United States. Jerry Yeagley, etc Also love basketball and the historic Indiana Hoosiers.
    My beautiful wife is from Croydon and is lifelong blues fan. So she gets pretty passionate on match day haha the neighbors probably wonder why were always yelling at the television early on the weekends.
  1. Wow great sub there Conte, what the f**k are you thinking?
  2. How do you f**k that up?
  3. f**k yes, great fight back!
  4. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss
  5. f**k yes finally showing some fight!
  6. I understand Conte didn’t get the quality players he wanted but we still have top 4 talent and ability. I will never understand crying publicly about something that can’t be rectified until the next window. So Conte stfu and coach, don’t just stand there arms crossed or hands in pocket.
  7. Conte seems to fall out with everyone. Should’ve seen the signs when his former team Juventus couldn’t even deal with him anymore.
  8. Conte just stands there like some idiot with his hands in his pockets. Maybe change the formation? Do something different FFS this isn’t working anymore. I was in the Conte stay camp until the Tottenham match that was it for me no fire or care on the sideline.
  9. It’s just becoming hard to watch. It’s like the season we finished 10th, I never thought we would win games but that changed under Conte until now. I doubt we win next weekend in the Semi Finals either. Some of our players are embarrassing.
  10. That’s why I started with Mr Daniels earlier but your right, hope we have a vintage night at the bridge! KTBFFH
  11. I said in my post I’ve nevered questioned him until this selection and I hope like hell Im proven to be an idiot. No moaning just worried
  12. Well I’ve been behind Conte 100% even with the tough losses this year but this lineup is just baffling. Why in the f**k try this same formation again? Hazard as the false 9 doesn’t work and neither does Cesc in midfield against faster teams. I hope I’m proven totally wrong and look an idiot but this just doesn’t look good.