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    Chelsea FC and my alma mater Indiana University, go Hoosiers! I know you hate this word but we have the top collegiate soccer program in the United States. Jerry Yeagley, etc Also love basketball and the historic Indiana Hoosiers.
    My beautiful wife is from Croydon and is lifelong blues fan. So she gets pretty passionate on match day haha the neighbors probably wonder why were always yelling at the television early on the weekends.
  1. Don’t understand this same dull lineup from Conte. Just invites more pressure from an attacking team like Leicester.
  2. Welcome Ross Barkley

    Welcome Ross!
  3. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Wow what a match! What is that 4 goals in like 6 minutes?
  4. How the fans reacting to Jose? Anything either way?
  5. Well f**k ya!!!! That’s a hectic yet exciting way to start the morning! KTBFFH!
  6. Well another horrible half. This team just doesn’t seem up to it lately.
  7. Michy needs to shut the f**k up and actually try hard when he gets a chance. And right on cue Willian f**ks it up again
  8. Conte is a f**king idiot to keep playing Willian
  9. f**k off Willian you stupid weak bitch ffs why does he f**king play
  10. Come on now let's get this sh*t together!
  11. If a neutral who didn't know the records would think We were the team who hadn't scored or won.