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  1. Chopper article - telegraph anyone ?

    The best thing about Ron Harris was how he would walk away from the victims of his crunching tackles. Back in the day you could make slide tackles and go in very hard. He went in very hard and his victims would go down hard. He would just stand up with his chin held high, chest puffed out and walk off with a spring in his step as if he was just leaving from Sunday school.
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    My dad used to drive us from Twickenham and we parked by Eelbrook Common. He would walk across the park and I had to run. We used to stand in the Shed end about 30 yards in front of the café and when the final whistle blew I would often be squashed in the crowd. We would exit via the tunnel and just as you enter that exit the squash was sometimes quite scary. I remember on more than occasion as I stepped off the large terrace step into the gangway my feet didn't actually make it to the ground and I was carried along by the crowd with my feet off the ground. I think the biggest squash I ever experienced was in the Clock end Highbury. It was the early seventies and a mid week cup replay. It could have been an FA Cup quarter final. The crowd that night was huge and the whole of the clock end was rammed full and the atmosphere electric. I remember feeling quite sick. Maybe someone can remember exactly which game that was. I think we lost unfortunately. Maybe that was why I felt sick.
  3. Are City getting a cab to the game tomorrow?
  4. Watched the whole game again on Chelsea TV last night. Its interesting to see the game without the intensity and pressure and I started to come to the view that Athletico didn't play very well. I still don't know if Chelsea forced them to play poorly but they didn't pressure Chelsea on the ball anywhere near enough. There seemed to be a lot of space for Chelsea to play into but Athletico didn't close down. They started to back off after about 3 minutes into the match and we got them on the back foot. They never recovered and had to respect the quality of Chelsea's play. Griezman for all the hype was disappointing and over hit a number of balls across our box. Aside from the hard work put in by Chelsea I thought man for man we had far more quality. Hazard, Kante and, on this performance, Morata are simply world class and Athletico had no answer. They couldn't live with Hazard at all. Morata's quality is starting to become apparent. He really is a super player. His first touch can be excellent, he gets into good positions, he can finish with his head and feet and when you see him running down defenders it is really exciting. If he can keep this going I think he could become the best centre forward in the Premier League. Lukaku seems to have improved but he hasn't yet played against a decent team and I suspect when the pressure comes his first touch will desert him, as it has in the past. Morata gets better every time I see him. His hold up play is getting better and this is crucial in the premier league. Kante has such a big impact on games. He can snuff out attacks with the deftest of interceptions and focusses on the ball when going into the tackle. His confidence is so high at times it looks like he could beat teams on his own. He must be worth more than double what we paid for him. We ran our socks off and have very little time to recover for City. We did manage to rest Willian, Pedro, Rudiger and Christenson so there will be some legs but I think City will be more of a challenge. Mendy is already out with an ACL ligament injury but more importantly there are reports that Aguero was in a car accident in Amsterdam last night and has sustained injuries. Apparently his taxi hit a lamppost and he has a rib injury. Whatever, we must turn up again. COYB
  5. Batshuayi is a surprise super sub. He had such little time but managed to score with his only chance. What an asset. I thought it was a mistake to take Moratta off but The Don knows best. Not only brinigng on the winning striker but managed to rest Moratta and Hazard for City. This was the first time Moratta started with Hazard and their link up was superb. The whole team were fantastic tonight and this will send a big message around Europe and the Premier League. It may sound over confident but I think the Moratta Hazard link will improve with time. Bakayoko was good but he still got caught in possession a few times . If he learns from that he will be immense. It feels like the best result in Europe since Munich.
  6. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    This isn't my own unpopular opinion but many commentators thought Peter Bonetti was to blame for Englands failure in the 1970 world Cup. Personally I thought it was Alan Mullery's.
  7. ChelseaTV - Your view?

    Sad as it may seem I've had CTV for about 10 years. Over the years the production values have improved but my biggest complaint is the reduction in the number of phone ins. The Friday night phone in was great but they seem to have stopped it. Any controversial issues such as Costa or a lack of investment in the team seem to get edited out. Neil Barnett isn't on enough. Overall it is value for money and I quite enjoy the biased commentaries.
  8. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    I joined Red Café when Jose was announced as their new manager. I was interested to see how their view of Jose changed and a number of their posters were interested in my views of Jose. After a few weeks I received a number of "Likes" and was invited into their main forum. There are a number of Chelsea fans who go into Red Café and we team up and batter the MUFC fans with our superior intellect and witty responses. They also get stuck into us but it is all generally in good taste. I have said this before but it is like being in the home end at away matches and is frequently better fun than discussing what we all basically agree on. I am not saying this is a bad forum and absolutely love the Vintage page. I don't get your point about foul language on Red Café and find them quite accommodating. The recent response I received from Coco is far more abusive than anything I have received on Red Café. I have tried other club sites and found some to be abusive. RAWK is just foul and abusive and I didn't even want to sign up. The Fighting cock was tricky and a number abusive responses did start to come my way. On the lead up to the away fixture last season the abuse was getting quite and decided to test them to see how far I could go before they banned me. Without being abusive I started by just reminding them of their bad record against Chelsea and quite quickly progressed to popular Chelsea terrace chants. They banned me in about 2 minutes but it was worth it and was the best fun I have ever had on the internet. PS. I didn't win 2 US Opens but play a bit.
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Ian Hutchinson is missing from both photos.
  10. With the late Thursday kick off this could be coming a bit too soon for them. I'm not sure if Hazard was deliberately taking it slow on Tuesday because the game was already won and he didn't want to get injured. If he's 90% fit I would start him and put Pedro on the bench. I would also consider putting Luiz in midfield. They do have an attacking approach and we should seek to control the middle. We need to remember how quickly they came out in FA Cup final. We really need to be up for this and move the ball quickly early on. It will be a big statement if we can beat them. Whatever people say Arsenal are one of the tougher sides and having already beaten Spurs, the Blues will be sending out a clear message with a victory. COYB PS - Please can we finish with 11men.
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    It does look like a Leeds scarf but he must have just run out of the Stretford End which was packed with Chelsea. He looks like a bit of a skinhead so maybe he nicked it of a Leeds fan and kept it as a trophy. Or maybe his big brother did. Fabulous photograph.
  12. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Unpopular opinion. 1. Chelsea fans chant the managers name too much when it is the players doing all the hard work. 2. RedCafe is a better forum than this. (I use it more than this site. It's like being in the home end at away matches. If you know what I mean) 3. Kerry Dixon is a bit of a thug. I can't believe I just said that.
  13. Zappacosta

    Oh Ye of little faith! The Don knows OK!
  14. Conte has to get the balance between rotation and picking experience for this one. The omission of Willian and Hazard from last Saturdays starting line up leads me to think he will start with these two. Our defence should be able to play 2 games in 4 days but maybe play Cahill instead of Luiz. Moses and Alonso give their all playing their wing back roles and should be rested. Maybe Dave could replace Moses if Cahill comes in to replace. Alonso may well have to start and be subbed in the second half. Mr Conte will have to earn his money today but he hasn't got it wrong yet.
  15. Alvaro Morata