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  1. He may have just been busy and forgotten but it may be that the excitement the photos generated made him realise their value and he is now reluctant to just give them away. If a good book about that era was published I imagine it could sell quite a few copies.
  2. I'm a bit concerned that we haven't been our usual decisive selves in the transfer window. We normally do a bit of early business as soon as the window opens. Although we have just signed Rudiger , there seems little else going on and the Costa problem shows no sign of being resolved. It seems to be the case that Costa only wants to go to Athletico but he can't play for them because of their transfer embargo until January. If it resolves the issue we should buy someone else like Moratta, agree a fixed price for Costa in January and let him sit on the bench until then. I know this will effect the cash flow but we have to take the long view with regard a settled squad. Of course it may be the case that Costa agrees to stay. I have to say that I don't trust the guy and feel he would kick off again just before January and we would be left high and dry. We need to resolve this problem now. Sorry Deigo, I like the goals but you can stick your tantrums where your sombrero doesn't reach. I can only hope there is plenty going on behind the scenes.
  3. Had a season ticket in the west stand in 1972 and remember my Dad running up the back of the seats and fully expecting me to catch him. I also remember the "executive" boxes at the back. I used to see one of the dancers from Pans People in there. I also remember seeing Richard Attenborough and Bill Oddie. It was right posh.
  4. Baggies on holiday Bash 'em good and proper
  5. He always managed Thierry Henry better than anybody else.
  6. Utd will be a little unpredictable without Ibrahimovic so Jose will not only have to plan around that but also stop another 4-0. This is a real challenge for him personally. He could suffer some irreparable damage if they get beaten badly. His Utd are set up as a slightly more attacking formation than his Chelsea because the club demand it, but he hasn't hit on a regular eleven or pattern of play. He will have to stop the early goal. That is for sure. (If we get an early goal he will have a seizure.) He will demand no repeat after Pedros early goal. An early goal dictates the tactics and he knows this. He will have to set up more defensively because of this. He will try to kill the game early on. Pack out the midfield and could even put a marker on Kante. He has an eye on the Europa League so lets see how they go tonight but I think his best attacking option will be out and out pace. Rashford on the break probably. The problem for him is that his team, man for man and as a group, is inferior to Chelsea. We have too much for them all over the pitch. Chelsea's attacking options come from all over the pitch and we can soak it up if we have to. Utd will crack. 4-0 and a seizure for Jose.
  7. I've never seen this type of pass before and have been trying to think of a name for it. 1. Back pass. Nah. 2. A Hazard. Why not?
  8. The only hope Utd have is if they sit back and catch us on the break. They could play with Martial or Rashford for the pace but I just can't see it. Their defence isn't good enough to play this way and if they have a go they will leak goals. The only positive for them missing Ibrahimovic is that they will have the opportunity to play on the break. If he's in the team they cannot break quickly. I also think Jose doesn't know how to beat this Chelsea team. The look of surprise on his face during the 4-0 was an absolute picture. Pogba is a big lump so I would put Matic on him but player for player we are the better team. On top of that we have a formula to our play and Utd have yet to discover how best to play.
  9. What you heard it coming out of his arse?
  10. Even without the PL goals stat Frank wins.
  11. I think it gets dismissed because they don't think he meant to do it. I have seen him interviewed about that goal and he confirmed he did mean to do it. World class. With Steve Holland leaving in the summer and the FA offering him the chance to do his badges there maybe a spot for him on the coaching staff. I know great players often fail to make it as a manager but Frank is a smart guy and obviously wants to stay in the game. He knows Harry Rednap and I'm sure he will be aware of the pitfalls of management yet he still wants to get involved. Harry has spoken about Franks hard work and how he would be the last one to leave the training ground and how he would practice kicking with both feet. His work ethic and intelligence will stand him in good stead in a managerial role if he wants to make a go of it. Lets hope he can.
  12. Having watched the first series of Fortitude I tried watching the second series and the first episode was such a disappointment I'm not sure I can bring myself to watch anymore. Much better is Taboo. Filthy old London at its murdering best. I'm a sucker for historical dramas but this is the best I've seen in years. International aspect added by American interest in agreeing Canadian border (actor from House of cards), a disgusting George III played by Mycroft from Sherlock, sex and violence and Tom Hardy playing the lead role to perfection. Can't wait for the next episode. I forgot Jonathan Price playing the evil head of the East India Co. Makes JR Ewing look like a pussy.
  13. I'm not worried. If we can win the PL we become a more attractive club to play for and with the profits being made on sales to China and Champions league money we can afford to pay big wages or attract the best replacements. Anything could happen between now and the end of the season so it's a bit defeatist to be worried about players leaving now. I think Costa and/or Hazard could go but the reality is we just don't know so keep the faith.
  14. Looking ahead couldn't Azpi play at RWB ahead of Moses? He's got the engine. David Luiz, Christensen, Zouma as back 3. Ake is too small to play CB. He's very nippy for a CB and surely could play at RWB. I don't think he is going to get in the PL team and will play in the FA cup.
  15. Class move by the club to let him go 6 months early without a transfer fee. Good luck to him. Opposition fans know he was a top class defender. I honestly think he has a few years left in him and don't mind that they will be at another club. Especially if that club is outside the PL.