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  1. Bakayoko and Bats are absolutely awful and this was against a very limited Norwich side. This squad needs some serious investment and clearing out of the dross.
  2. Welcome Ross Barkley

    After watching that Norwich game thank god we have signed him, he's streets ahead of Bakayoko. My god he is dross!!
  3. Danny Drinkwater

    It's nice to sign an English player, I think he will do well. Bonus is we got rid of Matic as well, at least Danny is a fighter and can pass the damn ball. Welcome Danny and good luck.
  4. Bradley

    RIP Tijn, as you say this happens everyday. Truly heart breaking .
  5. Bradley

    Yes, Jermaine is a class act, a superb role model. Good on you lad.
  6. Bradley

    I've just read that little Bradley has passed away, puts things into perspective. RIP little fella.
  7. Massive win, horrible insignificant thug football club!! They really are going to hurt someone one of these days. Well done lads.
  8. 20 years ago! It doesn't seem possible, RIP Matthew.
  9. The sad demise of Kerry dixon

    Sad to hear this, Kerry was my hero when I was a kid. I used to run around the playground shouting DIXON, DIXON when I scored. Good days for us both.
  10. He just seems to be a perfect fit for us, I have a good feeling about this appointment. Remains to be seen what he can do with these spineless players, there will be no hiding from the Godfather!! Welcome to Chelsea Antonio, make us proud of our team again.
  11. Peter Bonetti not well

    That is very sad news, one of our true greats. It would be nice to think our club could help out in some way, it seems quite a few of the old pros end up in financial trouble. Keep your chin up Peter.
  12. If Diego had behaved like those animals just imagine the uproar, it will be interesting to see the punishments. Walker flicking snot at Diego, what a repulsive little man, Essien would have loved to have played against him.
  13. Eden Hazard

    I forgot how talented the lad is!! We must keep him, he scared them to death when he came on. All the thugs could do is foul him, what a talent. A mystery why he has been so poor this season but that is what he is capable of.
  14. Sir Frank Lampard OBE

    I enjoyed that, I was a bit annoyed over the Man City saga and still think it soured my thoughts about Frank but he is a true Blue Legend. Cheers Frank.
  15. What have we got to look forward to this season..........Aston bloody Villa!!! Great!