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  1. just

    Next Chelsea owner

    Good point. A Chinese syndicate it is then.
  2. just

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    If we want to get back with the big boys neither Luiz or Cahill should be anywhere the starting line-up.
  3. just

    Next Chelsea owner

    Now that Roman is moving to Israel this thread is worth a bump.
  4. just

    Next Chelsea Manager

    To be fair we have been missing a leader all season, so if Roman brings McCarthy in as a no-nonsense centre half and gets rid of Luiz I think it would improve us quite a bit.
  5. Please hold off with the wind-ups until the game is finished.
  6. Pogba rhymes with Drogba. And that's where the comparisons end.
  7. No f**kin ambitions when we have the ball. Just trying to run the clock down.
  8. I love Pat Nevin but he is past it as well. Could probably still move quicker than Fabregas though.
  9. Waiting too long to make substitutions has been a trait of every Italian manager we have had. Ancelotti and Ranieri were the same.
  10. How the f**k is Fabregas still on the pitch. An absolute liability in games like these. Finished as a top class footballer. Like a f**kin swing door.
  11. Was Roman there? Wouldn't have thought so. Not sure he is that bothered anymore.
  12. Best post on here IMO. Absolutely spot on.
  13. Have to say Ramsey is a quality player. Very consistent when fit, shame he is so injury prone. Miles better than Nainggolan.
  14. Where Drogba generally only needed one touch, Costa takes five.