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  1. just

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Yet to see any real end product from Kovacic. A killer ball, a pin-point cross, a bit of invention, a goal! He has been functional without pulling up any trees so far IMO.
  2. just

    Pat Nevin

    His touch and ball control were sublime. Running with the ball electric. Could go either way with both feet. All the more impressive because of the state of the surfaces he could it on. £70 million player in today's market. At least.
  3. just

    Marcos Alonso

    Totally agree. But that's what you get with Luiz. But, hey, he isn't in the team for his defending.
  4. Rudiger. Becoming as important as Hazard. Especially when Luiz has a 15 minute meltdown like he did today.
  5. Mata was the best player on the pitch by a country mile.
  6. Got audience tickets for Later with Jools Holland this Tuesday. Then ELO at the O2 on Wednesday.
  7. just

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    We did it for two years with Torres. Roman insisted upon it.
  8. just

    A new striker in January.

    Reports in The Telegraph that we have tabled a bid for Usain Bolt. We could do worse. Quicker than Morata. Better finisher than Giroud.
  9. just

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    I said in the Southampton MOTM thread Kovacic has made a decent start and looks a great athlete. But that Barkley looks to have a better final ball and poses more goal threat. Based on what they have shown so far, if I was looking to defend a lead I would choose Kovacic. If I am looking to score a goal I would pick Barkley.
  10. just

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    The only one that's been great is Hazard.
  11. Barkley. Kovacic has looked decent in a new team. Looks a very good athlete. But Ross looks like he has a better final ball and is more of a goal threat so far. He should be starting IMO.
  12. just

    Greatest Centre-Back pairing

    JT and Gallas. Complimented each other perfectly. Personally I don't think any other pairing comes even close. Not just the best at Chelsea but the best the EPL has seen IMO.
  13. Spot on Scott. 99% of the time he always errs on the side of caution. Part of me would love Ashley to give him 200 million to spend. They would still be a 2nd rate team with a 3rd rate manager.
  14. just

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    We disagree. I had Rudiger as MOTM.
  15. The thing that hurts most is it was Danny Sturridge that scored a worldy. The same Danny Sturridge that was continually left out for Fernando "not verygood"Torres.