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  1. Most hated opposition

    Still the same since 1967. Tottenham. Come back in a thousand years will still be Tottenham. My dad's 82 now and he would still happily roll round on the floor with a gobby Tottenham chav. Go on dad. Bite him.
  2. A great day! We win at a canter. Tottenham get a happy slapping. And Benitez does what he does best....... finishes a distant second. When Flopp gets the bullet I hope he gets back with the shell-suits again.
  3. If Citeh Implode Tottenham could win the league. I would be praying for Jose and United to win it before them. Nibs, you need to gain some perspective.
  4. Mourhinho's exit transfer blunders

    Not quite. But if the board doesn't support the manager enough to create depth of quality and a competitive squad, any manager will struggle when he has injuries and suspensions.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Thought I'd bump this from Elliott. Pretty close IMO but I do feel Bakayoko is an upgrade on Matic.
  6. I am starting to think that the only way Luiz will actually mark an opponent would be if you handcuffed him to said opponent. Or shot nailed him. But hey, he has curly hair..... and isn't English. Which must be good?
  7. Today shows why the world wonders why England doesn't win the World Cup. We have Zaha. We have Townsend. We have the tactical genius and fashion icon that is "Woy" I jest Nibs. Our board hasn't provided our manager with a squad to mount a challenge. If all our first choice XI stay fit, we contend. If we lose a couple, especially Morata, we will struggle. Still praying Tottenham buy Zaha.
  8. We officially have an incompetent board

    Met Ken a few times. When we were sh*t, when were fighting for our very existence, and the last time on the evening of our CL home debut against AC Milan. On that night on the staircase leading from Bluebells I had the privilege of talking to him and telling him how much I appreciated what he had done to save CFC. The emotion of the occaision and talking about our recent history affected him and me and I will remember it as long as I live. My first hand opinion of Ken Bates is of a genuine man with flaws but with a grim determination and a bellicose attitude that we desperately needed to survive in those dark days. Make no mistake he loved Chelsea and everything he did, right or wrong, was with the heartfelt conviction that it was in the best interest of the club. IMO you are not fit to mention his name.
  9. You saw Zaha in his Caha? One good game a season, usually against us. A complete fraud of a footballer. Was praying Tottenham spent big on him in the summer.
  10. Mourhinho's exit transfer blunders

    Quality manager Mourinho. Top 3 in the world. Unfortunately, proving it again at United. All managers need their owners/board to back them. If not the result is usually heartache and failure. Complicated concept I know.
  11. Andreas Christensen

    Going to disagree with that Mickey. Think he looks better than Luiz and Cahill. By some margin on his performances to date. What especially impressed me yesterday was his innate awareness of what was happening around him and his ability to position himself to cover. A better passer than Cahill, a better defensive brain than Luiz. Get him in the team.
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I dont go to many matches nowadays but I went today and felt, probably for the first time in his spell as our boss, that Conte really got it wrong today. IMO Fabregas should not have started. Citeh played round him in midfield and he didnt have either the power or athleticism to do a thing about it. And when Morata went off playing a false 9 meant we lost all capability of holding the ball up. We were second best from that point on.
  13. After performing so well in midweek it was clear that our players had their minds on the Champions League final and didn't want to get injured.
  14. Time for bed for me but just have to say I thought our Captain was also superb tonight. The ball he nicked off Grezimann's foot just as he was teeing up the shot near the end...... Superb.
  15. Two things that were made obvious tonight Baka is a massive upgrade on Matic in every respect and Morata is a much better footballer than Costa has ever been.