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  1. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    If Roman Abramovich ever took his cheque book back to Russia, the sun would still rise in the sky, the sea would still roll to the shore and Chelsea would continue to be. Who knows. Might even improve in some respects.
  2. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    The point still stands Davey. Especially with Drogba. I agree with you that Drogba was better than he was given credit for that 1st season. But we will definitely be in the minority there, and God knows that opinion was laughed at at the time. The press, the pundits and most of all the Chelsea fans on here, all were slating Drogba and saying we had brought a dud that had only had one good season in a poor league. Drogba himself has said that he seriously thought about giving up and returning to France. JM nurtured him. He was patient with him. He defended him. I'm pretty certain there would have been plenty of other managers who wouldn't have done.
  3. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Oh hang on. From someone who actually knows what he is talking about. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5403065/Joe-Cole-hails-Jose-Mourinho-master-motivator.html Yeah. Mourinho. What a cocksucker.
  4. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Oh hang on. "The manager who probably changed my career was Jose Mourinho. I had fantastic managers. I had a fantastic time with Carlo Ancelotti, I was pretty more established at that point. "But Jose Mourinho was the manager that came into my life and took me to another level. Not just tactically or in the football sense but in my mind and my own self-confidence. He made me believe that I could be a better player than what I was and I'll never forget that, my career changed from that point." Frank Lampard.
  5. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Jose was always sh*te at finding and nurturing players. He only went for proven big name players and he had no patience. If they didn't perform they were out the door without a proper chance and the next one brought in. He never turned any player into a world superstar. Oh, hang on. Didier Drogba.
  6. Race for Top 4

    I live close to where Tottenham play their U23 games. Lallana got sent off the other week playing against them. The have a club shop in the middle of our town centre. If Tottenham qualified top 4 and we missed out I would book a flight out of the country next day. Sadly, for many of our younger / foreign supporters, it is probably going to take Tottenham winning the EPL to make them realise that Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal, West Ham fans are actually quite reasonable people.
  7. Cast your votes!

    Phil Driver was better than Bale.
  8. Indeed my friend. Although Amps has the same mad hair that is where the comparison ends.
  9. Cesc Fabregas

    This squad needs rejuvenating. Fabregas, Luiz, Cahill, Pedro should all be gone in the summer. None of them would be starters in any of the top six.
  10. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    The only way Luiz should be on the pitch for the Barca game is if we could somehow get them to play him in their defense.
  11. Cesc Fabregas

    Totally agree with your 2nd paragraph Nibs. Fabregas would be one of the first out the door for me in the summer.
  12. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    I have you ever had to catch a bus to get somewhere important. And you think you have enough time. And you look at your watch and think "yeah, no worries it's good". But then you look down the road and you see the bus is at the bus stop. And people are getting on it. So you start running like a nutter. Faster and faster. And you wave like mad hoping the driver will see you and wait. But you don't quite make it. And the bus drives off. And your stuck there bent double, puffing and panting, sweating like a c**t. I get that feeling again every time I watch Pedro.
  13. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    You're crazy.
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43045432 I'm sure we all remember when this happened. A sickening collision but a complete accident. Very sad to have ended his career this way at such a young age. Wish him every success in whatever he chooses to do next with his life.
  15. Charly Musonda jr.

    Even if it was to buy her a little something from Victoria's Secrets?