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  1. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    So want this kid to do well. Massive respect for him last year. Never moaned. Always smiling. Always looked involved in backing the team when he was on the bench. Tried his heart out when he came on. I was happy as Larry when got some real reward at the end of the season. Still have hopes for him but he really, really needs to improve his hold-up play. Physically it shouldn't be a problem. He ain't Drogba's but he ain't Jody Morris either. A player his size should be able to hold his own.
  2. Have you forgotten the semi-final against Barca? But I take your point. A stupid lunge from Cahill. The worrying thing was how quickly we fell apart defensively in the 1st half without him there. Luiz defended as consistently badly as at any point during his first spell with us, still doesn't do marking, not proper marking, as evidenced by Burnley's 1st and 3rd goals. And Curtois looked very hesitant. I agree with most of the rest of your post too. The ref had no consistency with his decisions and therefore seemed like he had an agenda. A yellow card for clapping? Is he going to enforce that in every game? Bet he don't. And the foul against Rudiger near the end appeared to be given just to break up our forward momentum at that time. Very poor but nothing we haven't experienced before. The positives out-weigh the negatives for me. Morata showed in 30 minutes he has the potential to be the bomb. Forget Costa. That pantomimes over and hopefully he goes next week. We showed real character 2nd half spurred on by a truly magnificent home support. I tell you now, if it that was Liverpool, Le Arse, Tottenham, United 0-3 and a man down in the first 45 minutes, at home, against Burnley, you would have been able to hear a pin drop in their grounds. Our crowd's support at 0-3 was superb and the team responded splendidly. Yes we need reinforcements. That should have been done and dusted already and I hope Roman and the board don't f**k Conte over the way they did Jose two seasons ago. We don't need many IMO, but we do need some extra quality to give us more depth. To sum up; disappointing 1st half, encouraging 2nd half in the face of huge adversity. Early days. Back Conte with the resources he needs and it will be onwards and upwards.
  3. No way will we get Maradona for a piss cheap £75 million. The way we handle transfers Wilfred Bony will probably be our starting centre-forward. Signed at 11.00pm the night before the season starts for £68 million + Matic. I wish Roman would bring back Uncle Ken to do our transfer business.
  4. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    I disagree. Drogba's shadow was twice the player Costa has ever been. Love it that Conte has told him to f**k off by text. Let him go and be someone's problem. Forza Conte. This is a happy day.
  5. Feel gutted for Buffon though. Love his quality.
  6. I think the most one sided second half in the entirety of the European Cup. Utterly and completely dismantled Juve.
  7. Poll: Diego's future

    Hopefully Arsene gets a £50 mill transfer kitty and spends £40 mill on Costa. I'd happily drive him to the Death Star Stadium myself.
  8. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Really, really hope you are wrong on this.
  9. If Drogba is at the game I hope Conte lets him in the changing room and let's him punch the holy sh*t out of Costa. Then he should give the number 9 shirt to him and tell to go out and murder the Arsenal back four like he always used to.
  10. Luiz hasn't managed to pass to a Chelsea player yet. This game would be over without Cahill.
  11. A fit Danny Welbeck is a better player than Costa. Cahill has stopped two certain goals.
  12. Kyle Walker

    Anything that takes their quality players away from them has to be supported. A big Yes, just for the sheer f**koffness of it.
  13. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Kinda true. Drogba scored 16 in 40 despite two months out with a serious injury. We won the title for the 1st time in 50 years and he was a massive, massive part of that. We scored a record number of goals from midfield because we finally had a centre-forward who could 1; win the ball in the air. Practically everytime. 2; could hold the ball up. 3; was an unselfish team player prepared to work at closing down all over the pitch. Before Drogba we had JFH and points 1,2 and 3 didn't apply. But you're right. He got even better and Diego Costa isn't, and never has been, as good as Drogba's shadow. Oh, and he scored the winner in the League Cup final against the Mousers in that first season.
  14. It's not just that. It is what they get away with outside the ground. Policing and stewarding at White Fart Lane has always been "different" to other London derbies.
  15. There's a legit reason all top London clubs hate them. Us, Le Arse, The Hammers. I could stomach seeing Liverpool winning the EPL 10 years in a row rather than seeing those flakes win it once.