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  1. Andy2461

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Morris gone to derby with frank so he’s out the running blanc ffs what are they thinking keep conte and get rid of the rats undermining him ir pay the money for Sarri but do it quick and make your signings before the World Cup or bring the loan players back and ship out the 1st team dead wood
  2. Andy2461

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Clubs a shambles at the moment lack of direction. No one seems to know who to turn too
  3. Andy2461

    Our New Stadium

    Can’t say as I blame him
  4. Andy2461

    Our New Stadium

    Rumours flying round the web that the club is for sale !! just can’t see that tbh
  5. Andy2461

    Our New Stadium

    That is NOT good at all
  6. his interview lmfao get shot of this guy is he deliberately throwing games by picking sh*te sides?
  7. should of sacked him after newcastle
  8. god joko i cant believe it really? the guy is shocking
  9. so joko reward for the worst display ever at newcastle is a cup final place the sooner conte gone the better
  10. still strange to put him in for a big one off game
  11. hazard man marked out the game united run rings around cesc and joko game over
  12. so luiz is obviously 'injured'