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  1. Cesc Fabregas

    Once kante is back I’m hopeful that cesc is on the bench at least against the bigger sides
  2. And calling people nonces , morons and retards is this working of a totally sane mind you f**king melt
  3. I’m gonna go get the gin out and get fecked right up
  4. Talk about playing the get out of jail card feck me
  5. Just spat tea all over my telly omg
  6. Antonio ringing out round the bridge. Loving that. Letting the board know where there loyalty is
  7. This could be a massive escape
  8. Lots of defensive work on the training ground me thinks
  9. I fear for conte now. The players are not playing for him now
  10. Morata walked straight passed conte not a word spoken between the two ? Has he lost the players ?