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  1. So Stuart said Jorghino won't be good enough for Chelsea.... He should say "i really hope" ex Arsenal, Chelsea hater..
  2. "Stuart Rosbon is going to be proved mostly right about him not being good enough." Sorry, I don't know who Stuart Rosbon is, is he a football expert ?
  3. Talk sh*t say it's the clubs fault for not buying and Brenton will get an offer from a massive club any day soon.. :0)
  4. Its You, you are partially sighted or you have a rubbIsh telly
  5. guddy69


    Yes it's fake, they aren't real Lions...
  6. guddy69


  7. guddy69


    Wehave been doing lots of standing around and not bothering to get fit... We are doomed ! :0) https://www.teamtalk.com/news/mowbray-calls-out-new-chelsea-boss-over-training-methods
  8. guddy69


    Our defence was awful for their last chance.. they had 3 unmarked players lined up..it should be 1.1
  9. guddy69


    acestream://df3946562f42dba76152a5ed45f3c5c6c38a32f1 Kick off 12.30
  10. guddy69

    Eden Hazard

    They are pretending to support Chelsea... Trolls.
  11. guddy69

    Eden Hazard

    I want Hazard to stay... just like all the Chelsea supporters do. There are 2 trolls on here that seem to hate Chelsea..
  12. guddy69

    Eden Hazard

    Qpr ? " I'm watching Hazard in the semis and I won't say he is too good for Chelsea but he is far too good for a 2018 Chelsea, it's a waste of his talent, we aren't an ambitious club at this time, in reality he should go it's the right decsion for him as a player " Will you be happy when he goes ?
  13. guddy69

    Eden Hazard

    What team do you really support though ?? Obviously not Chelsea...