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  1. Refs in Football Are Unacceptably Terrible.

    I don't know about referees, but it's pathetic that some of our players go down on the slightest contact. In some of the situations, they could have stayed on their feet and had a shot at goal. Instead, they flop and hope for a penalty, which may not be given. We need to stamp it out asap. When you develop the reputation for going down easily, you will tend to get fewer penalty decisions. It's just human nature
  2. Pheww....that was close. Seriously though, what has happened to us? We have been so poor lately. Are the rumors of Conte's departure true?
  3. Time to start worrying???

    Well, we must be careful not turn into Liverpool or Arsenal and go into a long period of obscurity. The Manc clubs are spending a lot of money, and Liverpool seem to be improving, as are Spurs. If we are not careful we will find ourselves way behind the top clubs before we know it.
  4. Time to start worrying???

    Because we don't know how to integrate youth players into the team, we end up spending a fortune on average squad players instead of using that money to buy quality players to improve the team. If the club wants to compete and still be financially prudent, we need to learn how to use some of our youth for squad cover. We sold Chalobah and went and bought Bakayoko who doesn't look any better, to put it mildly. The club looks rudderless, and I fear we might see more turbulent times with the rumored departure of Conte. Worrying indeed!!
  5. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Oh dear. Since the summer we signed Costa and Fabregas, our signings have been downhill. Wtf is going on? And we've spent a fortune too. Wouldn't it be better to buy a few quality players than spend a fortune on bang average players?
  6. We don't seem to play well against this lot lately, but should be able to beat them over 2 legs if we convert our f**king chances. Some of the misses in the last league game were criminal
  7. Alvaro Morata

    Why does he always shoot straight at the keeper? Surely it can't be that hard to place the ball? The few times he tries to place the ball he shanks it wide. Really frustrating! We will win feck all with finishing like that.
  8. Well, if we know he isn't good enough, he should be sold/loaned and replaced. He is just wasting a spot right now as Conte doesn't seem to trust him to play any significant role.
  9. It's unfortunate Conte doesn't seem to rate him at all.
  10. Conte should give Michy a chance if Morata keeps f**king up. Michy may not be as good on the ball, but I think he is a far better finisher. Can't afford to keep missing so many clear chances!!!
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I remember the long spell in the middle of the season during Carlo's second season when we went winless in 6 league games and won 2 out of 11 between gameweeks 11 and 21. We started that season brilliantly and then threw it all away during that bizarre spell. I hope the club supports Conte to strengthen the team/squad and hope he stays at least till the end of his contract. It wouldn't make any sense for us to go hunting for a new manager when we already have a very good one. Yes, we've had some frustrating results but I think it would be hard to find many coaches out there of Conte's caliber
  12. Bet against your own team

    I never bet, but don't see why betting against your own team should be a problem. Betting and hoping your team loses does not affect the real result in any way whatsoever, and if they do lose, the money won would make up for your sorrow for the team's loss. If you lose the bet, you wouldn't feel so bad either because your team won. So I would say it's a win win
  13. I knew we weren't going to retain the league going into the season, but losing to such dross is just unacceptable. How have we managed to lose to both Crystal Palace and West Ham? Getting beat by Roy Hodgson and David Moyes is really hard to take.
  14. I hope we can stop that w**ker Chicharito from scoring. He always seems to score against us. I'm never confident going into such games, but it's a good opportunity to put pressure on the manc clubs. Hope we win
  15. If you really think he has committed only 1 error leading to a goal, you must be blind. You are not worth my time to go looking for the specific matches in which he made such errors.